Tuesday, January 30, 2007


she told me! part of me was glad, part me was sad.

Monday, January 29, 2007


huhu..i left my IC at home today..and also my ATM card with money~ great~ kan kan? ahahaha..bagusla sangat. with the day, i'll sleep over at Yatoque's place. dan juga dengan keinginan nk minum kopi yahudi ni..uhuks. agak saiko gakla. luckily still got some money..ehehe. okla berpada2 sket weh banje this year. you got a loongg way to go~!
and a long list to adhere~ ahaks. ok..buat keje! tolonglah.

ps: later i'll updates on my weekend! best la jugak. :D

Thursday, January 25, 2007

the end.

Now come one,
Come all,
To this tragic affair,
Wipe off that make up,
What's in is despair,
So throw on the black dress,
Mix in with the lot,
You might wake up and notice you’re someone you're not,
If you look in the mirror and don’t like what you see,
You can find out firsthand what it’s like to be me,
So gather 'round piggies and kiss this goodbye,
I'd encourage your smiles,
I'll expect you won't cry.

(currently my tones for sms received. so saiko, tp i love. silalah sms saya selalu. you'll think of death. eh, me more likely~)

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

my musical~

haha. nothing perfect can be said with the latest scrubs episode. just marvelous. haha. more than that~ it's all started when a patient passed out and wakes up again listening all the people (people here means - JD, Turk, Dr Cox, Carla, Elliot, even Dr, Kelso..hey dont forget The Jan-Itor ahahaha..dan lain-lain watak sampingan) around her singing to converse. how musical is that~? i was like laughing my eyes out watching it. all the way~ sambil memaksa missfila, my roomie tgk. wakaka. i love all the song. the singing. from the "guy love" (which is so gayY~) and ""Everything Comes Down to Poo"(so disgusting..haha) it was so entertaining. haha. hey, also got matt leblanc as cameo too. ihiks. you can watch the two videos @youtube~ just search for nbc scrubs. think that'll do. ;) but seriously, it's a good watch~! LOL. ok nite2. got to rehearse my speech tomorrow. oh dear, do not be so nervous my laling~

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

the list.

just read zach braff myspace blog. he's so awesome~ did i tell ya i love his humor and thoughts. lagi, dia sangat senang dipandang. tidak jemu, bak kata orang2 tua. :x hehe. can you sense where i'm going to? naah! ehehehe. ok lemme tell you what i did confess to my dear cousin, Ana. hell she keeps that in mind. so, i'm gonna write it here so i wont forget. or maybe when i read it again few years later, it'll make me laugh until my heads turn. ihiks.

i told her that there are 3 men that i love and they share same age, which is 34. that is in year 2006. born in 1972. with different birthdate, the three men were and always be Mr. Mark Hoppus, Mr. Zinedine Zidane and not too forget Mr. Wentworth Miller. yes, they did not share the same career but age. :x but i'm so loving them.

but if you were someone close to me, and know me. you always know there would be someone not reachable, i repeat, not reachable.. that i love. if there was to be a list, humm...maybe more than 10. but with reasons. so, to make do what i promise to do (well, i told yatoque to do a list about this..) so, here goes. eh before i forget. i love jude law. and just recently found out he was born in 1972. see where it goes? :D

ok. here goes my list. (without alphabetical or 'whom i like the most' order.. just list whoever i remembered)
1. Zidane - French, of course~ since he's retired, i dont know who to root for. uhuks. i mean World Cup. the only football game i ever watched. :D
2. Mark Hoppus - Blink182. whyyy, they have to break-up. hait~
3. Wentworth Miller - Prison Break. need I say more. he's like SO hot~
4. Jude Law - the englishman. so brit. haha
5. Gerard Way - OMG. current obsession~!
6. Bert McCracken - still OK~! harap2 dia jumpa apa yang dia cari ;)
7. Zach Braff - walking genius. i just love his humor and bittersweet language. my, i love u, man~
8. Ahmad Izham Omar - uhuks. malu~
9. Rashidi Ishak - ngee.. kalau ada drama die berlakon, sure nk tgk. whether it's his slit eyes or his smile. dunno. so, mcm i like~
10.Johnny Depp - willy wonka~ willy wonka~ the greatest actor alive! muwah muwahs.
11.Billy Corgan - abang botak tetap menjadi pujaan hati. a poet that i always refer to.
12. Daniel Wu - hehe, agak hensem la cina atong ni. ahaha. eh, guess what? he's '72 babies too. :))
13. Doug Robb - dob:2 jan 1975. uhuks..mmg suka mamat ni. tertinggal plak. neway. he got small eyes. ihiks.
err..ada lagi ke ek?

