Saturday, August 30, 2008

i love my once-owned-ibook~

i did blogged something about my ibook. the first time i used it..humm, i wonder where was it..since my modblog's gone, and i dont know where i put the back-up file..hahaha..

so, to let the bygone be bygones..huhu..byebye dear's been almost 5months now since i've last touched've been good..real good. i just hope all the info+pix+memories been deleted by your taker..whoever that is..semoga berbahagia lah dgn harta i..:p

anyhoo..guess who's typing her blog with a new lappy? me is. please to introduce to you all...a proud owner of compaq (murah jek..but it suits me) and a new user of vista (i hope it suits me well too)... dn sgt tk get my hands on imac (kite tgk jekla bila boleh dpt yg tu..:P) well..with amd and 2gb of memory and 160gb of hard sure of me to be very intimate with my new gadget..ahaks..oh, so many to update in here..on my lappy of course..mental note, hv to copy my 20gb mp3s from precious~! (ala2..damn tk igt nama...oh, smeagol!) ekeke..

byk juga nk kene diupdate ni..personal+works...huhu..gotta do a list about it..:D oh..updates~!

firstly...lupa plakkk...dear hommie~! selamat hari lahir! semoga panjang umo + murah rezekiii~!! luvya~!

then..i've lepakked at starbucks ita myself a pack of coffee..tah bila nk stat minummm...and pau dia tgk "babylon a.d." yeayyy~ i like~! vin diesel was sooooo machoooo laa...huhuhu..thanks for making my day, vin! ihiks..boleh ke?'s gonna be a longgg night now..have to kemas rumah segala..tomorrow hv to go out early for a catch-up session with nani..ihiks..apa nk belanja die ni ye? hum humm..oklaa...taking care all~ selamat hari merdeka?!


Tuesday, August 26, 2008

i am doing this...

beginning of a new beginning~
wish me lucks~!

the hills are alive...

with the sounds of music~ hahaha..i can sing that song forever..ahaks..well, now it's my time to reminicse those childhood time when i would love to watch the movie, but not being an english-minded movie buff my father was (skang pon), i always cant watch "the sounds of music" on tv..even if i got to watch it, i always slept this movie is always at see my bedtime is about 10pm when i was a, say if the movie has to stop at 12midnite for news...of course la my eyes cannot tahan~ so, sleep i was..hahaha..but this movie always be in my favorite..oh, semuanya la feveret..ahaha..but this one, is. :D

dvds is what i bought down south..."rambang mata" has gotten me 2 movies in 1 price (the sound of music+west side story) musicals that was great! i only watch wss for the first time and i find it deserved the oscars for its outstanding was unexplainable..(sbb malas nk celoteh lebih2)..lalala..and i managed to got my reason to go sg, the black parade is dead! and comes together with not-meant-to-buy 2disc radiohead, the best of..awesome albums! (berbaloi tau!) cant wait to go back sg rokam and layan mcr with sistas~! td dah jeleskan sorang...hahahaha..and check out my fb status..i am married...ahahaha..of course i am g.a.w, who else..ahaks~!

what else..oh, i bought too ck one perfume~! yeay! 200ml, jgn main2! ari2 nk mandi ngan die..ahaks. itu jekla kot..:D

oh, the trip was a short one..actually, i want to go back at mon..but friend got hal keluarga, so..short it was..and believe me, it was hectic~! penat..and i dont know how i gonna work today~! now being 127am and me not sleep yet~! ini semua sbb extreme mocha la nie..hopefully me OK..hv to do some works n thinking...hopefully tabah la saya, tk tido untuk hari ini. :D

yes, the trip got me to new places, i never been..namely bugis street (is it?) lupe plak..+ other side of little india and sim lim (sg's lowyat)..but it was fun and good. and thanks kazen, bawak kitorg jalan2. :D jasamu dikenang sampai bila2. the trip also saw me being nagged, kene marah by bibik. hehehe. and also the "kenapa makin gemok?", "bila nk kawin", etc baru jumpe bibiks ni..kalau jumpe obeks, sure lagi, the next trip to sg? end of the yr, maybe? i vowed to bring mak over to visits her siblings. ;) insyaAllah, Mother~ i bawak k..:D:D semoga dimurahkan rezeki..;)

