Monday, December 24, 2007

shut up and smile~

heya~! this song was like lingering on my head ever since i've watched fan's video of gerard+mikey on why we love'em..which was like weeks ago..haha..the way's brother..they are so lovable~! and the irony is..the video maker has used the song from a band that totally despised them..ahaks..but yada yada yada~! i jz love both of the band..ihiks..each with its own reason..bowling for soup(hereafter, shall be known as bfs) for their happy happy songs and mcr of course, for their gorgeous frontman..and they're rocks~!

so, please..i present you..the words from the happy band~! if you dont like it, please..shut up and smile~! >:P

----------------bfs-shut up and smile~-------------
Its not the end of the world
In fact its not even the end of the summer
But thank god the tv is on
Cuz theres no way we could know
Anything that’s goin down
Or how were supposed to be feeling about it
I cant tell you how much I wish we could shut up and smile, yeah

Sail around the world and tell them all to keep singing it
la la la la la la
all we needs a harmony and we’ll convince the world to sing
la la la la la la
throw your arms around someone (throw your arms around someone)
maybe spread a little love
I know it sounds a little dumb (or maybe I’m a little drunk)
But all we need is some ice cream and a hug

Take a good look around
Does life really suck
Are we just complaining
I hope that this mic is on (testing 1, 2)
Cuz im on a roll here
I hope this is making some sense
I hope that you’ll throw up your hands and sing it
And tell all the haters that they should just shut up and smile, yeah

Sail around the world and tell them all to keep singing it
la la la la la la
all we needs a harmony and we’ll convince the world to sing
la la la la la la
throw your arms around someone (throw your arms around someone)
maybe spread a little love
I know it sounds a little dumb (or maybe I’m a little drunk)
But all we need is some ice cream

All we need is love and beer
And old school metal and holiday cheer
TO be happy
(All you need is someone near)
like ben and jerry
(to hold you close and pretend that they care)

can we all just, get along now
we found something that we all have in common now
we can hold hands, do keg stands
water skiing sounds great to me now

Sail around the world and tell them all to keep singing it
la la la la la la
all we needs a harmony and we’ll convince the world to sing
la la la la la la
throw your arms around someone (throw your arms around someone)
maybe spread a little love
I know it sounds a little dumb (or maybe we’re a little drunk)
But all we need is some ice cream and a hug

surfing youtube for the vids..:( didnt found it..but i found this..ahaks..mcr exclusive interviews @melodi..gerard was kinda not in the mood.maybe jetleg..i presumed..ahaks..but he's still my husband..mikey was alright..but kesian die..he's like being stopped on the part when that interviewer ask something on other band bitching about them..well, i dont give !$%*$* either darling ;) luv ya~!

Monday, December 17, 2007

it was wet, it was tad awesome~!'s been like a week~ and only now i'm going to update on the how i finally met my hubby? damn, it was a very damn busy week, i say. ahaks..anyway, finally i met him~! about 30 metres away, that was. ahaks..well,that's how close we are..ehem kisah la..because mixed feelings is what i felt during the whole one and half hour in the drizzling wet awesome parade. it was wet, and totally awesome + amazing in one breath. and me and my bff + sistas were dancing, screaming, singing like there's no tomorrow you know..ahaks. to date, the most awesome concert i've ever rock, husband~! as proud as it may sound, you totally rock my world :* and now, i cant stop thinking about you...and it's no secret who you are to me, no matter where i am..ahaks you to death~!

they received such a good reviews on every newspapers i read and i've kept. it's like in every papers, daily, weekly, free or paid..such a good's a missed though that the whole gang was not there..get well soon, bob~! wish you well ;) but gerard was rad, mikey too, frankie (good things your family thingy is OK) and of course cool ray~! goreng gitar gile cool~!

they performed almost every song i know by heart, helena, cemetery drive, im not okay~, welcome to the black parade (of course~) list was like listing all the songs of my chem~! to the end, it's like alovehate relationship for me..i almost cried during "the desert song" was like deep in my heart i's going to end..gerard's going to end this..:( the whole crowd was eventually feels the emotion captured by him and all was silent and really into it. was emotionally swaying hands with bff the whole song and i cant help but feel sad. huhu..desert song's really cool, but at the same time sad~! and yeah, they end it with "famous last word"..which was a very good song to end such a theatrical act~! yeah babe~! you are the most effing band in the whole world that nite!~

well, pix is such total failure that attempt in borrowing my bro's cam failed miserably. huhu..only our pix was cool as hell~! but i love pix of the stage backdrop..sgt cantikkk~! house of wolves..:D what else, enjoy some pix..:D

bak kata bff, "bukti~!"
me + bff

saujana mata memandang~

my chem's backdrop~

as a whole, the stage, sound system, the props, gerard, the whole gang was totally ROCK~! love you guys..cant wait for more! crossed hands, hopefully they are allowed again to come..hehehe..u effin' punk rock band~! cant wait to hear ur new song, even that means i hv to wait another 2 years..i rela, dearest! ;) ahaha..okla..

updates of the week:
1.keje bagai nk gila..almost 7 days a week, err definitely 7 days. i need rest this raya haji~!
2.berjaya dp
tkan diari starbucks, thanks ita..muahs muahs..cant wait to scribble on it~!
3.dia mmg sukar difahami. please, jz forget about it.
4.financially broke.must do something about it.
5.creative mind is absolutely in need of some exercise.
6.lunch, dinner is fully taken care of.
7.definitely have to exercise regularly,pronto.
8.balik kg esok malam..hoye~! hopefully, shafiqah natasya is still home.
9.lama gila x jumpe hommie, and e'eh..sapa tu?

..lastly, we'll carry make this life most fulfilling..thanx my chemical romance for being such a good support for me in facing the workloads..yes, my chem saved my life~! ye ye, no worries..i know DIA YANG MAHA BERKUASA~! AllahuAkbar~!

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

i'm a maple.

my key quality is independence.

i quote k from the star, today~!

"You are quite an extraordinary person, full of imagination and originality. You're very clever and have a good memory.

Ambitious, proud and hungry for new experiences, you are still somewhat shy and reserved, and often nervous.

You have many hung-ups and tend to have a complicated love life, often because you're proud and wont be pushed around."

haha..thanx yatoque. most of it true. hukhuk. he's particular..damn, i never beat that :p

anyway, im just crazier and overanxious by minutes. cant wait to see the whole gang of my chem~! hope the complete set's would be playing. gerard,mikey,frank,bob+ray.muwahs to all of them~!

huhu..i miss gerard, already~

Monday, November 19, 2007


yeay, finally went to see it yesterday..despite the problems occurred when our booking no. has expired. damn gsc..seb baik en mohd asyiq ada tolong mcm mamat kaunter sebelah yang takde langsung sifat2 CRM yg bagus..muahaha..all in all, i so love stardust and also charlie cox..or better still tristan or tristran. :x

boleh tk namakan anak saya tristan? ehehehe

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Alicia Keys - No One

I just want you close
Where you can stay forever
You can be sure
That it will only get better
You and me together
Through the days and nights
I don't worry cuz
Everything's going to be alright
People keep talking they can say what they like
But all i know is everything's going to be alright

No one, no one, no one
Can get in the way of what I'm feeling
No one, no one, no one
Can get in the way of what I feel for you, you, you
Can get in the way of what I feel for you

When the rain is pouring down
And my heart is hurting
You will always be around
This I know for certain
You and me together
Through the days and nights
I don't worry cuz

Everything's going to be alright
People keep talking they can say what they like
But all i know is everything's going to be alright

No one, no one, no one
Can get in the way of what I'm feeling
No one, no one, no one
Can get in the way of what I feel for you, you, you
Can get in the way of what I feel

I know some people search the world
To find something like what we have
I know people will try
Try to divide
Something so real
So til the end of time
I'm telling you
There is no one

No one, no one, no one
Can get in the way of what I'm feeling
No one, no one, no one
Can get in the way of what I feel for you, you, you
Can get in the way of what I feel for you

Friday, November 09, 2007

bad news comes in double, or might be triple~

yeah yeah..sighing is not a good thing to do..uhuk uhuk..but today + yesterday..bad news keep on coming..

1st, not so bad news la, my dear husband would coming to town..yeah~! but, a bad husband he can free tix for me to see him..:( that's an OK, as we're (me+bff) will try to get discounted price or better, free tix just to see him and them...ahaks..ah, me and my fantastic imagination~! oh, forgot to tell, the tix is ridiculously expensive..(hehe, i quote ppl in internet..heyho~) but because i love him, i shall do the above..ihiks..or i'd be devastated not to go!

2nd, i told my dear sis, ila, about it..and she said, "mahalllnyaa, camne nk pegi..ila student lg.." uhuhuhuhu..well my dear, paying RM106 for a concert tix does sounds, that's not the bad's the news."is gerard way's married?" yes, he is. yesterday doesnt sounds so bad as today...uhuks..i've been surfing and reading on the news..and it was like, 2 months ago..can you imagine..where have i've been? why i dont know a bit at all about this? hell, this sucks~! but ok, i'll accept the defeat with the confirmation, he is and still is my husband..until i found one decent guy, ahahahaha..well, i just love being me, impulsive smart stupid girl in love~! ahaks..oh, okok, the other wife is beautiful without the punk outfit. you go girl~!