oops, i think there's more. but none come to mind. no worries, the list will be updated as and when i feel like it. hehe. kenkawan.. kalau agak2 ada yang terlupa, minta tolong ingatkan ok..;)

eh, lupa pasal zach's braff. he did write something about colin hay's song, i'm doing fine. got to find it. sounds like a good hear. neway, enjoy the lyric. muwahs~

oops great~ takde dlm internet lirik dia. biar betul. nampaknya mmg kene carik CD dia. ok, in the meantime, some of it (taken from zach's blog. TQ dude~!)

“Sometimes I’m up…

and sometimes I’m falling down.

Lately my luck…

Has been dragging on the ground”


“I’m doing fine…

and thanks for asking.”

enjoy your week, everyone~!

Friday, January 19, 2007


"Another summer day
Has come and gone away
In Paris and Rome
But I wanna go home

Maybe surrounded by
A million people I
Still feel all alone
I just wanna go home
I miss you, you know

And I’ve been keeping all the letters that I wrote to you
Each one a line or two
“I’m fine baby, how are you?”
Well I would send them but I know that it’s just not enough
My words were cold and flat
And you deserve more than that

Let me go home
'Cause I’m just too far from where you are
I wanna come home

Let me go home
I’ve had my run
Baby, I’m done
I gotta go home
Let me go home
It will all be all right
I’ll be home tonight
I’m coming back home"

Thursday, January 18, 2007


did i ever told ya i'm a coffeholic~? more like starbucks freak! but really, i dig good coffees...whenever i felt like it~ like today, i think i was sugarhigh/hyper/caffeinated..you named it~ i was like a walking junkie that was so hyper active i felt that i must help all the people that i met..i was being quite a psycho..ahahaha...a little bit wonka i think..ahahaha. well still is~! ok..it's all started with that 1/2 full of milo in a cup filled with hot water for late breakfast... 1 perfect shot of mocha strawberry whateva@sfc for afterlunch and lastly..perfect shot of espresso frapp@starbucks for dinner come supper! yes, with that perfect rocky road~ so chocolaty! i'm completely caffeinated~! ahahaha...the effect still last till now. oh ya, i made someone feel flattered today~ didnt think i can do that! it seems rite.

well, i have a date with my best friend yatoque, which happened to celebrate her birthday yesterday. so it seems quite appropriate for me to see her the day after. ye lah kan, dia pun nak redeem present dia. dasar perempuan~ ahahaha. but the celebration was so sweet. again, i rephrase, never thought i could do that. and then, me being quite "gedik" (which here meant hyper/pyshco/whatever).. i was requesting for a candle..customised my drinks..and sang to her birthday song in front of people. plus, i did networking with that girl working there (starbucks) broaden my horizon, konon~! hehehehe. betapa saikonya saya. but it was worth it~ every minute of it! thanx yatoque for being such a good friend..;) thank you too for appreciating your good friend..:D

so apa lagi ye? before terlupa. alamak, lupa lah saya apa nk ckp..ahaha. tp td dah buat jelingan maut kt delifrance klcc. you can expect me to boycott that particular outlet!

oh yeah! cant wait to see muse in action~! ok, i only bought the cheapest tix available. such a cheapskate. wakaka. well, i'm not interested to lompat2 terkinja2 and mix around people to see them. i'm like that old lady who only come to enjoy the music. ehehe. so me with my dear yatoque will sit at the corner of the stadium and enjoy their ever good live! music. uhuhu..tak saba la makcik~ sure seronoks! hopefully my another good friend kekure and her friends would finally got their seat. ;) haish kene follow up ni tanya dia current news.

oh satu lagi. updates on my room. such a mess. we both are. selamba je si yatoque ni mengatakan niat dia untuk provoke aku pindah ngan die..wek wek wek~! tunggu dan lihat saja. whatever happen next~!

tgh layan muse (black holes and revelations), MCR (the black parade). loving 'em all~ bila la my dear gerard and the whole bunch nk dtg malaysia ni..:-?

okla..cukup2lah tu updet blog. want to dream about my special someone (no one that i really know in reality) and pray for him to find me ASAP. pastu nyanyi sesama, "together we're invincible". kata nk kawin by 18 Feb, tp boipren tkde lg ni..camne??

