Tuesday, January 29, 2008

love life.

it's fuckin' indescribable life can be. huhu..it's sucks today, mostly.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

sangat tk cool~

my intention was good..tego2 setelah lama tk bertego sapa kan..is, "oit, sombong~!!" dengan nada memain, sounds rude? knowing me, tak ke itu mmg aku..but..tegoran mengatakan aku bukan islam, mmg sgt tk cool..ok, memberi salam mmg bagus..tp wajib ke memberi salam dlm YM? hello, where are you...heaven?~! oh, F U la...uhuks..pastu nk lgi memberi ceramah ttg mmberi salam itu satu kewajipan..oh, please...salah la ko menyakitkan ati aku skang...eee...aku mmg marah skarang...tk bg salam dlm ym boleh isu kepada dia..so, you can go to your lil community..and i wont be in your little community, period. sekian, terima kasih~!

Friday, January 25, 2008

built to last.

so, not to make this long long long..i've just got to tell you truth..nothing but the truth. i am in love..ahahaha..i just hope the other person knows it too..which i highly doubt it. haha

this, is my hope towards the ever-to-be-if-it's-ever-gonna-be anything..:x

oh, i'm pretty much high in my selfless mind..ahaks..(tolonglah sedar, minah oi!) i'm so full of myself i cant properly think of the consequences..what i do know is i'm crazy..ahahaha..this must be because of me <-- caffeinated. it does me, sometimes..caffeinated, sugar high..i really did well in that division..ahaha..i can climb this very building of block 3 and sang my heart out..just to let him know what i really felt..do you think he'll hear me~?! *batting eyelashes*

or, it must be the song that i've heard first last yr @MTV, and it has successfully haunt me back this year. and without fail, i'm still loving it~ oh, it must be my sensual mind working it's way. damn~! i bet if i were destined to be dead, right now..my autopsy result would be..love anxiety overwhelmed~! ahahaha..whatever i was rattling, like now~! oh, it MUST be the coffee, definitely. fyi, i've got 4 sacks of coffee bean from starbucks..how do u think i'm gonna finish that huh? coffee freak, that's me..

you are my sun in my universe~!

i'm pretty much adore mike, from melee. he seems err, shy. :)

Thursday, January 24, 2008

ode to abg heath~

1979 - 2008

It's sad when someone you know dead
Even sadder when that someone is someone you love to watch
Saddest when that one can relate you to something
Devastated when he leave a mystery behind
But who am I to judge, let alone define
May you rest in peace..:)
Is only what one can hope.

Heath Ledger is that someone that catches my eyes + heart in "10 things i hate about you", "a knight's tale", "brothers grimm" and "casanova".

yes, i'm one sensitive girl. thank you.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

dan tidurlah..

haha..i wish~! mana boleh tido bai sekarang...ahaks..br pukul 1.55pm..ahaks.

adakah anda terasa digunakan bila:
a. dicari hanya jika ada perkara berkaitan HR berlaku?

humm...tak kot..ahahaha...

andra oh andra..your voice is kinda sexy. i like~! alamak, curangkah aku kepd husband?..oh, tidakk~!

whatevr i'm mumbling of..sbb pc lembap la nie..tkleh nk tgk gossip girl pilot. uhuhu..dan oh dan..ihiks..better stop, like now~!

okla..andra+thebackbone..mmg sgt best. lirik for lagi..dan lagi..*enjoy!

huhu..x jumpe plak..so, relaks~!

oh..x saba nk cuti raya cina yg sgt pjg..i dont care..nk cuti jugak~! haha

Thursday, January 17, 2008

selamat hari lahir bff~

maaf lmbat ye bff..:D:D so here goes..

sorry this year, i have not done my job well as you have your new best friend..ahaha..siap recordkan lagu birthday lagi..ampun ampun..ahaks.

anyway, hope you have a blast on that day..which i knew you did..;) so, a year older..not a soul older eh..marilah kita bersama kekalkan kemudaan kita smpai bila2..ahaks..muwahs muwash..and believe me, even you hv "new best friend" >:) i will always claim my right as your bff..;) muwahs muwahs..thankx for the cake, dear..it was way delicious..i gain quite a few pound, TQ. haha..maybe i should stop being your all beloved "tong smpah" huh? ehehehe

lastly, selamat hari lahir my dearest..semoga terbuka hati ibu utk benarkan kamu berkahwin..;) i'll always be there, k ;) :x

Tuesday, January 15, 2008


Syukran Alhamdulillah for the rezeki given to me. Thank you thank you thank you. It is expected, but not this month..so I have to say I am shocked when the HR man told me congrats, for whatever reason I'm not sure of. and more shocking when PL ask me to see her with another colleague..as I was like, "alaa..ada prob ESS lagi ke? huwaa~!" when I went to see her, congratulations is what I got and I was in total shock and glad as well, as extra money is quite what I seek this few months..haha..tp x dpt pon..:D:D kene usaha lebih lagi nmpaknya.

