Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Reading @theApartment

I love books, magazines, reading..you name it! I may like it all. Went to Amcorp mall for groceries as I was requested to cook nasi lemak..so tomorrow it is for breakfast then! Book Xcess is a must visit place, and I managed to quickly browse through Romantika, a massive house deco store. Nice! I would come back definitely. Oh, I end up buying these for quite a price. Hooray!

8/365: riang gembira.

Monday, January 07, 2013

Pulut Kuning + Rendang Daging

Alhamdulilllah. Yippie! Project "Pulut Kuning + Rendang Daging" success. With utmost gratitude and full of love, I'm so blessed to have my Mak, Bapak and Ila (sister) to help me with the project. Love you all!

I forgot to take an individual pack of the sticky rice, maybe because of uber-excitement (haha!). But, here is the fruit of labour. Thank you very much!

7/365: All ready! :)

Sunday, January 06, 2013

Swiss Hazelnut Chocolate Cake~

My mak and bapak come over this weekends for some project that I had in mind for quite a long time. Actually, they come over for my sister-in-law's sister's wedding, I just grabbed the opportunity to request assistance from import chef (my mak!) to cook pulut kuning. Hehe. I've been wanting to treat my officemates (at least half to most of them) and those matters some pulut kuning. I just know that my mom's cook is the best! Hence, that's opportunity finally come. 

Oh, but for today's picture is not about that. It's about the cake I bake from baking class. Hehe. My first time layering a cake and also decoration. It was fun and messy and I dont know whether I would do it again. Hehe. Maybe CNY holiday. I hope I have the time and the want! :D

6/365: My sponge cake. Yummeh!

Saturday, January 05, 2013


My little cat Alvintos Kangbus Busat. I just called him Alvin. He is quite famous in my little group of friends as I always publish his photos in my social media accounts. Hehe. Love him to the bones.

5/365: Alvin's camwhoring. :D

Friday, January 04, 2013

Words to live by..

Today has been a mixed series of event. Contemplating to wake up but managed to do so, late for work (I have to improve, seriously!), eat a bit of my leftover nasi lemak, kenduri kesyukuran @office, voucher redeemed (hooray!), stressful messages (I wish I could join them, but I love my privacy, thank you!), working and thinking and stressing, glad that the girls like my sambal and requests for them (take note on when to cook again), disappointed and sentaps!, impromptu dinner and now, getting ready for tomorrow.

Owh, this is the time when I just feel glad to be home to this view.
4/365: Remind me to count my blessings (heart)

Thursday, January 03, 2013

Big Dinner to feast the appetite~

Azlina, a friend of mine crash in my house for reason I dont want to state here. Let just say, she misses Alvin. Hehe. Anyway, I was planning to cook my lovely and seriously yummy anchovies from Sabah from my last Kinabalu trip (I may or may not share the story, later!). Now, presenting to you my 3rd picture for my project. :)

3/365: Nasi lemak's condiment (Ayam goreng berempah, boiled eggs with cucumber,
sambal ikan bilis sedap & ikan bilis goreng!!) Yummeh!

ps: this is also as results from my bff's post about eating nasi lemak on the first day of new year. Terliur! Thanks for the inspiration @yatoque!

Wednesday, January 02, 2013

2 January

Nothing much. I have lots to share, but my mind plays trick on me. Hence, my photo today, my just organised  collection of skirts. :)

2/365: colors

Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Welcome, 2013!

Yes, I have let this blog collecting dust (I know!); but actively socializing on fb, instagram & twitter. In that order. I've been starting my photo-a-day at my fb acc, with of course a few hits and misses. I've decided that I will continue the project in my long abandoned blog. So, hello again!!

My last photo for the year 2012 is 3 years old (I think!) wall deco sticker. I love my rented apartment, no doubt about that. It was like love at first sight. Now, that I'm buying the apartment (Yippie! Wish me luck!); it is so convenient for me to document the process. This is going to be a long in-progress renovation. And I'm crossing my hands hard and keep praying for the best.

31.12.2012: Goodbye sticker..you've served us well. Welcome #2013..
new year, new deco!

I may not take photo of my house only as I have other plan lined up this year. So, the theme would be @home. Something close to home, heart and me.

So, dear friends..all the best in your future endeavour. Let's cherish today as it's our last. Welcome 2013. Bring it on!

To start off the new year, here's my first photo of the year. View from moi balcony.

1/365: Fireworks from afar at moi balcony :)