3rd..humm..our team, didnt make it to our company race..:(( news that is not acceptable. the other team who got it even got our name. totally unacceptable~! dear sis, ina, even postponed the engagement date for this. sure as hell i feel guilty about! bluwek.

okok, enough about bad news..uhuks..i got work to do..might have to work on weekends..and i know i "hutang" post with la, lama tau tk update..uhuks..psst, byk ni senanya citer..but i feel so lazy and brain freeze with words recently.

ok, taking care all~! cya husband!

Thursday, October 18, 2007

it's my birthday~! is. well, nothing special on this day..just a day, that i might got a little attention a bit..ahaks. :D

thank you for all the sms wishes, phone calls, and everything, my dearest friends + families. ahaks.. more love~

will be back to SgRokam soon..and believe me..i'm on leave today, eventhough i have came and still here at the office..:D what to do eh? dont hv anything special la in mind to do..huk huk..with me being sick (flu+fever a bit+cold+cough)..hukhuk..


taking care~ happy raya!

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Eid mubaraks, everyone~!

uhuks, since the last was like in the mid of fasting..and now, just another 2 days to celebrate raya or "eid"..ihiks. finally, i made the e-card to circulate to friends, and i will gladly post it here. :D with some notes, notes of love, if you may..ahaks..

to everyone, Selamat Hari Raya + Maaf Zahir Batin.. makan lebih2 sket ok~! hehehe..:D

utk hommie, maafkan aku selama ada tersalah pape ke..ok? kot2 ada yg tk terpuas hati ke kan? yelah..keadaan rumah tuh mcm horror jek kosong-kosong k, muwahs..cya next week..pastu jgn lupa buat cornflakes choc tau~! this time, i will be doing what you've done..muahaha..oh, td ptt boleh jek buat sessi bermaafan..ahaks..takpe takpe..after balik cuti~!

untuk bff, selamat hari raya beb~! maafkan aku ok, walaupun tadik kita dah buat session tu kan..tuh dpt nk peluk2..ahahaha..takpelah, virtual jelah ye..ahaks. akan ku datang ke rumah ko raya nnt..wait for me~!

utk kekure, maafkan aku kalo ko byk terasa ye, sejak 2 menjak ni. :D:D kosong-kosong..datang lah umah raya ni..kalo ko dtg..aku buat la something special..ahaks.

yang lain tuh..mcm takde la kot..jz a big hug to everyone~! and please, have a FUN and SAFE raya, kay~! muwahs.

ok, done on the wish. :D now, i would like to tell about our little event 2 nights ago~! bermain bunga api di tgh2 malam-27..:D which we conclude was the night! :D bff and i both were having so much fun playing the not so good fireworks, as it was kinda "masuk angin" and after lit it up for a few secs, it went dead. huhu. not so best..but we did hv fun experimenting with the fireworks like hanging it on the liner and lit it up with us sing along raya much fun..and we didnt realise that we've been playing, like for's that for being such a kiddo~!? ahaks..but then, we were those with heart that as young as children..ahaks. what else eh? oh, we did wake roomie, but she was so tired..she didnt even wake up..uhuks..sorry mate~! but we did hv fun the other day, right? ihiks..ok~! since we didnt have any high-tech camera that night, it's quite limited on what kind of experiment we can do..but heck, it was reaallly fun~! and you know, what's more funny is when we've gone to sleep..bff kinda confused which way is the door.. :D ihiks..ini semua gara2 main bunga api sampai kol 2 dan pastu dok lepak2 baca cleo..ahaks..wohoo, what a night~! insyaAllah, akan ingat sampai bebilaa~! ok, cheerio! hv to do some work before depart to 2 hours journey to bro's place.

taking care all~! selamat hari raya + maaf zahir batin~!
hv fun and safe raya!

Friday, September 28, 2007

fall to pieces.

is something i dont want to be. ahaks.. but i guess i am. yesterday, i lost my other-half. at work. no more sametime, no more ride home to lrt, no more working together on saturday, no more sharing latest gossips, no more praying together2, lunching's hard eh to let go of things as such. but for what's worth, i hope she's cool at her new place..anddd, dont forget to meebo, my dear~! :p

to date, classes is like on every day...uhuks, and my brain is like working sideways...i hope all the
info is cemented and fully understood. ahaks. very tiring. and no use of complaining as this is fully work related..ahaks..and i dont know what's i am babbling about~ better stop like, right now..ehehehe

what else aa..this week sucks~! :D thank you.

dan tak saba nk kembali ke rumah...hoyeaa~! oh, what should i get him? huhu..rasa nk bagi jek ..err..tak kot..ahahaha

okla..mau tidur dulu..nighty nite~!

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

..malam bulan dipagar bintang..

Malam bulan dipagar bintang
Makin indah jika dipandang
Bagai gadis beri senyuman
Pada bujang idaman

Belai kasih ingin dimanja
Dengan cumbuan mesra
Untuk pelipur lara
Penawar dik asmara

Malam bulan dipagar bintang
Tambah seri cuaca malam
Murni sungguh ciptaan Tuhan
Bulan bintang lampu alam

Andai kata bintang menyepi
Bulan tidak berseri
Malam menjadi sunyi
Tidak berseri lagi
haha..klasik tak? tgh layan2 lagu secara rambang, terdgr lagu ni & terasa tk dsempurna jika tidak kongsi bersama lagu ini. ahaks..layan jgn tk layan~! eh, mestikah aku kumpul rindu jika emangnya tiada rindu darimu untukku? :x

Monday, September 24, 2007

Saat dunia masih milik kita.

Apakah kau pernah merasa semua
Yang tlah kau dapatkan terbuang percuma
Dan seakan semuanya menghilang sia sia

Begitulah rasa yang sedang kurasa
Saat dirimu meninggalkan duka
Dan takkan pernah hilang terhapus terlewati

Akankah semua
Kembali seperti yang dulu
Akankan semua
Menjadi indah dan sempurna

Seperti saat diriku dengan dirimu
Hatimu masih milikku
Dan dunia masih milik kita

Hidup adalah tak seperti yang pernah
Kita bayangkan dan kita impikan
Terkadang ada duka dan juga menyakitkan

Seperti saat diriku dengan dirimu
Hatimu masih milikku
Dan dunia masih milik kita

i love the way the song goes. with flows. :x

Sunday, September 23, 2007


jz finish organizing my room, a.k.a. dissemble my kayu bedframe and relocate the penjara nor frame. ahaha. hee..more spacecy..but dearest bff and also sistas might hv to sleep over the floor..>:) worries dearest dearest..always a good host i am, please please sleep on my spring bed. ahaha..

well, i feel a lil gloomy today..must be the all day sleep i have, or the full marathon of g&g and also kami. uhuks..not too forget best best~! oh, i did not go any further than my balcony yesterday..thoughts of cooking bihun goreng thrown over window as my malasness to go out embraces me..:D i've cooked magi goreng sedap instead. totally sedaps..ehehe..with my over manis tea..but who cares..only prepared them for meself. and it does taste great.

it's sunday already~ uhuhu. i havent done my work help help~! please let there be some rajin left for me to do it..oh lupa..i've organised my hundreds of pix..yeay~! more to print..hoho. but to date, not about pix..akhirnyaaa..bajuku sudah siappp..mekasihh bff~ tidak sabar mau berjumpa nampaknyaa....ehehe..di manakah ye? sleep over, again? ahaha..

okla..maybe it's time for me to sleep over at yours, dont you think?

what else eh? time to sleep..wanna wake up for sahur..:D nighty nite, everyone~! muwahs.

Friday, September 21, 2007

gonna rock your world~

do you miss me? cause i miss you. ahaha

Thursday, September 20, 2007


semoga hari ini lebih baik dari semalam. ;) morning sunshine~!

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

come one, come all~!

quite a weekend i have and havent had the chance to write accordingly..hehe. thanks to workloads and also myself., in weekend was hectic, fun, jerits2 manja gitu and food, food, food~~!

