Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Just a quick one!

If you know me, I'm the most un-organized person, even when I try to be one. :>

So, following advise from Nubby from her post Organization Methods: Tips and Tricks from A Virgo (from ages ago); I'm very determined to be organized for a bit. Ok, maybe not solely from her..I'll take some bits and pieces from my dear hommie/bff advise too (who's a Virgo, too!). Oh, nampaknya memang si Virgo memang seorang yang organized~ hehe and also, my Capricorn bff. :) and of course, internet! Informations' heaven.

As, I want to invite them over, someday. And that someday was too long ago..Hence, I MUST do something. So, this weekend is my HOME time. 

To transform from this, 

to this :)

Or somewhat likely. Hehe.

Monday, March 26, 2012


(for people with talent!) by George Lois. Hehe, seems like a very mad book! Yes, I got the book yesterday because of the promotion. Bought it with Azlina, and with the promo of 50% for second book and also another 10% off because of Borders card, we end up got the book for a mere RM20!! A very good bargain!! Yes, I'm mad now..haha.

Speaking about mad, I came to know about a series, Mad Men, just going to it's 5th season in US yesterday because of Joanna's post on the Mad Men Love. The clips of Don Draper saying "What" was just freaking hilarious and awesome at the same time. Hehe. Well, could be in my list to watch, dapper! Hopeful for a not busy year. Yeay, right! Oh, let's see the face of Don Draper, and the video shall we?

Ok, back to the book..DAMN GOOD ADVICE~ I just read a few pages, and it seems interesting. I hope I could finish it up quick and grab the very DAMN GOOD ADVICE :) George Lois seems a very very mad man..and, the Esquire covers does have an aura in it. 

credit to phaidon.com

The publisher is Phaidon, and the cover of the book is just like the one by Paul Arden..wow, I love!! Psst, that's the post draft about. Ah, I hope I have the will to post about that. For now, I just enjoy the new book, and maybe, the new found old series.

On another notes, it has been quite a week for me. A few weeks back, has been down..and then up again. A few bad news and more good news. Alhamdulillah :) Now, I'm a happy woman, not so mad. 

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

I love Paper!!

Actually, I have another post in draft..but this cannot wait..haha..*takut terlupa*

Just now, I've been looking for paper cutter in Malaysia and by that, I mean online..:) Then, I find this blog, which is surprisingly nice..on craft..and a Malaysian! How cool is that? I know one, by one, I mean my bff..hehe.

This blog, with a name of miyyah@kertas is a very interesting crafts made by paper. So comel!! The crafts has made me itching to do one of those quilling. (Well, still need to do some research about that!) But, sooooo Cute!! See below for pictures..:)

*all pictures are property of miyyah@kertas

OK!! I must stop now..haha..too many eye-candy! chow!

Friday, March 09, 2012

I have new addiction, that is.......

Neon Trees! or, is it Tyler~! *blush*

Image Credit: Tyler Glenn

cute, heh? Well, he's some sort of bad boy that I would like :>

and, my current tunes...Everybody Talks!! don't they?

I just have viewed their animated music video and they are just rad and cute!!! oh, I love cute..:>

and the lyrics...awesome!

hey baby won't you look my way,i could be your new addictionhey baby what you got to say,all you're giving me is fictioni'm a sorry sucker and this happens all the timei find out thateverybody talkseverybody talkseverybody talks

chorus:it started with a whisperand that was when i kissed herand then she made my lips hurti can hear the chit-chattake me to your love shackmama's always got a backtrackwhen everybody talks back

hey honey you could be my drugyou could be my new prescriptiontoo much, get me an overdoseall this trash talk make me itchingoh my my shiteverybody talkseverybody talkseverybody talkstoo much

never thought i'd live to see the daywhen everybody's words got in the way

hey sugar show me all your loveall you're giving me is frictionhey sugar what you got to say

Ok, off now..I'm quite stressed..and can't wait to be home!! 

update: Oh, I'm still in flow..haha..just found out that actually, the official music video's out!!! argh, can't see it now, hopefully to watch it soon..i bet it's totally rad..50s, drive-in, and zombies!? awesome, obviously~!