Monday, February 26, 2007

M! to the U! to the S and E~

haha. i love. worth every ringgit spent! :x

thanx abg mat, abg dom + abg kris.

ps: akhirnya aku tau nama derang..:)) tq faye for the info~

Friday, February 23, 2007

the end has no end.

nothing to write about. just hop on this phrase and agree on it. the end has no end. even when you're dead, there still afterlife. and afterlife, there might be something else. humm, rendahnya rasa diri ini. okla, selamat hari Jumaat semua. semoga hari ini kita dirahmati-Nya.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

hello goodbye~

"Where you are the one, the one that lies close to me.
Whispers "Hello, I've missed you quite terribly."
I fell in love, in love with you suddenly.
That there's no place else I could be but here in your arms."

oh, gosh. jgn cpat buat andaian~ i love this song. masih tk smpat tgk video klip lagi sampai habis. i bet it was hilarious~ and i love the idea of having fun. ahaks. period.

p/s: this is Encik Gerard that i love, not the footballer. TQ.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

hari ini hari rabu.

Inilah dia hari yang dinantikan. Haha. Tiada apa-apa pun, cumanya melayan lagu-lagu di komputer peribadi Fila. Manalah dia ni? Tidak kembali lagi. Saya mahu tonton filem. Filem lakonan En Jude Law, salah seorang lelaki yang saya minati. "The Holiday", cerita mengisahkan 2 orang wanita menukar tempat tinggal mereka dengan niat untuk tukar angin. Sebenarnya, saya sendiri pun tidak tahu. Cuma mahu menonton sahaja. Baiklah, saya patut seterika baju untuk kerja esok. Masalahnya, saya sangat keliru untuk pakai baju apa. Saya patut cuba lebih baik lagi. Selamat tinggal.

Nota: Saya tidak sabar untuk ke Bali. :)

Monday, February 19, 2007


yesterday was my lucky day. according to star. tp kalau aku tk baca pun aku tahu. haha. 18 feb. 182, get it? but nothing happened actually. apart from me cannot tahan txtg him with my lucky statement, mng closed on cny, there's no cheetah @jusco (cant u believe it), which lead me to cannot buy that shirt i like from the store seremban, watched csi:NY then miami, along with newspaper cut-out session for interesting pix and articles and ronaldo's pix for birthday gift project, oh, i cannt blk kampung since the home is empty, my parents and abng's family and sisters all went to kelantan, laundry and i didnt get married~ not so lucky i presumed. haha. but i still feel lucky. :)

got the house all to myself. i can do whatever i want. :D eh, i have watched the last kiss. i still love him. :x the story got me into deep emotional doubt about life. damn, i'm 25 and counting. and i haven't really thought about it really well. oh, where art thou my mate~

dan tak saba nk pegi bali. :D

Thursday, February 08, 2007

tak percaya~ 08022007

Jing Jing De

Kong qi li duo zhe shen me
You dian lang man de xin dong
Wo tou tou kan ni
Ni ye tou tou kan wo

Shi jie shang duo le shen me
Hao xiang bian de hen bu tong
Zhan zai ni shen bian
Zhe yi qie dou hao kuan kuo

Wo hai zai deng zhe ni
Jing jing de ai wo
Zhi yao you ni pei wo
Jing jing de jiu zu gou

Ni ye zai deng zhe wo
Jing jing de wen rou
Jiu zhe yang shou qian shou
Jing jing de kan zhe tian kong

Xin li mian cang zhe shen me
Ni zhi xiang yao rang wo dong
Yuan lai wo de meng
Ye jiu shi ni de meng

Zhi tiao shang xie le shen me
Wo hao xiang yao ting ni shuo
Rang zi zi ju ju
Cong man wo men de xiao rong

Yong yuan yao ji de na tian bi ci xu xia de cheng nuo
Shun jian dian liang de huo hua

Shi wo men de yong you
Jing jing de shou qian shou
Shi zui jian dan de meng


What’s hidden in the air?
There’s a hint of romantic feeling
I’m looking at you secretly
You’re also secretly looking at me

Seems like the world’s getting something more
It doesn’t feel the same anymore
Standing by your side
All become so much bigger

I’m still waiting for you
To love me silently
So long as you’re by my side
Silently is good enough

You’re also waiting for
My silent tenderness
Holding hands like this
Silently gazing at the sky

What’s hidden inside this heart?
You are only trying to let me understand
It turns out that my dream
Is also yours

What’s written on this piece of paper?
How I wish I could hear you say
Let every word, every sentence
Is filled with our smiles

Forever we shall remember of the promise we made to each other on that day
That sudden, bright spark
Belongs to us
Holding hands silently
Is the simplest dream)