On other notes, updates for the past few days:
1. On the event of my last updates, actually there was some issue pertaining our house. Well, it was a mess, still is :D my hommie mostly..her room is leaking (we're on 13th floor..upstairs is studio house..so, the top of my hommie's room is like nothing and only roof. got anai2 some more..her bathroom door cannot close. okok..jgn bg info byk sgt..haha..so the story went like this..we ask for one particular foreman to come and have a look..(because of the free checking, according to his iklan..cheapskate la katakan)..then the fella come and bombarded our house like there's no tomorrow..membebel2 tah apa2..he rudely comparing me with the pintu(wtf~!) but me being one lil nice girl just hear whatever he said..believe me..die mmg suka bebel dan sgt mcm kasar perckpannya..okla..to think of it..mcm tk bagus la sgt cara die ckp tu..mcm tkde respek tau..but maybe itu mmg cara die ckp..so i wont judge more..okla, the story nye..my hommie was so pissed off with him. kirenya..malam itu adalah amukan puaka hommie. ok done~!
2. yatoque's coming over..and we were and always be a good host for her..haha..have dinner of mcDs bought by her..and we eat eat eat sambil diskusi hangat mengenai perkara yg terjadi sebentar tadi..tuptup tup dah pukul 12..boleh ke? we're like still hv plans for the nite. haha
3. after, clean ourselves..go to hommie's room and layan movie~! it was so great...memula layan "Enchanted"..it was fun, it was fantasy, it was dreamy..and it was heartwarming..but the princess was so opstimic rasa nk baling2 jek..mcm hello~! does that kind of story exist in the real world? ye lah kan..since i havent found my soulmate..trus rasa mcm tk best...tapiii..the second movie what's make us all dreamy..hahaha..tyler prince is seriously gorgeous~! haha..we've watched "Sydney White"..it was hilarious, funny and make us feel differently of dorks..as in a way, we're all DORKS in our own way..hehehe..so kesimpulannya, janganlah memandang rendah kepada orang lain...sebabnya..semua orang adalah sangattt ISTIMEWA ;) muwahs to all. okla..on the dreamy parts..we all so high of tyler..he is so handsome..dan saya sgt spoil..sbbnya...i did reveal that mr long is married..hahaha..semua org benci aku..wakaka..sorry..~!
4. hari khamis..cuti..bgn lmbat..mama hot datang..bila die dtg br bgn..we have brunch of roti bakar...(it was my current fav as the other day..the smell of roti bakar at level7 sgt memikat hati..and i have 2 slice of it..tak malu nye budak) and lotsa kaya, jem, baked beans with egg (bff masak) and semua lah yg ada dlm fridge tu. haha. oh, mama hot datang nk wat keje..with helps of hommie..i tolong tgk jek. :D pastu lunch+dinner plak kt kedai sup sendeng..sgt kenyang + gemok..pastu beli cakoi yg sgt sdap..haha..best~! mlm tu tido awal konon. :D
5.jumaat keje..huhu..sgt bosan. but i half-day.konon nk pegi mmc, melawat kawan2 but tk jadi sbb aku yg sgt ngantok dn tidoo..haha but berjaya la smpai keje dlm kol 12 dan oh..k.mas dpt kek..birthday nye esoknya. :D makan puas2 dan sgt gemokk..ahaha
6.blk kampung..malamnya..yeayy..bas kol 10..sorry ye..terlmbt..byk keje la..and weekends..tidooo~!
7.sabtu-kemas bilik..adik, belajar elok2, kalo tkde SAP, i shall consider pembelian motor..ahaks..oh ye..sbb tgh tgk amanda bynes..minat plak kt die..then tetibe mlm tu ada plak citer die.."What a girl wants"..layannnnnn~! best! siap tido kol 245am..lmbt kan.. oh ye..kemas bilik mmg sgt penat~! pastu main badminton lagi..pastu main2 ngan anak sedara lagi...mmg sgttt penatt..:p
8.ahad...tido smpai bosannn..ahaha..pastu nabil dtg..hahahaa...comel jek budak gemok tu..siap berlakon2 jatuh plak ha.......berpeluh die lepas aku blk dr pasar malam..hehe..
9.isnin pagi..blk kl kol 430 am..yelah konon malas nk blkk..sbb nk tgk citer tiga segi setelah dijemput penulis/director, woo ming jin kt facebook kan...kene lah tgk..okla..:D keje mcm bosan..pagi2 dh smpai opis..kol 730 am..dhla tkde passcard..seb baik pintu blakang bukak..so awal gila smpai ..dn terhapa2 dibuatnya...pg got walkthrough..the afternoon was the most tension bit of the day ..got meeting with user..seb baik tkdela byk songeh sgt...tp adalah jugak songehnya..ahaks.blk2 konon nk tido..hommiw ajak kluar makan..so okla..takpe takpe..oh...i did hv dinner of Dominos..huhuhu...gemokkkksssss plis~! ahahaha
10.oh, after a long silence..yelah, i did one "ekspresi dirimu" a while ago haha..we're cool now.oklah kan? :-?

okla..that about all what had happened to me last wk..(walaupun tk cukup byk kan..yelah..bukan ada org baca..hahahaha) but today..it was OK. :D:D

oh..silalah layan stolen by dashboard confessional..jz like the title.the song has succeeded in stolen my heart by its first hello. :x

Wednesday, January 09, 2008


ahahahahaha..i cant stop laughing! ok, i mayyy be a little late, but i totally agree with TIME naming YOU as the people of the year last yr i think..haha..pardon me, if i was wrong. ahaks..but i did remember that..because YOU is everyone who made the intener or was it YOUTUBE popular~! YOU who made video as funny as hell can be or whatever..so, talking about YOUTUBE, i was videohopping . still do..and i found this..hilarious~
bob,"mikey ways's phone number is.."

hahahaha..funny funny! the other one that prominently stucks at my head is..mikey falling down in one concert in which the culprit is mr gerard way himself, the ever meanest brother of mikey (my dearest adik ipar,wakakaka) but i still heart them..both..yela semua..crazy kan? wakaka..aku gila..gilakan kamu..oh the song performed was cemetery drive.

and my life currently does sounds like cemetery drive...way down way down way down way down way down way downnn~ i miss you, i miss you so farrrr...and the collision of your kiss that made it so hard~

huhu..damn i miss him~

ok, happy new year~! today is awal muharam..and i hope everything is GREAT this year..:)

psst..i've checked the above..about YOU. check this out~! rupanya tahun 2006. hehe