1. rabby and baby sophie come sleep over. owh, with bff..ahaks. we were like lunching and dinner @2200 as our beef stew was ready by then..ahaks..but it was deliciousss and finger licking good~! baby sophie was more cuter and also quite cranky by the hour..ahaha..but not too forget, her auntie noor is crankier..muahaha.
2.went to ikea with intention to get the new catalogue, but to no avail. well, quite devastated but hv to letgo.
3.watched disturbia, sambil jerit2 manja, and gossips a little with bff. yeah, yeah..:p welcome for the thank you. yeap, i gave her priviliges to sleep on my cosy little bed. ahaks.
4.sunday morning, woke up a little late. and kene paksarela membeli bahan utk masak. thanx roomie for lunch~! delicious~! ahaks
5.gol&gincu. sexier and juicier by the week. btw, i way love shasha's room~! bila nk cat bilik ni?~!
6.tido jek keje dan agak malas nk membuat keje. :( so, i dont like~!

ok, now..last 3 days. at work, hectic as ever..we're gonna go-live one system this saturday (br teringat, camne nk blk kg nie?) so, it was like hell in my place. and i was being quite gila2 this few days..with classes on this one module, tm, and tomorrow, py. and also others. i have to master at least 5 modules. man~! that was tough. not only modules, skills too. java, webs, configs..huhu..and i miss him..

there, i said it. uhuks..weeks feels like forever, and i did not even wish him. that was not good~ what i've been up and about, i dont know. with my other half in office leaving by end of this month..i must say, i feel quite not great. please, please, let there be motivator in me..please, please let me be a good girl and eat my sahur, and read 4 pages of Quran after solat. please let me be extra good and be at office at least before 0800. and please, please..let me be extra rajin too. please, please, let my brain works well so that i can learn and explore life and work. please, please..bersihkan hati saya sempena bulan ramadhan ini.

oh, agak sedih ni..sbb kedai yg sy nk pegi b4 pose ni, tknak masak nasi goreng ikan masin dan telur dadar utk saya. lepas tu, kedai sup sendeng pon tutup..ali cafe pon..pastu derang taknak gi stoberi akhirnya makan a&w.. but it's redha. :D

oklah..rasa mcm nk blk lah, sy sgt pnat..tolonglah rajin sket..nk basuh baju, nk basuh 2 sets of bedsheet (penat tau jadi saya), nk bukak katil, nk solat terawih, nk online kjap kt umah..pastu tido..

oh, last words..dear all..i'm sorry for my wrong-doings..selamat berpuasa semua. ;)

Monday, September 10, 2007

"Make You Smile"

The last time I saw you, you turned away
I couldn't see you with the sun shining in my eyes
I said "Hello" but you kept on walking
I'm going deaf from the sound of the freeway

The last time I saw you, you turned away
I couldn't hear with your voice ringing in my ears
Do you remember where we used to sleep at night?
I couldn't feel you, you're always so far away

The first time I saw you, you turned away
I couldn't see you with the smoke getting in my eyes
I said "Hello" but you kept on walking
I'm going deaf from the sound of the DJ

The first time I saw you, you turned away
I couldn't hear with the noise ringing in my ears
Do you remember where we used to sleep at night?
I couldn't feel you, you're always so far away

I don't, don't wanna take you home
Please don't, don't make me sleep alone
If I could, I'd only want to make you smile
If you were to stay with me a while

The next time I see you, you'll turn away
I'll say "Hello" but you'll keep on walking
The next time you see me, I'll turn away
Do you remember where we used to sleep at night?
I couldn't feel you, you're always so far away

I don't, don't wanna take you home
Please don't, don't make me sleep alone
If I could, I'd only want to make you smile
If you were to stay with me a while

Thursday, September 06, 2007

..gediks mode..

i love you, always forever..near and far, closer together..everywhere, i will be with you..everyday, i will devour you..:x

jgn salah sangka..having heard this song by donna lewis (after so many years), reminicsing those innocent time. kalau tk silap lagu ni sudah berumur lebih 10 tahun (around that time~) okok, just googled was 1996..close heh? 11 years wow~! that's how long since i heard it last..gila lamaa. hehe..dan sangat cute~!..when i sing-along this song, terasa sgt gedik. hahaha. okayla..terpaksa mengaku, sy sedikit gedik..muahaha.

oh..psst, teringat satu lagi.."i could be the one" pon sgt gedik..ehehe..but cute definitely~! terpaksa post satu gamba gedik..haha..oops boleh ke, teredit sekali..:>

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

that's the way..

my love is, my dear. hehehe. i always love a poet i guess. but me, i'm no poet..eventhough how much i wanted to be..i could never express it well..more likely to spoilet..ahaha..

been listening to smashing pumpkins's zeitgest..not all..but this particular song. this song..okla..billy corgan..abang botakku~ (slain pakcik din..hehe) his unique voice is so haunting and dreamy..isn't he? ahaha..well, he is. one of those person that i'll look up to..yeah, i got many personality to look forward to, for different occasion. well, a girl got to have lotsa option open but only one to remain as numero UNO :D well, been working on that one. tough luck~!

having heard the new album, i always would remember their other works..said sadly (sad and beautifully written), stand inside your love (just breathtaking and romantically epic..just love it when billy kiss the girlfriend's feet..ah, the affection~), thirty three (jz discover this one, pure acoustic and honest), try try try (melodically lyrical) and many many list down all, would take up entire days of mine. where oh where art thou, my poetic heart?

That's the way my love is
That's the way I care
You should call on me baby
I'm always there for you
Yeah, I'm always there for you

yeah, baby..if you let me, i'm always there for you. ALWAYS~

Friday, August 24, 2007

nothing much.

what i achieved this past few days..nadaa nadaa..ahaha..neither i hate or like it. i dont feel any balance at all. i pissed off at quite some things..and i love other things too.

mix of feelings being thrown and wasted..i dont want to be wasted but then..i just, was. sucks, eh~!?

however, i managed a very great nite out with the gals to gwen's concert @bkt jalil~! all that thnx to ya babe~!

what should i do? what should i do? nothing much, i guess.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

aku mau.

Kau boleh acuhkan diriku
Dan anggap ku tak ada
Tapi takkan merubah perasaanku


Kuyakin pasti suatu saat
Semua kan terjadi
Kau kan mencintaiku
Dan tak akan pernah melepasku

Aku mau mendampingi dirimu
Aku mau cintai kekuranganmu
Selalu bersedia bahagiakanmu
Apapun terjadi
Kujanjikan aku ada

Kau boleh jauhi diriku
Namun kupercaya
Kau kan mencintaiku
Dan tak akan pernah melepasku

Aku mau mendampingi dirimu
Aku mau cintai kekuranganmu
Aku yang rela terluka
Untuk masa lalu

KepadaMu aku berserah untuk segalanya. :) Tabahkan hatiku untuk apa jua jawaban. Kuatkan semangatku untuk semua kemungkinan. Syukurku dan sujudku untukMu Yang Maha Kuasa.

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

"abang mak dah takde~"

that's what my mother hv said, in the trip that seems like forever to the muslim
cemetary. I was shocked to hear that and together we cried. I held her small frame
close as i reached for her hands. She was so fragile. I was too. I can feel her
sadness. it was indescribable.

Remembering the day that I met Obek Juri last year, it was devastated as he was no
longer the uncle who used to bring me and my brother to walks, trips when I was in
Singapore. When I was small. When my speech was still tongue challenged. When I
was so excited to ride on double decker bus and fell off my seat, while singing.
haha. biasalah budak lg kan..(everybody still remembers that, you know & yeah,
that's the routine stories to be laughed about la..yeah, about me) when I was
that cute innocent little girl, which still am. ahaks.sorry la, terangkat bakul

but he is still my dearest uncle. the father to all his sisters. my mother, & my
aunties. i may not remember all his kindness, but i'm sure he will be remembered
by his grace, kindness, thoughtfulness and above all, his love.

i'm not good in eulogy..i'm sucks at it..(very true)..seeing him yesterday in the
strectcher and looking all sick and fragile, being carried home. (if you're in
s'pore, it is quite a hassle in conducting kenduri's (happy, sad and all). I cannot
tahan my sadness, and me being me..i cant get myself to kiss him..but at last, i did
manage to kiss him goodbye. he died peacefully at noon on Sunday, 29 July 2007.
of cancer.

So long, farewell. ;)

Thursday, July 26, 2007

kota singa, here i come~

my singapore trip come early. instead of year end, i shall go tomorrow nite. i was told, my dear uncle is already critical. :( i'm sad, i'm glad, i'm confused, :(

whatever it is, i'm coming. whether i like it..or not.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

hear, hear~

i'm married~ yippie, in development..ahaha. effective 1st July recently, i am a proud wife of mr gerard arthur way..mrs way..hehehe..funny..ehehe..okok~ only in 110 ok. yet, i'm just plain happy. ok, husband..luv ya~

on other notes, just finished love life. sad but happy. the author really developed its character and situation and it felt like i really know them and feel them. uhuk uhuks. they're so real..they feel real and close.. well, it make me aware how to cope with fear of not knowing..and cancer. i'm scared of it, no denying it..but i'm hoping the best..for me, my family..and others. to my dear obek juri, i'm sorry i ever try to avoid you. i'll come over someday..ready. he might not read this, but take care.

my work: quite sucks, but thanks to my other half..and others..we're ok. oh, not to forget, him. TQ. kerana korang semua aku masih di sini. *poyo*
my life: bosan gak la..but dengan quite golongan yang sama, aku masih OK.
bff: sgt rindu.
familia: rindula kat derang.
cinta: are there?

