Thursday, June 07, 2012

something about health :)

This is old, too..:D

I have gone to a medical check up somewhere late last year...and my uric acid is just a little beyond the borderline!!! 0.359 whereby the border is 0.357. yes, yes..a little is too little but if compared to my last medical check up..err maybe 0.1 something (somewhere around 2007, I think!) it's a bit skyrocketted~ :( 

I've been forgetting about it for a while, and suddenly this morning..I've the urge to look at it again, and it occurs to me that I must do something about it.

Hence, I've been doing a bit digging and would try to follow this tips on How to Lower Uric Acid Levels Naturally In 3 Simple Steps. the steps are:

1) Drink more water <--please do!
2) Consume a baking soda solution <--err, will do (eventually)
3) Change to a low purine diet <--will try..

Please read the article for more information. :)

ps: I've read in the result folder (there's a bit information on what to eat for reducing uric acid), foods that you can eat freely includes coffee~!!, please expect me to drinks more of this :>

breakfast, this morning @10am :)

Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Borobodur, Yogyakarta in pictures.

I've snapped I think hundreds of photos back in Borobodur. It was a good 2 hours plus spent..and I'm amazed at myself on how I managed to climbed all the way to the top! Way to go, nort! :>

Bit of pictures for your I'm still picking and adjusting for prints..ehehe..cant wait for the travelogue to finish~ 
stupa of Borobodur
such a magnificent view
This post going to be a growing one, as I'm such a procrastinator! hehe..

with a headless Buddha statue doing 'Vara mudra'
which symbolic meaning  is benevolence, alms giving

Tuesday, June 05, 2012

The Best Group Picture at moi Team Building :)

Old news!! This was definitely old~ circa last year :)


I have a few this week!!

1. My redemption to print pictures!!! the expiry date is on 10 June 2012, and I have not finished picking up 100 files to be printed :( hurry up, WOMAN!!

2. Rentall???!!!!! Yes, I have not pay this month rental yet, because of the banyak songeh handy-man!! It's been few weeks already that my house is dark, at least in the living room and I dont like it. I've been postponing to call handy-man, because a) I'm going for a trip b) I have not got any number..and one thing led to another, at last, I have to call back the banyak songeh handy-man. So, long story short..I hope he come this evening and quote me the price, so that I can pay rental!

3. Payment for mixer..hehe..this is related to the above. When I pay the rental, than I can pay for mixer. And just cant wait to receive the mixer. Rumor has it, that it's been shipped..I'm thinking biskut raya recipes now..haha..yummeh~!

4. Works deadlines..See how personal life is more important than work?? ehehe..but, I think I have speed up my reading..i quote my boss (whom I think quote somebody else), "Take your time, but hurry up!" haa? :p

Gemma Correll‘s Death By Chocolate made me chuckle.
(via  swissmiss, via @kottke)
ps: totally unrelated..i know~

Update: Item 2 separa settle..Item 3 settled! Now, to set appointment to do the lamp set installation...Rumah-ku akan kembali terang...No more gloominess~!! :>
Eh, Item 1 sudah dimulai..yippie!!

Monday, June 04, 2012

Moonrise Kingdom

Just read Joanna's post on Wes Anderson's new movie, Moonrise Kingdom. The trailer is just funny!! and has me wanting to watch it! Hopeful that the movie's available in Malaysia!

Go here and watch more videos, the official website. The navigation's quite cool. :)