Sunday, January 14, 2007

argh~ hilang lagi!

this time, my jeans jacket. :| unfortunately, i left it in deli france, klcc. went back less than 30 mins later, the bag's gone, the jacket gone. the manager claim did not receive anything from her staff and see anything under the table. uhuhu..so sad. not that that piece of clothing was expensive. not at all..less than RM30. huhu. but the personal value is high. uhuks. now i have to buy a new one~ :( aku kene lepaskan baju itu. :( tambah plak, ada baju anak sedara skali dlm tu. baju2 yg t'tinggal kt s'pore. hilang jugak kt kl. so irony. huwa. ok enough~! lupakan baju itu. :(

Saturday, January 06, 2007

hello, sunshine~ (ala2 gaya mr wonka)

heya..it's 2007 already. how time flies. i'm 25+ and getting older each and everyday. huhu. what do i achieved eh? humm..let see. none stands out other than being me. plain impulsive naughty "sedikit malas" hazera :D

haha, anyway..my resolution for 2007 is...nothing. :D for everyday, i am blessed with all these practical resolution, so i just stick to day-to-day resolutions and live the day as it is. my life, my way. but mind me, i still have what they called plans. it's all on my head. say, if i forget one..the plan will find its way back to me. so no worries. hehe.

so, it's already 6/1/2007. what i achieved so far...more to what i did so far. Bekerja bertungkus lumus dari hari rabu ke jumaat dengan selingan-selingan merehat minda. 80% competent and continously effective. :D akhirnya, mendapat hadiah dari minah kekure. thanx alot bebeh. i like, of course. sendiri mintak~ haha

currently, im sorting out all my personal belonging. CDs, mags, collectibles. musics, prints, such an expensive hobbies. bless me. :D eh, lemme story briefly what i did in singapore recently.

thursday nite: all the way to pudu with very heavy feet. terasa malas2 nk gerak. haha..smpat tgk "what women want" believe me, apart from them being handsome (some lah kan) (the contestant i meant) i dont want any of them. :D not what i want.
friday morn'- at the wee hour of 4am, arrived. found out my prepaid hasnt been registered yet. what the? i remembered it being registered at tmpoint when i'm downgrade my 3g line. haiya. manyak susah wo ini macam. i have to call the careline like at 4am and ask. lucky i'm quite in happy mood that morn, so takde lah amukan syaitan kat larkin. wakaka. neway, at that wee hour, still many people...looking lots like me..lost, sleepy..kalau disorongkan bantal, harus tidur~! apa-apapun, selamat sampai ke rumah bibik. dan jumpa mak..hoyeah..i love. lepas subuh, tidur wlaupun sebenarnya digesa emak ikut dia pegi umah bibik pia. haha. lucky me. tidur smpai puas. kunci alarm pon tk bgn. haha. after zohor, more likely after 3. gone to older uncle+untie house. my dear uncle is diagnosed with prostate cancer. it's been like the whole year, he has to undergo chemo and mostly radiotherapy. it's been glad to see him happy to see us visiting him, but in the same time devastated as there's no words to express what i was feeling that day. i just hope, he'll be OK and pray for his health.
after that went to jurong point to met mariyam, so we three..eh lupakan nk bgtau. ana, yam and me went to bibik pia's house all the way in ..(eh, lupe plak kat mana. tp yg pastinya, terhangguk2 gwe tertido dlm taxi haha)sampai2 makan. oh ye, my bibik and her husband were going to perform haj at Makkah. konon pegi menghantar la kan. :D yelah, dah my mak and bapak and also my oldest bro family datg sana, mestila mau menyibuk jugak. :D okla everything went well. but so damn tired. huhu.
saturday: my mak and bapak and the whole bunch balik ipoh that morning. me stay sampai bosan. :D gone to vivocity that evening. nice place. all the at south of spore, with view of sentosa island and the cable car. but i did not go there. maybe next time. :D
sunday: just hang around at house. ana's attend friend wedding. but on that evening, we went to movie. nice~ night at the museum :D then lunch/dinner at thai kitchen. OK~! thanx ana. muwah muwah.
monday morn: balik kl. but merempit with abang kiki. dia hanta gwe sampai larkin. hehe. best tk best? sangatlah experience nye ha..:D

oh tu je la. not too brief nampaknya. :D

uhuks..tuh je la setakat ni.tgh dok melayan lagu2. my chem, muse, the killers and lots of other songs. and hoping i could go to the muse concert. takda sapa nk belanja ke? :D