Thursday, May 29, 2008

yayaya~ lepas pindah ke tgkt 9..i'm single now. kami sudah berpisah..uhuks.

on other notes, some things were just not meant to be. :

enough on that, im gonna miss bff. it's her travelling month. (sgt jeles di sini) but i hope she have fun!

and then, i dont feel very good. huhu. mcm satu bdn gatal..muke pon..uhuks..makan tk btul ke? ke i have allergic with cats? huhuhu...rashes pon dh naik2 ni..uhuks..i dont feel good about this.

oh, i hope our little outing a success~!

okla..nk melayan gatal nie. oh, my current place is very the near pintu belakang..not so cool~! but i get to see people in, ppl please more cute/handsome ppl lah yg lalu lalang..:))

Thursday, May 22, 2008

we've made it..

finally~! after all these -->

cant quite make the right time to fetch'em, always got bz hehe;

out of sudden..the damn lift failed us (after that we found out, that the lift would fail us for as long as 22 that's like 2 months away..:(( makcik kurus la gini..13 tingkat maa);

prior to that, i was like climbing up and down 2 sets of each yesterday..carrying about 5++ kg of goodies..(kalo makcik tk kurus ni, mmg makcik bakar jek blok 3 tu~);

and maybe more or less everything..

it was a long week or rather speedy one..ahaks..but here are the outcomes -->

we have adopted 2 cats..brad (the one slightly bigger, he's about 5mnths;birthdate 04.12.2007) + alvin (kucing angkat, dok buat teman si brad sampai la sekor lagi bard switch, about 3 months; birthdate prolly 2 mnths after brad)

ini adalah brad yg konon shy2 cat..up till today, he's still adjusting..muwahs~!

so, my mission's are:

taking care of the not so little cats;

learn to scoop the poops (huhu);

try not to be too attached with alvin, bcos i think i already love him (uhuks);

think of a.k.a. names of our cats (haha);

err..lotsa going on on my this is updates on how our nite's adopting cats..thank you's tender loving care with the cats, affirmative~! thanx too roomie for your efforts. really appreciated it ;)

so, now that i have 2 more responsiblities under my care...i hope, i'll achieve whatever i want..what do i want, really?

hero makes me mad and me thinks me made him mad back; bfast tomorrow wif abe (i dont know what to do, eventho it's me who've asked); aab's so tensed i dont know how to make better (no~)

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

what i want is..

ok, before i proceed...hooray~! bff, komapsumnida~ berjaya jugak akhirnya kamu meninggalkan komen...shukran, danke, thank you..all the thank you's ever spoken in the whole wide world for you..muwahs.

this is supposed to be a crappy slash sad slash emotional post..but i dont feel so crappy slash sad slash emotional anymore (for the time being la..ahaha) camno? tapi...nk jugak citer how how?

ok jek begin with friday, the day before that was quite forgotten, really..i didnt write anything on my lil black book. huhu..anyway, on makan2 at office, i've been paid to make my delicious biskut batik..hahaha..iye sedap~ but i was late to punch in (ehem2), only sempat to ask help regarding my dishes..and hurriedly grab my chair and sit through the whole knowledge transfer thingy. eh, but that's not what i want to tell about..haip..okla..before that, hv breakfast with bff. she slept over and finally, get to eat my biskut batik..yeay~!

ye la ye la...bermula malam itulah selepas pulang ke, sebenarnya semenjak di pejabat terngiang-ngiang melodi ini, sehingga merasakan sangat perlu untuk menonton semula filem itu...