today, was my lazy day~! woke up at 10..ker 11? silap besar trus dok dpan PC, i was stuck until 12..chatz+works~! so mcm ingatkan nk gi tk dpt la kan...masak nasi goreng patty burger daging..pastu tgk the west side story..sekerat2..pastu terlekat lg dpan PC, chatz+works..huhu
at 6 brlah boleh gerak ke mv, hv to buy cats dearest foods. geram sungguh dgn alvin dok nk mkn smpah he merajuk dgn i..asik kene marah je kan..eee..geram2! dn sy beli kasut sukan..:D yelah nk bersukan nie...hehe..btul~! serius nie..nmpak tk org serius ni? :p

pastuuu...mlm, setelah berhempas pulas bawak 3 plastik brg kucing yg berat (nasib baik lif berfungsi), satu beg plastik roti cheese harga rm8, 1 beg berisi extreme mocha dan satu paper bag kasut sukan....sambung tgk west side...tgkla..2.5 hrs movie cum setengah hari screening nie..apa kes? konon bz lah kan..ahahaha..mmg pon...i was so stress..but i still keep cool about this..:D oh, asnani kata nk anta tk jadiii..huhuhu..lmbt lagi la i pakai baju kurung baru nie..:

takpe takpe..nk pakai baju biru complement my blue mcm nk pakai seluar..rasa gemok..nk pakai baju kurung biru..mcm tkde yg sesuai..hummm~! *thinking* hum humm..tidakkk....tatau nk pakai baju apa? hahaha..

so, might as well i just stop thinking and start working..okla ye~! the hillllllssssss areeee aalllliiiveeeeee....~~~ withhh the sounddd of musiiicccc~!! cheers~!

oh, happy birthday david, budak SI busuk..(hopefully he didnt read my blog~! well he didnt i guess~!) ahahahaha.

oh, cheers to hecticc week~! ;) i LOVE my JOB~!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

bon anniversaire~

hehe..b4 the day end! i would like to announce that it is the 3rd month anniversary me+roomie taking care of not so little, and me thinking it's been years~! ahahaha

saiko kan? no ribbons, no cake, no what-so-ever. me dok belai2 dear alvin+brad aje..ahaks..dh gatal2 i nie..:))

itu aja..nothing much! we talked, but virtually and slow responsively..

please lemme out of this misery..tolong bgn awal esok, plis plis many errands to do! wake up wake up!

oh, b4 blah..baru jek lpas nonton "forgetting sarah marshall". oklah..:D:D not recommended for the little ones!

ok, take care! semoga hari esok lebih ceria dari hari ini. wish me lucks~!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008


dear you..miss you.

just another day passed by not so greatly. but boss said, i look "berseri" today. "make-up ke?" haha..i was like, humm..almost everyday i wear make-up what. ahaha. yalah...a bit of blusher, gloss, eye-liner + maskara..that's always be my basic. hehe

omg, im listening to, flirty@1030. tolonglah..kenapa kene kacau boipren org, boipren ni..kene ke berscandal pula? oh gosh! sungguh tk bagus. but are who you date. ahaha.

so, on this mostly "mcm sedap" date..hehe..i bid my blog er myself, adieu! i just cant seem to express/story myself clearly. and cant wait to go sg. tabahkan hati ok! everything would go smoothly~!

oh oh oh! lupa~! dh anta my app. to further study. hopefully got it..and pleaseee...tolonglah jgn freeze scholarship! huhuhu! wish me luck, dearest!

and now, i hv to think how to fork up the first sem's bill. *think*think*think*

nk pegi laos lagi~! :-/ *wink@bff* :p kononnya la kan..:D

okla..i would to enjoy the rest of the day by...dok diam2 atas katil! haha

muwahs~! psst..nk tgk vin diesel dlm babylon ad.huhu

Tuesday, August 12, 2008


I give my hopes and fears to you.

Kindly please listen and hopefully understand, what i'm trying to tell you.

I love to see us in somewhere only we know, for this is the last time albeit only the first time and also the last i give up my ego. To finally have the courage to tell you what i really feel.

I bend and sometimes break for all the things you've said and done, for what i've said and even done.

Sometimes, I really feel that we might as well be strangers, despite things we share and do.

Everybody's changing. it's constant, undeniable.

Your eyes open for something i didnt see or know. But, someday I hope to see, to know.

