Thursday, December 11, 2008

lalala. Alhamdulillah~

lots been happening these past few weeks, being:

1. bought one mean of transport.err~
2. wsb182, i love to have..but only in dreams.
3. settle respective process regarding the above whole-heartedly. tiring!
4. admission letter to mba arrived. yeay~!
5. scholarship interview. huhu.
6. sister's wedding. happy for her! and tired!
7. adi's at sis wedding..thank you!
8. green bag from abg kiki..thank you!
9. a little sad, friends cant make it to sis wedding.
10.still cant drive.:p
11.meeting+work+no mood for work but still hv to.
12.sis wedding at melaka.
13.pd family vacation.
14.nilai-bought kain~ lg?
15.oh, stress tkleh dpt kete utk bawak g melaka. jahat!
16.trip to klcc with yatoque. tempting coach leather bag 1.5k..:(
17.thinking of aab
18.workshop non-stop and still thinking of doing other things.
19.oh, bought coach tag via internet. lalala. parcel from US. still havent received it to-date :( terkandas di kastam malaysia. hopefully takdela kene tax kan. if so, double :((
20.finally, arrival of wsa7035~ after lots of calling. tq. now, for after-delivery makeover..hope x kene tipu! still in waiting~
21.trip to ipoh from kl with lots of pit-stop (kuala selangor-hutan melintang-semesti-teluk intan-cameron highlands) gile test drive..ahaha.(oh, me not driving for the whole trip)
22.raya haji. a good kutbah. about quality over quantity..but seems now more of quantity over quality. semoga kita berada di bawah RAHMAN NYA.
23.trip back to KL.lots of sisters stuff. be a good wife ye, dearest~!
24.after two days, in parkingspot (tepat jangkaan adik ipar, or might i say abg ipar..hehe) i have the guts to drive..with help of dear friend, hani + asnani. thank you dears~! only for about 12km i drove. haha.
25.oh, jai invades home with prison break! dem yuh~ i fell in love again with michael. :x today(11.12.08) on break for undisclosed reason. ehehehe. tk sabanyaaa nk sambung, nk main boling pulak.huhuhu..
26.thanks to you for the ipod delivery..muwahs ;x (sumpah, x sengaja~)
27.yeay, successfully drive to and back from office..ihiks..with slight help in the morning for side parking. oh, also parking free at D4 after lunch.. sorryla, a bit lembab, kata test drive kan?..ihiks..thank you, hero for the day~! thanks too, heroins~! yes, i can do it!
28.what else..oh, yes..hv to update the almost dusty blog.
29.oops..i forgot, trip to terengganu~ which is supposed to be no 1 on the list. it's one of my best friend's wedding~! tahniah buchik..hope to see you tomorrow~!
30.if it kills me, is me. :|

that's all, thanks!