Wednesday, July 25, 2012

I feel good!

Last night, I went to Tokyo Street..first stop, Clickshop!! If it weren't of my budget cut (hehe), I would have bought me a Golden Half..:) To strengthen the heart, I have bought like 2 instax this year (and I think 1 toycamera that er..I haven't load any film), kot! How many camera you want to put into that museum of yours~? haha..

Then, off I run into my favourite store Daiso!! I can't resist 100yen store..ihiks. Thinking I have all the time in the world..I just browse around like nobody's business..and lastly, I managed to snap myself a pack of piping bags! Hooray~ just what I've wanted, since my cupcakes deco still was still so-so..:> So, here's to a good day and better times! Well, now I'm crossing hands and hope my fate with mixer is sealed and safely delivered. My head's are doing its own list on what to bake and eat now! 
moi piping bags~
OK, let's get works done!

PS: Actually, the reason of going to Pavilion was to watch a preview of "Salmon Fishing in the Yemen" at GSC. The actor is Ewan, and if you already know..Ewan McGregor is one of my crush. Of course when I've read the opportunity for a free flix at TimeOut KL, I took it..ihiks. Lucky me, I got the tickets and it was on the front seat. My o my, beggars don't get to choose..and I'm still grateful! :) Oh, the film is great! It combines the element of faith, love and relationship in something that even I can't think of. The cast was wonderful, and in my personal opinion, they fit their characters. I can say that I can watch this again. Oh, maybe because it's Ewan! He has aged gracefully, I might add. 

Wednesday, July 04, 2012

How long can we keep this up?

 Christina Perri (feat. Jason Mraz)-Distance 

The sun is filling up the room,
And I can hear you dreaming.
Do you feel the way I do, right now?

I wish we would just give up,
'Cause the best part is falling.
Calling anything but love.

And I will make sure to keep my distance,
Say I love you when you're not listening,
How long, can we keep this up, up, up?

Please don't stand so close to me
I'm having trouble breathing.
I'm afraid of what you'll see, right now.

I'll give you everything I am,
All my broken heartbeats.
Until I know you'll understand.

And I will make sure to keep my distance,
Say I love you when you're not listening,
How long, can we keep this up, up, up?

And I keep waiting
For you to take me
And you keep waiting
To save what we had

So I'll make sure to keep my distance,
Say I love you when you're not listening,
How long, can we keep this up, up, up?

Make sure to keep my distance,
Say I love you when you're not listening,
How long, 'til we call this love, love, love?
"Distance" as written by David Hodges, Christina Perri
Lyrics © EMI Music Publishing

Thursday, June 07, 2012

something about health :)

This is old, too..:D

I have gone to a medical check up somewhere late last year...and my uric acid is just a little beyond the borderline!!! 0.359 whereby the border is 0.357. yes, yes..a little is too little but if compared to my last medical check up..err maybe 0.1 something (somewhere around 2007, I think!) it's a bit skyrocketted~ :( 

I've been forgetting about it for a while, and suddenly this morning..I've the urge to look at it again, and it occurs to me that I must do something about it.

Hence, I've been doing a bit digging and would try to follow this tips on How to Lower Uric Acid Levels Naturally In 3 Simple Steps. the steps are:

1) Drink more water <--please do!
2) Consume a baking soda solution <--err, will do (eventually)
3) Change to a low purine diet <--will try..

Please read the article for more information. :)

ps: I've read in the result folder (there's a bit information on what to eat for reducing uric acid), foods that you can eat freely includes coffee~!!, please expect me to drinks more of this :>

breakfast, this morning @10am :)

Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Borobodur, Yogyakarta in pictures.

I've snapped I think hundreds of photos back in Borobodur. It was a good 2 hours plus spent..and I'm amazed at myself on how I managed to climbed all the way to the top! Way to go, nort! :>

Bit of pictures for your I'm still picking and adjusting for prints..ehehe..cant wait for the travelogue to finish~ 
stupa of Borobodur
such a magnificent view
This post going to be a growing one, as I'm such a procrastinator! hehe..

with a headless Buddha statue doing 'Vara mudra'
which symbolic meaning  is benevolence, alms giving

Tuesday, June 05, 2012

The Best Group Picture at moi Team Building :)

Old news!! This was definitely old~ circa last year :)


I have a few this week!!

1. My redemption to print pictures!!! the expiry date is on 10 June 2012, and I have not finished picking up 100 files to be printed :( hurry up, WOMAN!!

