Monday, June 30, 2008


i didnt woke up at 230 or even at the sound of phone call..and i missed the final. huhuhu..and me, being the deutschland's kaki..feel a little sokongan tk smpai sana..tuh sbb kalah. hahaha..

it's okay then..that marks the end of my ball updates..for the next wc should be my next one..hopefully lah..hehe!

enjoy everyone, and i hope i have a great monday~! *cross-hands*

oh, spain for the second euro win ;) better luck next time, deutsch~

err, lupe lagi..rasanya mcm ada mimpi dia lah malam td..*sigh*

Sunday, June 29, 2008

nani's engagement + urbanscapes~

huhu..saturday was quite hectic! yes, it was! pg2 bgn..(if u consider 830 is pg la kan..haha) but i was quite degil malas nk terkenangkn, it's gonna be a longgg day...paksa diri bangun..basuh makan kucng..siap2 pegi umah nani..hooray~!

1. at nani's, it was great..gonna updates pix later..or maybe at my picasa. her theme was good, white.silver. :D the food was delicious..nyum2..rasa nk tmbah jek lagi..ehehehe..the offerings was nice..cantik jek..and goodie bag is cupcake! hopefully it was good. oh and chocolate..:D i like!

2.the journey towards urbanscape quite was like..2 trip to hani's house, again..and dari pukul 2 nk smpai klpac..turn-out almost 4 we arrived..sorry belot, for the lateness..:D hehe..but we did hv fun..watching movie, then eventually bought tix for theatre~ hahaha..nk kene carik duit lebih lagi nie..uhuks..but seriously, i like urbanscape..after 4 yrs waiting..and i vote for klpac again..the venue is like so sesuaii~ theatre for movie and gallery..and the atmosphere there is soooo peaceful..if u minus all the gig la kan..and and..the koi centre~! so la sesuaiii nk buat tmpt bercinta...ahahahaha...overalll, i give 4 out of 5 stars..for the urbanscape this yr..yeay~! cant wait for another one! :x

oh..didnt i tell you, yet! im so head over heels with, he's no spain footballer..he's 18 tho..but he's so handsome la for me..babyface one..and like i madly falling for him..lalala...oh, he's a model..thanks bff for pursuing me to buy female~ turn out this issue sgt best~! hahaha..i got the whole pages of gustavo..and lotsa other articles too..:D

okla..oh, thanks bff for the buy 1 free 1 at starbucks..cpat2 upload gamba..jgn lupa anta k~! ihiks..

muwahs all..thanks for making my weekend a blast~! few weeks..or can i say months, im gonna be...a slave..huhu..gudlaks to me~! semoga bertahan hingga ke akhirnya~! *crosshands, hard*~

oh oh...lupa lagi~!!! malam ni final euro..huhu..tgk sorang2 lg..mmg confirm jadi jambatan main lompat2 si kucing2 ku ini..huhu..malam ini, aku seorang penyokong jerman~! go, go, deutcsh~!

Thursday, June 26, 2008


woohoo~! 40% watching..haha..but on the last minutes of the game, the live got technical problem + even the host have to check the mighty Internet for updates..haha..

germany, as expected win 3-2 with last minute goal from lehm. good for them..hehe and me, as usual..mmg menjadi jambatan lompat2 brad+alvin..

tu jek..i dont think i watch la tonite..tomorrow morning, will jz update myself thru the official site.

jaa, minna~

germany v turkey

gonna watch the game tonite..that's the plan. having cooked nasi goreng beriani..which is tasty~ despice the sayor cmpor keras sket..haip..but i dont care..still sedap..haha..that settled for bfast this morning..

so, before i go and fix myself to be "jambatan utk brad+alvin main lompat" later...i just want to remind me..if not myself, everyone got their own problem..not just me, depressing about how sucks my life is..

ok, gonna update (def.) later on the game..which is only, would be the score..if i want to write a review..dah lama i ada kat basel tau, tgk bola tu live-in-action~ haha.

oh ye, i'm being lobbied actually, to root for how how?

am i game for this? :>

till later..bff, muwahs..i miss ya~

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

cant get enough of futurama~

yes, i am..huhu~

haha..right now waiting for the new movie to come out and watch it lalala. i've just cant get enough of the first movie..(watched it twice..cant wait for more~haha) and i am way beyond like la..the love-hate relationship of fry and leela~! uhuks..wish i can found the "one" similar to fry in sense of liking~! hiks..

guess, i never will..huks huks. oh, right now..i've just settled with what i got~ which is nothing~!

and the cats~ uhuks..they are the biggest jaga kucing..bukan anak lg.. i wonder? uhuks.. this might be the sign..i'm not ready yet to take care of anak org..ahaks

so, i am is..cant get enough of futurama, thank you~!