Sunday, July 15, 2007

all three down~

yeah..jz finished the last tale from "ecstasy". so loving it~ despite the so brit accent i dont quite understand..but still the characters was nice..all the revenge..the emotion, the was all cleverly plotted and was a good read. hope to finish "trainspotting" anytime soon..ihiks. totally rad~

gonna start reading Ray Kluun's Love Life anytime soon. hopefully t'was good. a very true story about a husband losing his wife to cancer. uhuks. *sob*

"the most honest love story you'll ever read"

Saturday, July 14, 2007

going postal~

no my my whatever in details. briefly what happen as below:

1. my sabtu: went to the curve with intention to join apostrophe but i'd passed for blk tido and then went to my bro's family day @montkiara equestrian park. layan concert rocks (ada radja, ella dn lain2) and bla3. blk tido flat. ahad: melodi? berita hangat "hans&erra". visit my dear sis @UKM KL. agak kopak la perjalanan. blk ke klcc yg dgn tujuan sbg stesen lrt klcc dh ke kino dan membeli belah buku. but loving it. bought kam raslan's confession of an old boy. dah abih pon..besttt~! oh ye..balik rumah..makan dinner ngan rumet kat stroberi field yg sgt byk. monday:pegi keje..pastu tk igt la plaka apa yg prominent for the day. tuesday: pegi keje..tensi..dan juge dpt call and pegi klcc..lagi~ ahaha..met up my cousins and auntie..oh, ye~ i emailed him..and seems quite OK! wednesday: half-day, tourist guide to my cousins and auntie to masjid jamek/jln lrt. bought myself kain..lagi~ nice~ feel good/happy? die bosan happy smpai petang or malam...sis came over..with intention to watch transformer..ok, pernah tk seumur hidup korang wayang cancel, last minute..dan only inform, when we're trying to get in~ so like %^&%&*%*#^#*& well i'm about to go postal..but i i just leave the task to my friends..
so dont think i'll be watching transformers. haish tp bff soh tgk gak..camne? later will think about it~ thursday:nothing prominent too..tense lebih..and also silence..menyampah..what do he think i am? weks. oh, yatoque sleeps over..we hv fun alittle bit. she brought dinner for everyone. bersyukurlah walaupun leftovers. ehehe..oh, lupa..briefing by projectsPD. seems i have to strive never know what would happen..uhuks..oh yea, i sat beside one mamat that i happened to have a crush with..before i know he's married. since then, he's only a kureng nye kenkawan, nk gak soh aku dok sebelah..weks..seb baik nothing happenned..ker ade ek? ahaha..only me and him know. >:) friday: went to work with bff..well, seems like our lucky morning, despites "friday the 13th" haha...yelah kan, since my bad luck has passed on wednesday..huhuhu..pepagi dh ke menara bekerja~ i see other side of a colleague..or more..but it was OK. he did but it was sucks. oh..bizi jugak~ and i did called mak before blk..she told me my so-called boifren if la kan..ahaha..oh..forgot..i said goodbye. for good i hope. sabtu:pepagi kene bgn dn bekerja demi kompeni dpt join another apostrophe session..huks..naseb baik tk crucial as the first go-live~ jadiknya, kol 1245 camtuh dh kembali ke rumah~ bagus..we went to and roomie to anta tempah our baju-bajuan..pnat la haa..kitorg lukis2 design nk buat baju the end the makcik tamo terima pon lukisan kitorg.but no kisah..and went jalan2 and makan2..menggemokkan diri yg mmg sedia gemok kisahlah, asalkn happy~! okla..currently dok dpan pc and ngadap blog..nk mandi and settlekan hidup~!

taking care all~ have to do something about my postal state..maybe i should be more postal to get what i really want. so goodbye to you my dearest..i really meant it.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

trips to klcc.

blur blur~

“here i come” la sgt. X-( i've came..i’ve queued..i’ve joined a riot. know what..having queued since 730 am in the klcc..there~.morning at klcc..keje pon takde la pegi seawal tu tau. so like #^$#&&$*** dear friend yatoque who came 1 hr earlier did not manage to get the bag much for limited edition. the management sucks..the campaigns' too. but what the heck~ i got the notebook. thank you dear. and you can expect "boycott anya hindmarch" campaign from me. dr tatau nama brand tu smpai la tau...mmg nk kene boikot. weks. oh, check out the pix. this gotta be the longest entry ever~ haha

the shop..nun jauh hujung sana~
see the girl with the pink bag..that's yatoque~
pakcik guard yg sungguh2 menghalau depan kedai~


on other notes..i've been like to klcc this week for three times. for the first i went to summitSAP07. it's like an event of career day and also seminar of SAP. an ERP solution widely used in the world. since my beloved company used the solution which started live this year..and also..(also la) i might be brainwashed to love it..ahaks..tipu je la..takde brainwash pon. :D so i go la..collecting freebies. ehehe..but because of i hv meeting that morning..i cant come earlier..hence dont get many freebies..and left to go alone without my buddies..ahaks..takpe la..dont mind..haish..but the one that i want to story below. :D eh lupe..the first trip to klcc's was on 3rd of July 2007.

ok..the story went like it goes, we buddies want to eat that break refreshment..malangnya tk la jadik..sbb nya..dah si mamat pelayan yg tego aku tu..ckp kol 230..ok la..tunggu..yelah agak lapa jugakk..tak lunch lg kn. pastunya..nani's quite hesitant and insist that we straight away go lunching. kasik kenyang perut..ehehe..tapinya mama aza pula mcm mau tunggu..ibu roni and me di atas pagar...nk dkat 230 tuh tanya la jek mamat tu jawap kol 245. mau jek kitorg 4 org ni sepak pelangkong sama mamat atas dasar budi bahasa yg tinggi dn juga agak lapar dan mcm malas nk layan..kami berempat pon chow dan pegi makan ke klcc yg agak jauh tuh la..dr kl convention centre tu..ah..sakit kaki i tau. :p tp cerita yg aku amazed tu bukan kt convcent. tpnya.kt tmpt kitorg lunching. nk dijdkan cerita..kami berpecah kpd 2 kump. 1st kumpulan yg lapo gila dn tk saba nk makan.iaitu aku and mama aza. *wink* dan kumpulan yg agak lapa tp nk ke guardian membeli something iaitu nani dan ibu roni. so kumpulan 1st ni pegi la beratur..oh ye..we've decided to eat at KFC. yumm yumm. tgh beratur ni, pkpk dan bincangbincang la nk makan apa kan..yelah..nk la kenyang dn juga budget2 juge..ehehe..ok..sampai lah turn aku...wah, "hello, i'm betty"..kt screen display tunjuk harga kt cash register tu kan..ugly betty..aku terdetik~ agak mencapai chacteristic gak la..but sweet...;) ok..aku order..kasik x-meal n cheesy wedges ek? ehehe..and adalah celoteh2 sket..iya lah aku kan peramah..muahaha..angkat bakul ni..ihiks...pastu aku cm tgk2 sambil auntie betty sediakan order aku..and sekilas aku terpandang tang die top-up cheese yg sgt bykk kat wedges aku..dn yg sgt heaven..aku mcm..wah cool~! bagus nye auntie kedekut..i love...ok..then i got my order and thanked her..and off to favaourable seat at crowded kfc. okla..perenggan lain plak..pnat baca.

Pastunya, mama aza pulak sampai kt tmpat kitorg...die pon amazed ngan layanan auntie betty yg sgt marvellous..die pon mmg dpt cheese top-up yg heaven..aku mcm dlm hati tu..haish..makcik ni mcm tau2 je kitorg ni suka cheese..ehehehe..pastu cerita2 la..dn memuji2 lagi auntie betty..sorry ye..i call her auntie bcos, she's a lil older and so nice...i'm so going to queue up on her line should i go to klcc's kfc again..ehehe and order myself cheesy wedges...there goes my story about the world greatest service provider, miss betty of kfc klcc. you go, girl~! ahaks..itu br kumpulan 1st. 2nd group ni..dh la beratur panjang...pastu lembap..nani mintak cheese top-up kt wedges die dpt seco'et je...jadik kitorg (me and ibu aza) ckp...lenkali kite carik line miss betty..sgt cool~! ahaks..there goes my 1st trip to klcc this week. balik opis..tau tak kol bape? almost 4pm. ahaha. but takpe2..dh dpt consent boss. :D

2nd trip to klcc, i met up my dearest friends yatoque..just to hang around..bitches about bitches..taklah..sembang sumbang jek~ and layan friendster,,ehehe..dan sembang2 la lagi kan..dgn minum caramel frap and java chip. uhuks. miss my coffee jelly~ i should make my own eh? Ok..the 2nd trip was on Wednesday 4th July. We first met up at the lrt station..and yatoque..yg lapa ajak mkn Burger King. yg sgt value for money ni..ahaha..for rm10 we’ve ate one whopper, one mango juice, chicken nugget and union ok, i must admit I’ve been eating like there’s no tomorrow nowadays..uhuks..weks. but tk kisah la..uhuks..argh..what else eh? Okla..done with the eating..on with the shopping..konon la..membakar kalori sebelum tambah kalori utk dibakar lg..eheks..pegi mng, mcm bosan walaupun sale..pegi mng klcc pon bosan juge…but that red purse mcm beli pon..ahaha. and then zara’s quite bored too..but we did went to kino and bought myself a lanyard..dh rosak la. bila lah agaknya leh dpt coach’s ID lanyard yg sgt cool tu..uhuks. takpe2, that time would come. Then we went to that anya hindmarch boutique.(ala brand yg aku igt sgt dh tu!) to ask about the limited edition sale. I remembered how excited we were to get our hands on the bag..well, guess you know what had happened eh? so much la for the limited edition~ enough la bout it..and we go on to starbucks and have our drinks and straight away surf with my ibook and friendstering..ahaha..oh, updates~! Br dpt tau dr yatoque..bag limited edition tu ada 2700 untuk Malaysia..2000 dh kasik kat org2 media dan juga kaya dn korporat. Left about 700 for the boutique…and me quite sure, I’m among the 700 ppl..didnt get the bag. Tp utk menyedapkan hati..i told me, that’s was all duniawi~ abih2 lg n ink updet ni..ahaks..okla..loving my girl’s out with miss yatoque.

the third one is on Friday, 6 july 07. the day i almost got my hands on the “bag”. Haha..enuff said.