She has no time, neither do i and seriously, i dont think i cant stop now or maybe i wont see any sunshine, for all that i've seen and will see means nothing to me without you.

what we have can be untitled but i really want it to be something worth keeping. bedshaped, as strong as i may seem, i still feel somewhat low for who i am. what i become.

dont want to be snowed under, dont wanna waste my time again.

we might as well be strangers, but tell me that we might not.

tell me that we are not. thank you.

Monday, August 11, 2008

such as it ends.

dot dot dot..i hope i make it through.


Friday, August 08, 2008

08 Aug 08

didnt realize i have updated on the 08.08.08. well, i didnt get married aint i ,on the date of the yr? ahaks..anyhoo, i have the most tiring day today. actually slept on 3am and hv to wake up early (to teman my youngest sister for her operation @hkl). guess, guess! siapa yg bgn lmbt? me lah, of course. but managed to reach destinantion before 9am. and silly me, brought laptop but without power cord+sis's book+jemputan kawin@ipoh. uhuks. so silly me and i was very ngada2 have to tell was like, my body's here when my mind was on works. uhuks. but really, tired! with no internet connection (unlucky me!) i was quite blur. and my eyes didnt help either..but i want bed to sleep on..huhuk..bukan kerusi keras kt hospital.

and help, the waiting is unbearable..huhu. i've watched southpark@ipod. funny kenny~! well, sleepy gile tp takleh tido. i endure it..for half day! and then went for lunch at klcc. konon nk ke kino, tp terkandas, sbb boleh ke masa tu la plak, mgmt klcc nk buat renovation kt surau~! dh la jauh nk gi surau besar what we did plan jz-operated sis want to go to kl sentral the pudu.cos nk anta die naik bas. nk jugak blk ipoh akhirnya bernti kt pudu and solat there..and carik tiket..dpt kol 6 and it's only 4.30? haha. me ajak her to starbucks..and we managed to get 20%off for 3 separated bought frap. malu tau i ngan adik barista tu..sure die pon mcm..apahal org2 kampung pnah minum ke apa? akaka..anywayyy~ lepak'd until kol 530..and me+with other sis...kakak2 yg tk syg adik die nie...insistance tknak anta semula younger sis to pudu..hehe..jahat sgt ni.sorry dear! i mmg sgt tk larat..huhuk (tp pastu boleh plak rambang mata beli kasut ngan dvds/cds kt kotaraya!) huhu..mmg confirm kene buang kasut2 ni..uhuks..or else i would hv like garbage of shoes at my racks..itu blom lg yg kt opis. gila kasut ke apa aku ni? hahaha.

anywayyyyy~ i love my buyings + pau'd..ahaha..thanks yana! i bought anime "Ah, my goddess~" which i watched during my younger years. i that old? i dont think so~ oh, ngan 2 other anime+1 korean movie+1 japanese movie..but home dgn rasa serba salah nk gi opis ke tk semula..since there are actually more works to be done..with working weekends, again~! i jz dont know whether can go to jemputans ni..satu dh mintak parents wakilkan dah..and this one..i would love to go! how? huhu..pastu me+yana+her bf went pasar mlm and mkn tgk anime..hooray~ uhuks..08.08.08 went by quite fast..and i kinda miss you.

hoho. miss you too bff. and i dont know when to fit us in weekends. huhu..we shall talk about this~! now, please let me sleep, my dear self. goodnite! (same as you!haha)

psst..i might want to run away to sg for a bit..ahaha.

lelah dan menanti harap.

penat mmg penat. mental dan fizikal. harus aku bersedia untuk menghadapi lelah hidup ini. ikhlas, hati kene ikhlas. untuk meneruskan hidup ini. jujur, kene jujur. apa yang patut dilakukan?

"pertemuan di tangan tuhan, jodoh kita yang fight sendiri", kata dia.

yatoque, aku sokong kau beb~ i know i've said it before..but now, i certainly believe it! dia mmg untuk kamu. MEMANG~!


Thursday, August 07, 2008

ever hv a crush on a co-worker?

you bet..haha..but that's not the case~

kalau x cakap, x semestinya suka melihat situasi. almost lost brad for a sec..humm more like minutes. make me exercise "turun tangga 13 tingkat tau". then took a bath and found out s'thing..other than,

my life sucks and i cant helped to feel it. now, i have choices. one, to sulk with (which what i do best!) or turn that crush into something else (haha..let see!

arghs..stressing myself, now i'm going to get sick! be sick!

me wish i'm somebody's "mawar khayalan".

tanda soal?