Saturday, June 21, 2008

thank you bff for your kind words :)

I want to be forgotten,and I don't want to be reminded.You say "please don't make this harder."No, I won't yet.I wanna be beside her.She wanna be admired.You say "please don't make this harder."No, I won't yet.Oh dear, is it really all true?Did they offend us and they want it to sound new?Top ten ideas for countdown shows...Whose culture is this and does anybody know?I wait and tell myself "life ain't chess,"But no one comes in and yes, you're alone...You don't miss me, I know.Oh Tennessee, what did you write?I come together in the middle of the night.Oh that's an ending that I can't write, 'cause I've got you to let me down. I want to be forgotten,and I don't want to be reminded.You say "please don't make this harder."No, I won't yet.I want to be beside her.She wanna be admired.You say "please don't make this harder." No, I won't yet...

-what ever happened? by the strokes.


tonite..i surrender, in trying to know man.

maybe tomorrow.. i start, again.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

France 0 - 2 Italy

huhu..almost 2 yrs since i watch football match. haha. and with this, i hv watched match of the "wc moment" france v. italy with 80% of the match im doing sleep..haha..and i deserve to grief for france for the least i got another an hour and a half to do so.

oh, thank you to kittens for managed to woke me up in shock with bunyi pecahan set comel cawan roomie at 230am. notti sgt korang ni..pdn muke, fila's wont talk to u 2 notti kittens for what...2 weeks. hahaha. on your face!

so, back to my grief..uhuks uhuks..maybe it's just not their luck with ribery injured only in 7 minutes playing..huhu..and then, the game was just quite a blur for me..and the reception signal of our house didnt help either..when i woke up..i dont know when, it's like i see 1-1..which makes me quite jumpy..but then..0-1..damn~! did they hv a chance? uhuks..well, wake up for subuh..and then surf to find the answers..huhu..mark the starts of my griefing day~ sleep again till 8 (kes malas juge nk pegi keje)..arrived at cekodok keras (kelig said, jgn beli lg dah), eat medicine, go training..and pissed. haha..and also, announce my griefness @gmail..ahaks..well, it's such an effort tau for me, with being sick, eat medicine which supposed to make me sleep..and also managed to catch 20% of the match..:D:D haa..tatau nk merapek apa dah nie..

okla, the conclusion is...even how much you like the team, if you are sick..please just be sick. dont push it..padan, now i want to sleep..

and yes, i make a very good meal for my dear me..bubur nasi+ikan bilis+hotdog <--food for sick people. night night~ :*

Monday, June 16, 2008


it's not a promise until you break it..haha..

i promised bff to update last thursday..but i didnt..sorry babe.

nothing much happen, really..apart from me, "buat2 merajuk, sendiri kena", "kes rindu mcm x caya je", "tk jd blk umah", "tido mcm x igt dunia", "tgk movie like there's no tomorrow"+"menjadi katak bawah tempurung yg plg hebat hari ahad", oh dan melayan kucing2 yg rupanya masih tk smpai sebulan pon dok rasanya mcm dh bertahun kitorg jaga.

oh, ye..dan saya lupa saya cuti's affirmative that this week gonna be hectic. lotsa things to be done and decide. i have assessment which i dont think is really make sense to me, but like i care la kan.. training for 2 days (only observer..(bengong)), workshop on fri, a couple of paperworks. a note from our big boss. a long with a deep meaning. ahaks. penat i baca..dn cuba faham. whatever it is, boss..kalau i kawin, i nk cuti sebulan ye..terima kasih..and i'll make sure every work or task that is under my provision will be done with me or without me in the office..i'm mobile, baby~!

ngantok, and i make tasty nasi goreng paprik~! hehe.

nite nite all..

Monday, June 09, 2008

siapa nort?

sepi sendiri aku benci..

isnin mula lewat.. gara2 sendiri..
isnin dibilang blues.. gara2 sendiri..
isnin bikin bingung.. gara2 sendiri..
harus ditewas rasa ini.. bagaimana?

kata umpama tiada erti, sekelumit pun tidak mampu menyuarakan apa yang tersirat..apatah lagi jika tuan badan pun tidak mengerti..apa kata hati?

jadi, apakah mungkin aku lewat saja..dan biarkan ianya menjadi..sepi~

Thursday, June 05, 2008

mimpi yang terbunuh.

sudah..berakhir sudah..
harapanku.. 'tuk memiliki hatimu..
hancur.. semua anganku..
semua hayalanku..
dirimu diriku.. menjadi satu..

taukah kamu..bahwa diriku..
terlanjur jatuh..dalam cintamu..
hingga dirimu..bunuh mimpiku..

sudah..kuberi semua..
segala yang kau minta..
untuk memuaskan maumu..
tapi..kau membalasnya..
begitu kejam..
hingga hancurkan diriku..mimpiku..

apa yang kau cari..
tak cukupkah diriku berarti..