Err..actually, there was a 4th trip. What? Four times to klcc in a week? Mmg dasar..sgt kompulsif. Okla,,pls forgive me as klcc was supposed to be a station for my trip back home to Universiti.haha

Alas, I’ve went to kinokuniya and bought meself books~! Baca jgn tk baca..dan terjadi kejadian kasta td..menyampah plak..hello..only purchase above rm100 got paperbag? Haish la..i bought almost the amount tau..kasik je la..kedekut btul kino yg nk bukak kedai sendiri ni..haip..mende tk best jgn ceritalah kan?

Ok..then I went to the Petronas Gallery. That’s where and when I believed that I’m not what I supposed to be..ahahaha..ok, leave it to that..hv to type off..mau pigi makan and all..menggemukkan diri.

Next: my sabtu. :x

Friday, July 06, 2007

nothing happened.

i am ciknort. i'm falling..for almost 13 years. only on last february.. on the 8th, to be exact..i've make a move.after initial contemplation..after two phone calls to my two best friends..after "silence"..after "home"..after contemplate again ..after all the nervousness thrown away over the window..after 13 years..the response was ok..glad.. but, i'm not sure. i'm not sure does he feels the same way. i'm not sure. how was i to know for sure? i'm confused. it is complicated. i'd rather hear he'd say..wait..i dont really know what i'd rather's july now..we're ok ok..nothing happened..we're ok ok..we're ok?

ps: anya hindmarch, here i come~

Monday, July 02, 2007

chemical romance: 1 down, 2 to go

at last, i've have started reading Ecstasy: Three Tales of Chemical Romance by Irvine Welsh. Damn funny the first tale.A Rave & Regency Romance. hahaha. Should I know the tale is damniest witty + hillarious story..i have read it sooner..but being me, such a collector~ only collect, read later. i missed some of the fun. but why oh why, Trainspotting does not captured me that well. The urgency was not there.

Cant wait for the second and the third. oh, when will my own chemical romance arrived/emerged/muncul? eh~!

Thursday, June 28, 2007


You're every line, you're every word, you're everything.

am i vain? vain as in " excessively proud of one's appearance or accomplishments"? hm..dont think so. haha..all my sis, well i think, families been talking behind my back, (of course!) i did have resemblence of some Zizie Ezzete's character. can you believe that? am i that bubbly and as animatic as that? huhuhu..heck, if i was..maybe i should hv that pride thingy rite? haha..whatever la..i'm just that ordinary crazy overgrown woman as i am right now..ahaks..

it's all because of you..yeah, you~! if you're vain, i should back up now..yeah, since all the guys i like would likely out of league..yes, married..enganged/gay (whichever true)..and again..married~! i just lost hope on men. haha..wishful thinking

but really, if you are or maybe you hv someone else..i would throw in the white flag. yes, i wouldn't take what's not mine. :) much for writing this. i should be a writer huh? or maybe i should open a bookstore? little time for so many to focus when you think you are capable of doing things simultaneously? but i do think i make a good wife..(haha..kes malas nk keje! *grin*) a solid 5 years to decide! think think think~! act act act~!

ok, currently in love with michael buble's husky voice in everything. so, like i love~! oh, but, i still love my dear boyfriend (despite the rumor) but deep inside..i dont mind if he's gay..muahaha. yelah, he's like something lovable but yet, not this small world of planet Earth. :D

ok..that's about bla bla something about work..hectic! but i always managed to get a few (lotss, maybe!) laugh along the way. june and july and afterwards, my life would be as hectic and quite not rich..ehehe..but i shall maintain that richness in heart, kindness and of course, love! there's lots to hopefully all can be done!

why cant i be 10 and start over? (haha..another wishful thinking)

gossiping with roomie just now about my childhood. the one that i dont understand and something i tend to forget..that's when we..well i mostly, found out how vain the guy is..but my empathy and good will to him for recovering. ok, enough.. but i still have this little fear of what's might come.

i hope you are not vain. you are what you seems to be..but most important. you are what you are.

ok. to work is something i failed to ignore. so come one come all, to my tragic affair. now, today..tomorrow..

Sunday, June 17, 2007

16 June 2007; 1:50pm

Lahirnya Nur Faris Danial Nur Azam. At least I got the time's right. zohor..haha. He was born two days early from expected dates. ahaks..but all in all, he's well..his mom too, and that's great. Such a big boy he is. ha? dear..tahniah~ semoga baby Faris membesar dengan baik. muwahs.

ps: ikut hidung siapa tu? :>

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

what a start~

well, i'm off to work early. before 7..all eager to eat breakfast at mcD, hot cakes, in fact..but alas, not so lucky hot cakes, but it's OK..i still have that shrek mania! toys..donkey and pino~ ehehe...that SIs sure jealous..muahaha...then, it really pissed me off..well, i have already planned to wear these three baju..and today, is my black kebaya and seluar..i'm all black today..and you know what? i dont deserve any kind of humiliation today..atau umpatan2 menyampah ni..i can wear anything i want whenever i's not up to you or you or comment on what i would wear, ok? unless, of course, i should ask for your opinion...well, you makciks can all rot..for all i care..ahahaha. selamba kutuk aku~ ok, enough said about that..cause that wont bring me down today~ :D i'm still all black and still be bear it..suka atau tidak. hahaha.

then, i bought myself business news..good, i read something good 'bout my dear company. let's all the bolehness spirits rise high today~ and even my 2nd ceo looks good today..ahaks. ok, it's 8:32am..let's all of you and me of course, "membanting tulang, mencari rezeki yang halal~"

good day~!

Monday, June 11, 2007

Posto posto~

nothing's new~ still the same old me..who like that same old guy..with the unknown reason. if he can read mind, i would like mine to be him, of course~ my mind. ahaha..

having listen to kaiser chiefs, travis and danny elfman's choc factory OST, recently..i've got so much obsession to date. oh..not to forget, my boyfriend. i heard him yesterday. whoa, it's still amaze me. how i always liked him. :x that' forever obsession.

1. my ringtone: willy wonka, willy wonka..the amazing chocolatier..ahahaha
2. sms ringtone: i dont love you. obses.
3.current playlist: travis - closer & my eyes.
kaiser chiefs - everything is average nowadays (so true!) & boxing champs
4. food: happy meal mcD: damn you shrek mania! ahaha
5. kain fiesta: ahaha..having bought myself china silk..and soon--> "songket tabur". my cash flow like air sungai you know? huhuhu
6. business news: wah..tumbuh bak cendawan selepas hujan. good reading tho.
7. magazines: berani nk kira berapa byk saya beli..:D
8. my bed: i love my current setting of like, i love~!
9. him: oh..semakin obses. why?

Thursday, May 31, 2007


I've had enough, of this parade.
I'm thinking of, the words to say.
We open up, unfinished parts,
Broken up, its so mellow.

And when I see you then I know it will be next to me
And when I need you then I know you will be there with me
Ill never leave you...

Just need to get closer, closer,
Lean on me now,
Lean on me now,
closer, closer,
Lean on me now,
Lean on me now.

Keep waking up, without you here.
Another day, another year.
I seek the truth, we set apart
Second base, a second chance.

And when I see you then I know it will be next to me
And when I need you then I know you will be there with me
Ill never leave you...

Just need to get closer, closer,
Lean on me now,
Lean on me now,
closer, closer,
Lean on me now,
Lean on me now.

Monday, May 28, 2007

red roses.

i bought them's been since last yr (or might be 2 yrs) i guess, i havent bought any. once in a while i would love my red roses..make me happy..humm..dunno, but it does. :D

i like my red roses. and yes, i miss my friend.

p/s: i've watched pirates, and was worth it~ Captain Jack was obnoxiously and obviously funny~

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

ceritera~'s been a while. :D byk ni senanya citer..:D cumanya skang what i can summarize in a flash:

1. today's my first day in my new place. haha..did i like it? kenalah suka~ it's for my own good! ;) terima kasih kepd semua yg memberi semangat dan iltizam. :x love y'all!
2. gonna see my pregnant best friend...hopefully she'll make it to Universiti..yes babe! kite naik teksi je lah ye ke midveli..:x
3. byk lg nie.. tp sbb dh maghrib dan aku pon tk blk lg..dan nk mandi + solat di later i shall flash more.

taking care all~

ps: it's been life-turning experience, quite~ i just dont know know what to expect next. better dont.