2. Rentall???!!!!! Yes, I have not pay this month rental yet, because of the banyak songeh handy-man!! It's been few weeks already that my house is dark, at least in the living room and I dont like it. I've been postponing to call handy-man, because a) I'm going for a trip b) I have not got any number..and one thing led to another, at last, I have to call back the banyak songeh handy-man. So, long story short..I hope he come this evening and quote me the price, so that I can pay rental!

3. Payment for mixer..hehe..this is related to the above. When I pay the rental, than I can pay for mixer. And just cant wait to receive the mixer. Rumor has it, that it's been shipped..I'm thinking biskut raya recipes now..haha..yummeh~!

4. Works deadlines..See how personal life is more important than work?? ehehe..but, I think I have speed up my reading..i quote my boss (whom I think quote somebody else), "Take your time, but hurry up!" haa? :p

Gemma Correll‘s Death By Chocolate made me chuckle.
(via  swissmiss, via @kottke)
ps: totally unrelated..i know~

Update: Item 2 separa settle..Item 3 settled! Now, to set appointment to do the lamp set installation...Rumah-ku akan kembali terang...No more gloominess~!! :>
Eh, Item 1 sudah dimulai..yippie!!

Monday, June 04, 2012

Moonrise Kingdom

Just read Joanna's post on Wes Anderson's new movie, Moonrise Kingdom. The trailer is just funny!! and has me wanting to watch it! Hopeful that the movie's available in Malaysia!

Go here and watch more videos, the official website. The navigation's quite cool. :)

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Selamat Pagi!!

I just got back from a very long holiday that caused me a very home-sicky ME.. haha. (oh, actually it's been a week) but, I have not yet looked thoroughly at my zillions pictures!!! I really wanted to share it to the world, but I'm so lembabs~ I cannot do anything! Well, it just me..I'm gonna reveal all once ready!!

huhu..this is one picture during museum hopping @JakartaKota.  bump
into Komunitas Sepeda (hope I got that right). err, actually want to post
pix of sunrise@Jogja but I have resources issue :>

*AND better be I have deadlines on the picture printing~ Rugi whoa...dah bayar untuk 100 keping nie!! so, get your butt up, Woman!!

update: the sunrise@Jogja..Subhanallah!

Friday, May 04, 2012

The one about "awak"

Yes, this is about you. ">

Love is a game that we could play
Even only for today
I don't wanna lose you
We've been apart for far too long
Now we only have a song
Let the music move you
There was a part of me
That never left a part of you
I wish I could be everything you wanted

But I'm still young
Wide-eyed and hopeless
Yeah I'm still young
I want your devotion to this
Can we kiss like we do in my head
Can we dance like we do on my bed
Like we're still young

Love is a loss that we incur
When we gamble with the world
I don't wanna lose you
I feel my life has just begun
I can hear you singalong
Now the music in you
There was a part of me
That never left a part of you
I wish I could be everything you wanted

But I'm still young
Wide-eyed and hopeless
Yeah I'm still young
I want your devotion to this
Can we kiss like we do in my head
Can we dance like we do on my bed
Like were still young

Baby don't you cry
I won't tell you lies
I'll just sit and sing you lullabies

Cuz I'm still young
Wide-eyed and hopeless
Yeah I'm still young
I want your devotion to this
Can we kiss like we do in my head
Can we dance like we do on my bed
Like we're still young 


Remember Tyler? Yes, this is from Neon Trees' new album "Picture Show" :D Overall, I love it~! And, this song kinda makes me feel about you. Oh, this song is "Still Young". Oh, I do not forget about my baking updates. Til later~! 

Wednesday, May 02, 2012


Thanks to Yatoque's gift, an oven; I was able to complete my three WANTS this year. TV, sofa, that order. Alhamdulillah, that's all settled in a mere two months. :D That was what I've been chanting WANTS, not those who suddenly (magically!) appear~!! ahaks. But, that'll be another post!

