Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Thanks but NO, thanks.

I have lots in my mind to ponder out, really! but i was and am quite pissed to those who had make being a guarantor, a pain in the ass~!! I mean those who didn't pay loans etc2 and thanks to them, most people felt that it's not beneficial to be one. In the end, you will kene one..they thought.

And now, I have no one willing to be my guarantor~ Not like I'm going to run away pon kan?..I'm not like ppl I've known..but never mind, this is just me feeling frustrated. So, who would care rite? I think I have been a guarantor..ah, yes..for my sisters scholarship, and oh yeah, my colleague's company loan. Well, that's where I draw the line I guess. OKla, i should have learned my lessons.

Never to assume~! even, when really, what you want is to help out a friend.

*be nice to ppl

Thursday, November 12, 2009

let's move on~

i lost a friend on the net.. :( it's a shame, but worry not. real world is where we shall meet, and YM (occasionally)

Monday, November 02, 2009


yeehaa!! have a blast with tyson and the boys along with THE entourage namely kekura, harry, nana and sistas!!! my halloween's cool! next year i'm thinking COSTUME PARTY!!!! hommie, can or not? hehehe

oh, happy birthday ADIK!! congratulations NURUL!! and I have quite an insight at National Art Gallery!! definitely going back soon!

oh, again! i got a surprise from NY Film Academy. I never tought I would get THE booklet, since they are @NY and me @here and I've already downloaded the .pdf. anyway, maybe that's where I'm gonna be someday, who knows~!

ain't tyson's one hella guy~!? :x I bet he stinks! ahaks~