"come what may...come what may..i will love youuuu...until my dyinggg day~"

jadi, aku tonton..aku rasa..dan aku terharu..well, i am sappy for love songs..oh, crappy slash sad slash emotional feeling has emerged. damn~! argh..takpe la..ewan looks so damn wantable in the movie..dan kak nicole sangat anggun..and confirmed! moulin rouge is my most favourite musicals ever. that's it.

tepat tgh malam, dia balas sms aku yg dh berjam2 lamanya tu semasa aku dah bersiap tidur. main futsal, katanya. (mestikah lelaki2 ini main futsal jumaat malam sabtu ye?) aku balas dan akhirnya tewas. instead of sms-ed bff, i told aab i'm depressed+just need someone to tell, but not to my bff. what's happening to me?

satu saja..ada yang hilang dalam diri..tapi tidak tahu apakah dia? serabutlah ei~

Monday, May 12, 2008


i went for the most unexpected event i would go....alone~! mmg sgt tk dipercayai..uhuks..but all in all, it was worth it~ i got to meet the infamous hishamudin rais..he's cool~ and he have signed my reason-to-come-to-the-event-in-the-first-place's book. ahaha..thanks, z."Keganasan, Penipuan & Internet-hegemoni media daulah pecah", mr isham's compilation of words in various prints. :D cant wait to read it, yeah~

i find there's more title to be purchased..but my pocket is not so deep : uhuks..maybe next time..but it was tempting..mental note: to read more articles. haha

oh, the unexpected event is...

the gig was awesome, set in MCPA near monorail Maharajalela..the space is cool, the bands playing was great..the sounds OK, but im not sure why i dont get to hear the lead vocals clearly..but all the bands was freaking awesomw~! i only managed to catch a few band that i quite like (hujan, couple, muck + free love), but hv to ditch butterfingers with such heavy's 10pm beb..eventho did not hv curfew..but still hv to come home what..esoknya damn malas~! okok, sambung~! im honored that 3 of 4 bands that i mentioned is based in my hometown..ahahaha..ipoh mali talak somong lo~! ahaks. oh, what makes the gig more special is, their performance is accompanied by set of orchestra~! cant u believe cliche it might sounds, they sounds perfect~! and special..:)

oh, blk umah mkn ngan hommie..and also get to eat my "biskut batik yg lain sket rasanya tp still sedap".wakaka.

okla, done on that! which is "what happened on sunday!"..on sat, went to klcc and finally got my birthday present..thanks again~! watched "ps, i love you" heart the book versions better! oh, b4 that..late dinner with f,e,j+b. ahaha. thanks, f~! banje mkn..semoga murah rezeki~! oh, by end of this room is more teratur~! :D

ok, sleep sleep. tomorrow's gonna be a longg day~! x

ps: i dont think i would write something on my fav idol. i lost some faith in him..:D

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

the one korean person that i shall love always...

with jang nara of course..haha

that one person is jang hyuk..i so adore him la..having first saw him in "successful story of bright girl" (did i get it right? pape lah..haha) it was like love at first sight..since then, i've tried to watch/find movie series with him..well, i did have some mishap, i missed the event that he has to go some military service that seems like a MUST in i did lost him for quite some time...that was after the movie "windstruck"..mmg depress and sedih habis~! first time tgk..tersedu2..lpas tu, tgk lg..sedu citer tu mmg gerekkkk habis~!

then, come a time like last few months, i have seen some clips in TV, i think..about this one series, "thank you" which is like a comeback for him...i was like, "oh, this is a must watch~!" asked my colleague to buy it..which actually she did owned it..terlupa! and finally, last week...i managed to catch it~! it was a blast! sad, and happy and comedy, and comforting, at the same time, depressing~! lah kn, typical first you fight2..then mcm tk ngaku plak perasaan tu...wakaka..sapa jugak yg tgk kan..sendiriii jugakk~! ahaks..but i like hyuk in handsome~! wakaka...mcm die cakp.."suave"..ahahak..ikut translation la takpela..mmg minat dia, nk wat camno? :D

err, i managed to buy the OST it melampau kah? tonite, im gonna make it my lullaby~! below is one of the many videos in youtube~! mmg kerren di buat teman tidur, enggak? :x

well, since the unfortunate event..i'm becoming less me and more emo! crap crap crap~! i dont like it, but i cant help it~! but "komapsumnida"..thank you, thank you, thank you for those who always be there and humor me...;)
still, i havent write anything about my idol..damn~!