I want to share about my baking project!! To date, I have already baked 2 batches of Diamant Vanille (will share the recipes on the next next post!) and also 1 batch of cupcakes (cheat with muffin mix <--yes, I'll redeem myself in the next batch! :D) with the oven. And, to tell the truth..I think I'm already hooked! Hopeful for a better results next! I always have problems with muffins or cupcakes, and my my..this first try with the new "old" oven can be considered a success!! All my 18 cuppies gone~! Yeay..That includes the 2 cuppies I saved for tea date with Yatoque later..and, actually I do feel a bit guilty cause I did not bake enough :(

Oh, actually I always wonder on how to do the topping and I've been looking and gawking at those pictures of cupcakes with topping & frosting that looks soooo delicious and fattening~ haha. a beatiful mess blog also does not help either when they always, I repeat always post their baking projects!!! I'm always green with envy looking at their blog. hehe. Just look at their posts on cupcake mixology and frosting basics. That's just on baking~!  They have like projects and projects that makes me want to do them all, but time is what I don't have. So, I just stick to what I do best..relax! Haha..Let's see bits of their pictures. 

cupcake mixology by abeautifullmess
frosting basic by abeautifulmess
Nah, that's why I'm trying to bake and attend baking class (have to limit on this though). Oh, did you know, I'll be attending class next week by Caramel Factory again!! :) This time, it's going to be biscuits, even the bagel class do sounds enticing!! It's a special short class with menu, Starbucks Style Chocolate Chunk Cookies! Hehe, see what's caught me? So, I hope this class will be a very short one, because my parents are coming!! The biscuits gonna be my treats for them..oh, and the family~!

Err, about the topping, I think I've managed to do the simple recipe found in my recipe book (I have to post about this book, someday) as I forgot to buy ingredients of Kak Hazit's recipe of Chocolate Buttercream topping. :( Sounds delicious, yes? For the next one, I'm trying out the recipe to go with vanilla cupcake (Kak Hazit's go-to recipe too :D). I'll update my pictures of the cookies and also cupcakes, later!! :)

still in baking~
have to get piping~! :>
Oh, I'm currently in my process for the DIY vanilla extract. :> will definitely update on how it turns out!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Should I Check my Email?

Should I Check my Email? A flowchart by  Wendy MacNaughton for a Forbes article on how and why to ignore your inbox.

via swissmiss

Interesting~ Sometimes I just forget to check, especially when I'm at home~!

Happy Birthday, Bapak :>

Selamat Hari Lahir, Bapak! :>
a picture back in 2008 kot~ during my sis wedding!
*tak call/sms lagi nie..hehe

update: Bapak called and I wished him. Guess what he wanted for his birthday?? A new golf club! or was it a new golf club set? huhu..trus ckap, tak mampu!! least after we go Makkah la ye my dear Bapak! :p

Monday, April 09, 2012

Happy Birthday, Gerard Arthur Way..

huhu..I have schedule, but I did not managed to follow it~! :( but, anyway...just a very quick one, because it's my husband's birthday~!!!! (in DEV, at least) So, here goes...

Happy Birthday Gerard Arthur Way...I will always remember that you're my husband...hehehe
May you have a great day! and please, new songs~!! I miss you~

copyright to it's rightful owner :)
ok, dah..jom buat kerja~! This week I have extra one and half day of leave, one being a public holiday (Pertabalan Agong) and half being my another half day from last Friday!! I'm going home!! yeay! I might try to have a date, but we never know. :)

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Just a quick one!

If you know me, I'm the most un-organized person, even when I try to be one. :>

So, following advise from Nubby from her post Organization Methods: Tips and Tricks from A Virgo (from ages ago); I'm very determined to be organized for a bit. Ok, maybe not solely from her..I'll take some bits and pieces from my dear hommie/bff advise too (who's a Virgo, too!). Oh, nampaknya memang si Virgo memang seorang yang organized~ hehe and also, my Capricorn bff. :) and of course, internet! Informations' heaven.

As, I want to invite them over, someday. And that someday was too long ago..Hence, I MUST do something. So, this weekend is my HOME time. 

To transform from this, 

to this :)

Or somewhat likely. Hehe.

Monday, March 26, 2012


(for people with talent!) by George Lois. Hehe, seems like a very mad book! Yes, I got the book yesterday because of the promotion. Bought it with Azlina, and with the promo of 50% for second book and also another 10% off because of Borders card, we end up got the book for a mere RM20!! A very good bargain!! Yes, I'm mad now..haha.

Speaking about mad, I came to know about a series, Mad Men, just going to it's 5th season in US yesterday because of Joanna's post on the Mad Men Love. The clips of Don Draper saying "What" was just freaking hilarious and awesome at the same time. Hehe. Well, could be in my list to watch, dapper! Hopeful for a not busy year. Yeay, right! Oh, let's see the face of Don Draper, and the video shall we?