Tuesday, May 01, 2007


hehe. for now, that's my story~ i've been nagging my dear lil sis to bring me to town.. to experience wi-fi.. haha. the other way round, huh~ yelah, still scared to drive a car, let alone riding motorcycle to roads. ehehe. in a way, my weakness and also my win. hehe..whateva you might think.

however, here we are. two of us, under the very hot hot sun. hehe. surfing around. well, dear sis have given up and currently waiting for me to fin. tunggu tunggu ok~

ok, i've got news to tell, stories and other lotsa thing. but, wait till i got my life sorted out. ;)

alrite, have to go now..want to buy groceries..want to bake cake~ the bestest choc cake ever, actually. hehe..taking care everyone~

and dont miss me! i know you wont..:)

Thursday, April 19, 2007


dtg dlm pelbagai bentuk..hehehe. but i dont feel bad about it. :D

1.cik kekure tk jadi pegi trip, so im not going to choice.
2.nk makan nasi kukus kt plaza sentral..stlah berpenat lelah berlari2 dgn k.has (sorry my dear) kedai tutup. you should how comical we are running around with heels, (which make it unbearable) haha..and of course, the frustration. sampai tergelak2..ahahaha. seb baik tk sesat. baik, k.has..i'll make it up ;)
3.nothing happen.
4.tempt saya nmpak kemas. haha.
5.air asia latest promotion = wrong timing (haip!) no bandung huhu invite to awards nite
7.tak cuti on the 27th and 30th

in all, today's been great~

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

birthday shoutout~

hoyeah~ the shoutout goes to two among my beloved friends!

firstly..jaja~ birthday die semalam. sorilah ye lambat wish..;) happy birthday! semoga panjang umur n murah rezeki~ take care! habri ..:P selamat hari lahir~ which is today! maintain ye~!

okla...itu je untuk shoutout. dan ucapan terima kasih yg tidak terhingga kepada my dear friend..cik kekure..demi cintanya...dia tk dpt menghadiri ke konsert GC yg dimenanginya melalui MTVasia~ dan dia dengan rela hati memberi aku satu tiket..yeah..i love~ mekasih ok~ muwah muwah muwahs.

itu saje kot.. terigt plak lagu pupus. am i currently "pupus"?

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Benda Aneh Bernama Cinta

bosan. smpai tertido2 cik kekure. wakaka. one thing for sure...funny, you can do things, no matter how ridiculous and out of minds~...untuk benda aneh yang bernama cinta.

neway, i enjoy laughing hard at the pratoganist behavior (walaupun mcm aku sorang je yg layan..dah couple dpan aku buat show plak...sepak jugak minah ni, memalukan perempuan~)

okla, ada sedikit nk buat apa's the writer, director's art. who me to complaint? jadiknya..layann~

talking about this..nah~ so all, happy tuesday mornin~ enjoy your day~

ps: ada org tu igtkan birthday dia..hehe. baiklah my dear~ sure will. ;)
pps: actually, i watched this indie movie like last week. hehe

Monday, April 16, 2007

hey ho~

this is the songs that keep bugging me for two days.~ i hope i get it right..but it does seems right..hehehe


you'll go right
i'll go left
sometimes we dont agree
but thats ok
cuz in the end
we're still brothers
you and me

we'll go to
sometimes cuz we hang out everynight
and we do the same
old thing
sometimes we fool around too much
cuz we are a frisky
we get in trouble every day

hey, hey, (hey) ho (ho)
through the heart
im there for you and
i know you're there for
give me a high five
hey, hey, ho, ho
friends till the end
you see thats the way
its gotta be

you're the money and the bomb
but i talk about your mom
even though it isnt right
go to mikeys
play some games
stay up till the break of day
maybe get into a

hey, (hey) ho (ho)
straight through the heart
im there for
you and
i know you're there for me
give me a high five
hey, hey, ho,
friends till the end
cant you see thats the way
its gotta


ps: this song goes out to those that I called friends..+ sistas! muwahs.
pps: apa ni?

Friday, April 13, 2007

Friday the 13th

haha. tk perasan pun, sampai la Fila ckp td. :D boss die, mr ramsey jatuh gedebuk umpama, whateva la yg jatuh berdebuk ahaha. siap dgr ni, walaupun memakai headphone sambil mendgr lagu. i can imagine that~ hehe

however, today not so spooky as it seems la kan. i got to eat like 'mentekedarah'.hahaha..sgt mokmok. and i got my first upgrading. hoyeah. and almost siapkan risk reporting..and also...i've got more work to be settled.nmpkanya kene ke opis weekend ni. :(

well, plans for weekend? esok main boling~ wakil opis..ahahaha..boleh menang ke ni?! boleh bole~ pastu nk gi kenduri kt shah alam...then pegi opis..wat keje yg tertunda.

ahad~! nk dok umah diam2..sambil baca buku dan mungkin berfikir seketika~ what say you on master of strategic management? OK tk? any feedback/comment is really appreciated~? TQ.

okla..mau mandi + harapnya shed a few grams..ahaha..i was like put on 2kg agaknya...ahahaha..

taking care..muwahs~

ps: somebody's sombong ngan saya (whateva~)...and out of sudden hj samson called~! tk dgr plak..bila call blk taknak angkat plak..pelik~

Wednesday, April 11, 2007


lupe pulak. it's quite belated, in blog! for real, i did wish them, OK!

so here goes... to my best friend at Ipoh! Min, a mother-to-be quite soon~ happy birthday! be happy always + kindly please remember my present ok! ahahaha. cya end of april~ *giggle*

another one! nk wish jugak lagi, sbb i'm so loving this man~ (walaupun org lain akan admit they do too; well, at least not my friends la kan. org2 lain kat the whole wide world) dear gerard arthur way~ happy birthday! dunno how you celebrate it this yr. no coke and drinks for you ok, my dear! not good for your health. starbucks should be OK~ eventho not too healthy also. ahaha. neway, you shall be my forever obsession (for now!) until i find me a very decent man. kalau smpt, saya mimpikan awak,ok~

ok..cukup2 la tu. i want a nap~ daa!


sgtlah terasa nk karaoke lagu ni, :x taklah. sebenarnya nk je pegi karaoke. tk kisah lah lagu pape pon. hehe. goodbye, luv! ps: pls scroll down.

Way Back into Love

I've been living with a shadow overhead
I've been sleeping with a cloud above my bed
I've been lonely for so long
Trapped in the past, I just can't seem to move on

I've been hiding all my hopes and dreams away
Just in case I ever need them again someday
I've been setting aside time
To clear a little space in the corners of my mind

All I wanna do is find a way back into love
I can't make it through without a way back into love
Oh oh oh

I've been watching but the stars refuse to shine
I've been searching but I just don't see the signs
I know that it's out there
There's gotta be something for my soul somewhere

I've been looking for someone to shed some light
Not somebody just to get me through the night
I could use some direction
And I'm open to your suggestions

All I wanna do is find a way back into love
I can't make it through without a way back into love
And if I open my heart again
I guess I'm hoping you'll be there for me in the end

There are moments when I don't know if it's real
Or if anybody feels the way I feel
I need inspiration
Not just another negotiation

All I wanna do is find a way back into love
I can't make it through without a way back into love
And if I open my heart to you
I'm hoping you'll show me what to do
And if you help me to start again
You know that I'll be there for you in the end

I read, I watch, I listen as below:
1.cecilia ahern - ps, i love you (loved ones? care to gimme a list?);
2.joanne fluke - hannah swensen mysteries: cherry cheesecake murder (with recipe, mind me. masa baca mcm rasa nk makan je buku tu. haha);
3.colin butts - is harry on the boat? (funny! too many sex scene! ahaha)
4.james patterson - mary, mary (i like! he's in my fav author now. berjaya jugak tambah peminat dia (yatoque >:))) and lyrics - ok, hugh grant got a very very very NICE butt! and drew is so loveable. (dan sgt kurus ok! haish, what's ur secret, girlfriend?)
6.miscelanious songs - from beloved boyfriend to anak ikan. gwen to akon. mcm2 la.
7.ada satu buku ni pasal aneroxia- lupa plak tajuk dia. 'twas OK. saiko tau, minah tu makan apple split into many many tiny pieces and take about an hour to finish them all. huhu. kalo aku la..makan apple? ngap ngap ngap, abih dah! haha.
8.little black dress series --> trouble with valentine's day by rachel gibson. (cool!)
9.currently reading --> the town that forgot how to breathe (baru start tp mcm elemnt of eerie and goosebump sudah ada. mlm ni la sambung)

ada lg ni ha. tp tk dpt nk berfikir dgn baik. tidur byk sgt? maybe. haha.

Sunday, April 08, 2007


i'm being a complete jerk today. i lost a parking ticket. never lost that kinda thing. must be my very very very unlucky day~ :| tp, jgn bersedih. tiap apa yg terjadi pasti ada hikmahnya. :) so i am taking it very calmly. walaupun td sudah hampir2 nk menangis. but nothing come out. huhu. so, pengajarannya..tolonglah sediakan payung sebelum hujan. lalala.

dan baru la dpt tahu, my boyfriend punya birthday coming. haha. truk btul gurlfren dia yg sorang ni. hahaha. i have to do something about it. apa ye? maybe i should sneak him a very surprise birthday party? or should it be just the two of us, a romantic evening together. kinky? ahaha. what a wistful thinking.

but anyway, boyfriend~ happy 30th birthday! luv ya forever. muwah muwah muwah. -xoxo-

Friday, April 06, 2007


i need change! i want changes~ well, to start with.. i want you. but who you? nk minum ginger juice aa..want some? meh la dtg ofis saya. ;)

Tuesday, March 27, 2007


huhu. i might need another vacation. haha. this time, only me. :D

this is quite sucked-up day for a while. i'm lucky this time around, that i dont hv to be transferred. but if i were, i would take it as a challenge. haha, but of course..i'll be a real a**. wakaka.

ok, need to do some work. :D

yeah, i love my job~

ps: i'm beginning to wonder, why do i still wanna keep up with this guy? do i stand even a single cell of chance? wondering~

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Friday, March 16, 2007


is nice and peaceful~ :x i'll come again for sure for the arts. :D we 3 sure have lotsa fun! dengan 40 sen. dan lagi 20 sen. but basically, going to bali is like going to midveli with addition of krispy kreme + hotter + windier + lotsa mat salleh and of course, balinise (did i get it right?). but all was worth it~ i really dont mind going again. this time with money for the arts. haha.