Ok, back to the book..DAMN GOOD ADVICE~ I just read a few pages, and it seems interesting. I hope I could finish it up quick and grab the very DAMN GOOD ADVICE :) George Lois seems a very very mad man..and, the Esquire covers does have an aura in it. 

credit to

The publisher is Phaidon, and the cover of the book is just like the one by Paul, I love!! Psst, that's the post draft about. Ah, I hope I have the will to post about that. For now, I just enjoy the new book, and maybe, the new found old series.

On another notes, it has been quite a week for me. A few weeks back, has been down..and then up again. A few bad news and more good news. Alhamdulillah :) Now, I'm a happy woman, not so mad. 

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

I love Paper!!

Actually, I have another post in draft..but this cannot wait..haha..*takut terlupa*

Just now, I've been looking for paper cutter in Malaysia and by that, I mean online..:) Then, I find this blog, which is surprisingly nice..on craft..and a Malaysian! How cool is that? I know one, by one, I mean my bff..hehe.

This blog, with a name of miyyah@kertas is a very interesting crafts made by paper. So comel!! The crafts has made me itching to do one of those quilling. (Well, still need to do some research about that!) But, sooooo Cute!! See below for pictures..:)

*all pictures are property of miyyah@kertas

OK!! I must stop now..haha..too many eye-candy! chow!

Friday, March 09, 2012

I have new addiction, that is.......

Neon Trees! or, is it Tyler~! *blush*

Image Credit: Tyler Glenn

cute, heh? Well, he's some sort of bad boy that I would like :>

and, my current tunes...Everybody Talks!! don't they?

I just have viewed their animated music video and they are just rad and cute!!! oh, I love cute..:>

and the lyrics...awesome!

hey baby won't you look my way,i could be your new addictionhey baby what you got to say,all you're giving me is fictioni'm a sorry sucker and this happens all the timei find out thateverybody talkseverybody talkseverybody talks

chorus:it started with a whisperand that was when i kissed herand then she made my lips hurti can hear the chit-chattake me to your love shackmama's always got a backtrackwhen everybody talks back

hey honey you could be my drugyou could be my new prescriptiontoo much, get me an overdoseall this trash talk make me itchingoh my my shiteverybody talkseverybody talkseverybody talkstoo much

never thought i'd live to see the daywhen everybody's words got in the way

hey sugar show me all your loveall you're giving me is frictionhey sugar what you got to say

Ok, off now..I'm quite stressed..and can't wait to be home!! 

update: Oh, I'm still in flow..haha..just found out that actually, the official music video's out!!! argh, can't see it now, hopefully to watch it soon..i bet it's totally rad..50s, drive-in, and zombies!? awesome, obviously~!

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Surat untuk awak.

Dear Awak,
"I was born to love you..with every single beats of my heart"-Freddie Mercury

I always believed that..and I hope someday, yes, someday you can see that. Well, I always love you, kot..definitely with every single beats of my heart. :) Since, from that time when I was still young and naive (eh, I still am-lah..young and naive..ok, maybe not so young and not so naive, but I'm still that girl that would sheepishly giggle and "malu sendiri" whenever I see or even talk to you. OK, even fb-chat with you. :D 

Yes, I want to tell you this. Oh, how I wish you're already married so that I can at least moved on. But, being as stubborn as I can be, I would not budge this feeling until you at least married or whatever. But, if you are married to me, of course the feeling would be cemented in my heart forever. *wink* And, if there are never us, that would heartbreaking (totally!); but, I will be strong enough you don't have to worry about me. 

Last four years, at this date..if you remember, I have asked you a question. You must have felt how crazy this girl are. Well, I am at that time. Crazy over you. :p (OK, still am~) Then, I wait and wait..till I dont know what I'm waiting for. I thought I don't have to ask again, I mean, maybe you're married, have someone special and all..That's the line I won't cross. I won't get in between someone's marriage or relationship, not you..not everyone else. 

This year, my heart begs me to ask; but my head's thinking rationally..huhu. Until now, the head oblige me NOT to ask. Maybe, I won't ask at all. And then, blank! I just got back from hours of finding the perfect Fiyero on youtube. Sorry. I was blank, I don't know what to do. Sometimes, I just wonder why don't you just say no., you did! But, I did not accept the rejection and bounce back. Ah, I'm blank again..great! I mean, you did say no, but in my heart that does not feel right. It is not like NO-NO, when there seems to be something more in this. Am I a fool to think that you even like me? There, I said it. 

Now, I really don't know what to say. I should stop this now.