Friday, March 02, 2007

cant wait.

there's 2 event in March that have to be accomplished. Huda's wedding and Bali. the second one is already in my thoughts, like forever. ahahaha. later~!

Thursday, March 01, 2007

it's over.

She had something to confess to
But you don’t have the time so
Look the other way
You will wait until it's over
To reveal what you’d never shown her
Too little much too late

Too long trying to resist it
You’ve just gone and missed it
It's escaped your world

Can you see that I am needing
Begging for so much more
Than you could ever give
And I don’t want you to adore me
Don’t want you to ignore me
When it pleases you
And I’ll do it on my own

Monday, February 26, 2007

M! to the U! to the S and E~

haha. i love. worth every ringgit spent! :x

thanx abg mat, abg dom + abg kris.

ps: akhirnya aku tau nama derang..:)) tq faye for the info~

Friday, February 23, 2007

the end has no end.

nothing to write about. just hop on this phrase and agree on it. the end has no end. even when you're dead, there still afterlife. and afterlife, there might be something else. humm, rendahnya rasa diri ini. okla, selamat hari Jumaat semua. semoga hari ini kita dirahmati-Nya.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

hello goodbye~

"Where you are the one, the one that lies close to me.
Whispers "Hello, I've missed you quite terribly."
I fell in love, in love with you suddenly.
That there's no place else I could be but here in your arms."

oh, gosh. jgn cpat buat andaian~ i love this song. masih tk smpat tgk video klip lagi sampai habis. i bet it was hilarious~ and i love the idea of having fun. ahaks. period.

p/s: this is Encik Gerard that i love, not the footballer. TQ.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

hari ini hari rabu.

Inilah dia hari yang dinantikan. Haha. Tiada apa-apa pun, cumanya melayan lagu-lagu di komputer peribadi Fila. Manalah dia ni? Tidak kembali lagi. Saya mahu tonton filem. Filem lakonan En Jude Law, salah seorang lelaki yang saya minati. "The Holiday", cerita mengisahkan 2 orang wanita menukar tempat tinggal mereka dengan niat untuk tukar angin. Sebenarnya, saya sendiri pun tidak tahu. Cuma mahu menonton sahaja. Baiklah, saya patut seterika baju untuk kerja esok. Masalahnya, saya sangat keliru untuk pakai baju apa. Saya patut cuba lebih baik lagi. Selamat tinggal.

Nota: Saya tidak sabar untuk ke Bali. :)

Monday, February 19, 2007


yesterday was my lucky day. according to star. tp kalau aku tk baca pun aku tahu. haha. 18 feb. 182, get it? but nothing happened actually. apart from me cannot tahan txtg him with my lucky statement, mng closed on cny, there's no cheetah @jusco (cant u believe it), which lead me to cannot buy that shirt i like from the store seremban, watched csi:NY then miami, along with newspaper cut-out session for interesting pix and articles and ronaldo's pix for birthday gift project, oh, i cannt blk kampung since the home is empty, my parents and abng's family and sisters all went to kelantan, laundry and i didnt get married~ not so lucky i presumed. haha. but i still feel lucky. :)

got the house all to myself. i can do whatever i want. :D eh, i have watched the last kiss. i still love him. :x the story got me into deep emotional doubt about life. damn, i'm 25 and counting. and i haven't really thought about it really well. oh, where art thou my mate~

dan tak saba nk pegi bali. :D

Thursday, February 08, 2007

tak percaya~ 08022007

Jing Jing De

Kong qi li duo zhe shen me
You dian lang man de xin dong
Wo tou tou kan ni
Ni ye tou tou kan wo

Shi jie shang duo le shen me
Hao xiang bian de hen bu tong
Zhan zai ni shen bian
Zhe yi qie dou hao kuan kuo

Wo hai zai deng zhe ni
Jing jing de ai wo
Zhi yao you ni pei wo
Jing jing de jiu zu gou

Ni ye zai deng zhe wo
Jing jing de wen rou
Jiu zhe yang shou qian shou
Jing jing de kan zhe tian kong

Xin li mian cang zhe shen me
Ni zhi xiang yao rang wo dong
Yuan lai wo de meng
Ye jiu shi ni de meng

Zhi tiao shang xie le shen me
Wo hao xiang yao ting ni shuo
Rang zi zi ju ju
Cong man wo men de xiao rong

Yong yuan yao ji de na tian bi ci xu xia de cheng nuo
Shun jian dian liang de huo hua

Shi wo men de yong you
Jing jing de shou qian shou
Shi zui jian dan de meng


What’s hidden in the air?
There’s a hint of romantic feeling
I’m looking at you secretly
You’re also secretly looking at me

Seems like the world’s getting something more
It doesn’t feel the same anymore
Standing by your side
All become so much bigger

I’m still waiting for you
To love me silently
So long as you’re by my side
Silently is good enough

You’re also waiting for
My silent tenderness
Holding hands like this
Silently gazing at the sky

What’s hidden inside this heart?
You are only trying to let me understand
It turns out that my dream
Is also yours

What’s written on this piece of paper?
How I wish I could hear you say
Let every word, every sentence
Is filled with our smiles

Forever we shall remember of the promise we made to each other on that day
That sudden, bright spark
Belongs to us
Holding hands silently
Is the simplest dream)

Tuesday, January 30, 2007


she told me! part of me was glad, part me was sad.

Monday, January 29, 2007


huhu..i left my IC at home today..and also my ATM card with money~ great~ kan kan? ahahaha..bagusla sangat. with the day, i'll sleep over at Yatoque's place. dan juga dengan keinginan nk minum kopi yahudi ni..uhuks. agak saiko gakla. luckily still got some money..ehehe. okla berpada2 sket weh banje this year. you got a loongg way to go~!
and a long list to adhere~ ahaks. ok..buat keje! tolonglah.

ps: later i'll updates on my weekend! best la jugak. :D

Thursday, January 25, 2007

the end.

Now come one,
Come all,
To this tragic affair,
Wipe off that make up,
What's in is despair,
So throw on the black dress,
Mix in with the lot,
You might wake up and notice you’re someone you're not,
If you look in the mirror and don’t like what you see,
You can find out firsthand what it’s like to be me,
So gather 'round piggies and kiss this goodbye,
I'd encourage your smiles,
I'll expect you won't cry.

(currently my tones for sms received. so saiko, tp i love. silalah sms saya selalu. you'll think of death. eh, me more likely~)

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

my musical~

haha. nothing perfect can be said with the latest scrubs episode. just marvelous. haha. more than that~ it's all started when a patient passed out and wakes up again listening all the people (people here means - JD, Turk, Dr Cox, Carla, Elliot, even Dr, Kelso..hey dont forget The Jan-Itor ahahaha..dan lain-lain watak sampingan) around her singing to converse. how musical is that~? i was like laughing my eyes out watching it. all the way~ sambil memaksa missfila, my roomie tgk. wakaka. i love all the song. the singing. from the "guy love" (which is so gayY~) and ""Everything Comes Down to Poo"(so disgusting..haha) it was so entertaining. haha. hey, also got matt leblanc as cameo too. ihiks. you can watch the two videos @youtube~ just search for nbc scrubs. think that'll do. ;) but seriously, it's a good watch~! LOL. ok nite2. got to rehearse my speech tomorrow. oh dear, do not be so nervous my laling~

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

the list.

just read zach braff myspace blog. he's so awesome~ did i tell ya i love his humor and thoughts. lagi, dia sangat senang dipandang. tidak jemu, bak kata orang2 tua. :x hehe. can you sense where i'm going to? naah! ehehehe. ok lemme tell you what i did confess to my dear cousin, Ana. hell she keeps that in mind. so, i'm gonna write it here so i wont forget. or maybe when i read it again few years later, it'll make me laugh until my heads turn. ihiks.

i told her that there are 3 men that i love and they share same age, which is 34. that is in year 2006. born in 1972. with different birthdate, the three men were and always be Mr. Mark Hoppus, Mr. Zinedine Zidane and not too forget Mr. Wentworth Miller. yes, they did not share the same career but age. :x but i'm so loving them.

but if you were someone close to me, and know me. you always know there would be someone not reachable, i repeat, not reachable.. that i love. if there was to be a list, humm...maybe more than 10. but with reasons. so, to make do what i promise to do (well, i told yatoque to do a list about this..) so, here goes. eh before i forget. i love jude law. and just recently found out he was born in 1972. see where it goes? :D

ok. here goes my list. (without alphabetical or 'whom i like the most' order.. just list whoever i remembered)
1. Zidane - French, of course~ since he's retired, i dont know who to root for. uhuks. i mean World Cup. the only football game i ever watched. :D
2. Mark Hoppus - Blink182. whyyy, they have to break-up. hait~
3. Wentworth Miller - Prison Break. need I say more. he's like SO hot~
4. Jude Law - the englishman. so brit. haha
5. Gerard Way - OMG. current obsession~!
6. Bert McCracken - still OK~! harap2 dia jumpa apa yang dia cari ;)
7. Zach Braff - walking genius. i just love his humor and bittersweet language. my, i love u, man~
8. Ahmad Izham Omar - uhuks. malu~
9. Rashidi Ishak - ngee.. kalau ada drama die berlakon, sure nk tgk. whether it's his slit eyes or his smile. dunno. so, mcm i like~
10.Johnny Depp - willy wonka~ willy wonka~ the greatest actor alive! muwah muwahs.
11.Billy Corgan - abang botak tetap menjadi pujaan hati. a poet that i always refer to.
12. Daniel Wu - hehe, agak hensem la cina atong ni. ahaha. eh, guess what? he's '72 babies too. :))
13. Doug Robb - dob:2 jan 1975. uhuks..mmg suka mamat ni. tertinggal plak. neway. he got small eyes. ihiks.
err..ada lagi ke ek?

oops, i think there's more. but none come to mind. no worries, the list will be updated as and when i feel like it. hehe. kenkawan.. kalau agak2 ada yang terlupa, minta tolong ingatkan ok..;)

eh, lupa pasal zach's braff. he did write something about colin hay's song, i'm doing fine. got to find it. sounds like a good hear. neway, enjoy the lyric. muwahs~

oops great~ takde dlm internet lirik dia. biar betul. nampaknya mmg kene carik CD dia. ok, in the meantime, some of it (taken from zach's blog. TQ dude~!)