Have a great leap day!
- Saya    

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

DIY vanilla extract

I have 2 pods of vanilla beans..huhu and yet to do something about it. Then, I saw this at and I was excited to try it out, and the ingredients are as simple as vanilla bean and vodka! Huhu..but, as a Muslim, I cannot consume liquor..:(

So, I searched for alternative of vodka, and found that glycerine will do just fine. Hmm, what is that? I'm a bit sceptical about it, I mean what would it taste like, would it be good enough, etc. But, I hope the soon-to-do extract would be nice! So, I can use it for baking cookies, cakes, and all the desserts that I could get my hands on. :)

See how beautiful the extract is..
Picture credits to
Till the next update, y'all!

p/s: Where does they got all the beautiful bottle eh? huhu..always a cute one~ I like~!!

Sunday, February 26, 2012

A very short trip to Singapore.

Alhamdulillah, perjalanan pergi dan balik ke Kota Singa lancar. :) Pertama sekali, terima kasih tak terhingga kepada Fila, my dear bff. Well, we can conclude the short trip was a success. Here are the snippets (at least some of it):

1. Yeay, awake at 4.20am..check!! (ok, sepatutnya bangun pukul 4am ye. sedikit lewat)

2. To LCCT at 5am..check!! both Fila and me was so in time to get ready..I like~!

3. Arrive at LCCT about 5.45am kot..sampai2 terus carik surau..Subuh katanya. :)

4. Sedikit kekeliruan berlaku di sini. Rupanya Gate to SG sudah bertukar tempat baru dan di dalam tiada surau..and no toilet!! So, have to settle of our business before document check and customs. Alhamdulillah, selesai solat dan a very "pantas" breakfast!

5. Get to the boarding gate and wait till they let us in the flight.

6. Around 7am we got in and sit, and my my..the aunties in front and also at the back of us was sooooo chatty. We need our sleeps :( So, have to bear along the flight.

7. Yeay! Arrived at Changi airport around 8.20am. Get ready and swoosh we go to Orchard to find stuff for Yatoque.

8.  It takes us almost 1 hour from airport to the city..after how many train changes. lalala.

9. Got lost a bit to Lucky Plaza and the shop..hehe. Luckily, we got what we come after and Victoria Secret body mist!! Hooray~!! 

10. Breakfast + Lunch at Rasa Indonesia..hmm..betul ke tu? ekeke lupa plak..Fila have Ayam Bakar and me, Dinding Daging. *lupa nk tangkap gambar, sbb sgt lapar dan penat. OK, I must admit that at this time, I was already tired. huhu

11. Spent some times bought souvenirs. Love!! SGD10 for three items.

12. At 12 something we were already on our way to Marina Bay Sands (MBS) for the main event of the day, Wicked! The anxiousness was overwhelming..~! hehe. It takes us almost 30 minutes to arrive there.

13. We have a very long walk from the stations to the theatre..So long! haha. MBS is so big and there have like some sort of river in the middle (at least at one side of the mall) and even have sampan ride for SGD10 per person. Well, quite expensive for my taste. I might as well go to the real river in Malaysia. :) Oh, I thought we already got lost when the signboard to theatre playing hide and seek with us. Then, walla..just right in front of us! hooray~!

14. Fila get us the tickets and just look at how excited we were!

15. At 1.15pm we get to our seating. Luckily we bought it quite early..almost a month ago. We got the  highest place of all, ie. the cheapest..and we are next to spotlight, which means the seats besides me are empty..hooray!! I can see the stage clearly, but my eyes have imperfect, I'm just happy at where I was. Hehe. Beggar dont have to choose ya. :) OK, at this time..I can tell you honestly that my feet are so sore..I wish I dont have to walk anywhere..haha. OK, on other note, MBS has free wi-fi..Hooray!!! That explains my tweets frenzy ya, everyone! And Fila has already take a nap. She's tired, and we all were. I can't thank her enough that she had agreed to take this trip! Hooray for bff!

16. Exactly at 1.30pm, what we have come for has started! Wicked!!! I'm so excited, I cannot think much..haha. And trying to enjoy the story as much as I can. Galinda was so "gedik" I swear i could hit her if she was anywhere near me. hehe. But, she's's like "gedik-gedik manja gitu", with her feet swing upright, always! aw! ehehe. Elphaba~!! She's so misunderstood. Oh, actually I have read the book, Wicked. I love it! and after seeing the theatre, I love it even more..Elphie's character is so misunderstood, that she have become scapegoat of the scandals in Oz..which was, unexpectedly the doing of his own father. Padan muka Wizard of Oz, jahat sangat! Well, I did shed some tears during the best friends part..aduh..tersensitif..ihiks..and also, the last part. ok, don't judge..I am sensitive. ihiks

17. Wicked ended at about 4.30pm, and I am confused why no one at our seatings give standing ovation..huhu. Jadi, tak boleh lah jakun sangat terus tepuk tangan jek lah. But, it was a very good one! I'm determined to watch it again, and this time at Gershwin Theatre, NY. Cross hands that the production will run until I'm wealthy enough to catch it..hehe. Amin!! *oh, I should do a list on what to do before I, I MUST!* oh, back to the standing ovation, yes..Fila did mention about it too. huhu. and we both go with the flow..haha

18. After that, toilet breaks..sorry Fila, terbanyak pulak gi toilet..minum air byk sgt kot..hehe. and the best adventure of all~ Before, we came I have researched on where to pray for our jamak Zohor and Asar. To no avail, there are none! Unbelievable! I also has emailed inquiry to MBS and they replied the same. So, I wish and hope that in future the management would provide a prayer room. It doesn't have to be big, but clean enough for us, Muslims to perform prayers. Thank you. Oh. tak habis we walk here and there to find prayer room, and no avail..sampai sakit kaki lagi nie..:( and, lastly decided to pray at the Exit stairs. Luckily, I have taken the newspaper at Orchard. Kalau tak, memang takde alas lah kitorg solat. Yes, that was tad adventurous. 

19. Ok, lepas tanggungjawab selesai, barulah rasa lega siket nk berjalan..pastu, boleh tk kitorg g makan. hehe. kiranya cukuplah makan hari tu..haha..We have our teatime at the food court, mango juice and pies. :)

20. Then, sebab dah tak larat sangat, gi duduk dediam kat depan Art Science Museum, sambil ber-whatsapp dgn Yatoque. That was when we are waiting for the Wonder Full show at 8pm. Yes, we are so tired that we were actually waiting at the wrong place..haiyak!! and end up, not seeing the show properly. Sad. The youtube video was more visible. But, the feelings and experiences was so magical, the bubbles and color. If there are to be next time, I would make sure that we secure the perfect place to watch the show..hehe.

21. OK, then time to go home! Off we go to Changi at around 8.30pm and almost lost our way, as the MRT system has made us confused. huhu. Luckily we managed to arrive at 9.35pm after timeless train change and long walk to Terminal 1. Document checked and customs has let us in. Hooray! Then, we eat. hehe. Yes, we have enough food to fill us but still feel tired. hehe. This time, we had Kiliney bread and half-cooked eggs. I have iced coffee. Oh, no worries, I can still sleep..haha. By this time, Fila has caught some flus due to not enough rest. :(

22. Ah, this is the time I want to vent my frustration. Do you remember, the Victoria Secret's body mist we bought earlier? It was confiscated by the customs in the boarding gate, and I was like..what the???? this is new bought tau...terus2 jek uncle tu amik dan buang! :(:( so sad to see that goes, and I guess Fila was too tired and also frustrated. Her souvenirs also got confiscated. Bengong betul!!! I was a bit sad, as the body mist was meant for my sister. She was the one that asked me to buy and Fila&me has spent time to choose what scent that would suits her. Argh, by this time..I hate customs and their regulation. huhuhuhu. oklah, saya redha..tapi terkilan la jugak. So, reminder to self, if you go anywhere by flight, please make sure that the package is sealed. Sediakan payung sebelum hujan ye..sekian.

23. Done with that, it's time to board the plane..and we have the seats near to the wings of plane. Both of us sleeps all the way. Nasib baik tak banyak gangguan. Oh, even the mamat sebelah i pon, us three in a row, sleeps all the way..I did woke up a bit, because of some turbulence occured. Huhu, takut sekejap. Dan, pilot bawak kapal terbang laju sgt..830km/jam. Dr patut sampai pukul 12.30, 12 suku dah smpai..Dahla depart pukul 11.45 camtu..huhu..nak kejar apa pon tatau..haha..But, Alhamdulillah selamat sampai.

24. After customs and security, off we go to head home. Sorry Fila, aku tertido sekjappp jek! huhu. Arrived at Fila's crib at about 1.30am. Terus siap2 mandi dan solat dan booomm, tido!! It was definitely a longgggg day~!

Lastly, it is a very long day and we had our fun. Thank you, Fila for everything. Lepas ni mana pulak? Perhentian? Jom Yatoque & Rabby~!!

ps: gambar akan di-update kemudian..
pps: maybe ada lagi kot gambar nk update..kalau rajin..:>