“Sometimes I’m up…

and sometimes I’m falling down.

Lately my luck…

Has been dragging on the ground”


“I’m doing fine…

and thanks for asking.”

enjoy your week, everyone~!

Friday, January 19, 2007


"Another summer day
Has come and gone away
In Paris and Rome
But I wanna go home

Maybe surrounded by
A million people I
Still feel all alone
I just wanna go home
I miss you, you know

And I’ve been keeping all the letters that I wrote to you
Each one a line or two
“I’m fine baby, how are you?”
Well I would send them but I know that it’s just not enough
My words were cold and flat
And you deserve more than that

Let me go home
'Cause I’m just too far from where you are
I wanna come home

Let me go home
I’ve had my run
Baby, I’m done
I gotta go home
Let me go home
It will all be all right
I’ll be home tonight
I’m coming back home"

Thursday, January 18, 2007


did i ever told ya i'm a coffeholic~? more like starbucks freak! but really, i dig good coffees...whenever i felt like it~ like today, i think i was sugarhigh/hyper/ named it~ i was like a walking junkie that was so hyper active i felt that i must help all the people that i met..i was being quite a psycho..ahahaha...a little bit wonka i think..ahahaha. well still is~!'s all started with that 1/2 full of milo in a cup filled with hot water for late breakfast... 1 perfect shot of mocha strawberry whateva@sfc for afterlunch and lastly..perfect shot of espresso frapp@starbucks for dinner come supper! yes, with that perfect rocky road~ so chocolaty! i'm completely caffeinated~! ahahaha...the effect still last till now. oh ya, i made someone feel flattered today~ didnt think i can do that! it seems rite.

well, i have a date with my best friend yatoque, which happened to celebrate her birthday yesterday. so it seems quite appropriate for me to see her the day after. ye lah kan, dia pun nak redeem present dia. dasar perempuan~ ahahaha. but the celebration was so sweet. again, i rephrase, never thought i could do that. and then, me being quite "gedik" (which here meant hyper/pyshco/whatever).. i was requesting for a candle..customised my drinks..and sang to her birthday song in front of people. plus, i did networking with that girl working there (starbucks) broaden my horizon, konon~! hehehehe. betapa saikonya saya. but it was worth it~ every minute of it! thanx yatoque for being such a good friend..;) thank you too for appreciating your good friend..:D

so apa lagi ye? before terlupa. alamak, lupa lah saya apa nk ckp..ahaha. tp td dah buat jelingan maut kt delifrance klcc. you can expect me to boycott that particular outlet!

oh yeah! cant wait to see muse in action~! ok, i only bought the cheapest tix available. such a cheapskate. wakaka. well, i'm not interested to lompat2 terkinja2 and mix around people to see them. i'm like that old lady who only come to enjoy the music. ehehe. so me with my dear yatoque will sit at the corner of the stadium and enjoy their ever good live! music. uhuhu..tak saba la makcik~ sure seronoks! hopefully my another good friend kekure and her friends would finally got their seat. ;) haish kene follow up ni tanya dia current news.

oh satu lagi. updates on my room. such a mess. we both are. selamba je si yatoque ni mengatakan niat dia untuk provoke aku pindah ngan die..wek wek wek~! tunggu dan lihat saja. whatever happen next~!

tgh layan muse (black holes and revelations), MCR (the black parade). loving 'em all~ bila la my dear gerard and the whole bunch nk dtg malaysia ni..:-?

okla..cukup2lah tu updet blog. want to dream about my special someone (no one that i really know in reality) and pray for him to find me ASAP. pastu nyanyi sesama, "together we're invincible". kata nk kawin by 18 Feb, tp boipren tkde lg ni..camne??

Sunday, January 14, 2007

argh~ hilang lagi!

this time, my jeans jacket. :| unfortunately, i left it in deli france, klcc. went back less than 30 mins later, the bag's gone, the jacket gone. the manager claim did not receive anything from her staff and see anything under the table. sad. not that that piece of clothing was expensive. not at all..less than RM30. huhu. but the personal value is high. uhuks. now i have to buy a new one~ :( aku kene lepaskan baju itu. :( tambah plak, ada baju anak sedara skali dlm tu. baju2 yg t'tinggal kt s'pore. hilang jugak kt kl. so irony. huwa. ok enough~! lupakan baju itu. :(

Saturday, January 06, 2007

hello, sunshine~ (ala2 gaya mr wonka)'s 2007 already. how time flies. i'm 25+ and getting older each and everyday. huhu. what do i achieved eh? humm..let see. none stands out other than being me. plain impulsive naughty "sedikit malas" hazera :D

haha, resolution for 2007 is...nothing. :D for everyday, i am blessed with all these practical resolution, so i just stick to day-to-day resolutions and live the day as it is. my life, my way. but mind me, i still have what they called plans. it's all on my head. say, if i forget one..the plan will find its way back to me. so no worries. hehe.

so, it's already 6/1/2007. what i achieved so far...more to what i did so far. Bekerja bertungkus lumus dari hari rabu ke jumaat dengan selingan-selingan merehat minda. 80% competent and continously effective. :D akhirnya, mendapat hadiah dari minah kekure. thanx alot bebeh. i like, of course. sendiri mintak~ haha

currently, im sorting out all my personal belonging. CDs, mags, collectibles. musics, prints, such an expensive hobbies. bless me. :D eh, lemme story briefly what i did in singapore recently.

thursday nite: all the way to pudu with very heavy feet. terasa malas2 nk gerak. haha..smpat tgk "what women want" believe me, apart from them being handsome (some lah kan) (the contestant i meant) i dont want any of them. :D not what i want.
friday morn'- at the wee hour of 4am, arrived. found out my prepaid hasnt been registered yet. what the? i remembered it being registered at tmpoint when i'm downgrade my 3g line. haiya. manyak susah wo ini macam. i have to call the careline like at 4am and ask. lucky i'm quite in happy mood that morn, so takde lah amukan syaitan kat larkin. wakaka. neway, at that wee hour, still many people...looking lots like me..lost, sleepy..kalau disorongkan bantal, harus tidur~! apa-apapun, selamat sampai ke rumah bibik. dan jumpa mak..hoyeah..i love. lepas subuh, tidur wlaupun sebenarnya digesa emak ikut dia pegi umah bibik pia. haha. lucky me. tidur smpai puas. kunci alarm pon tk bgn. haha. after zohor, more likely after 3. gone to older uncle+untie house. my dear uncle is diagnosed with prostate cancer. it's been like the whole year, he has to undergo chemo and mostly radiotherapy. it's been glad to see him happy to see us visiting him, but in the same time devastated as there's no words to express what i was feeling that day. i just hope, he'll be OK and pray for his health.
after that went to jurong point to met mariyam, so we lupakan nk bgtau. ana, yam and me went to bibik pia's house all the way in ..(eh, lupe plak kat mana. tp yg pastinya, terhangguk2 gwe tertido dlm taxi haha)sampai2 makan. oh ye, my bibik and her husband were going to perform haj at Makkah. konon pegi menghantar la kan. :D yelah, dah my mak and bapak and also my oldest bro family datg sana, mestila mau menyibuk jugak. :D okla everything went well. but so damn tired. huhu.
saturday: my mak and bapak and the whole bunch balik ipoh that morning. me stay sampai bosan. :D gone to vivocity that evening. nice place. all the at south of spore, with view of sentosa island and the cable car. but i did not go there. maybe next time. :D
sunday: just hang around at house. ana's attend friend wedding. but on that evening, we went to movie. nice~ night at the museum :D then lunch/dinner at thai kitchen. OK~! thanx ana. muwah muwah.
monday morn: balik kl. but merempit with abang kiki. dia hanta gwe sampai larkin. hehe. best tk best? sangatlah experience nye ha..:D

oh tu je la. not too brief nampaknya. :D

uhuks..tuh je la setakat ni.tgh dok melayan lagu2. my chem, muse, the killers and lots of other songs. and hoping i could go to the muse concert. takda sapa nk belanja ke? :D