Thursday, May 28, 2009


bersyukur...and i must strive harder..and smarter~! ;)

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

It's been 1 year 4 days~!

...since addition of Brad+Alvin in the 3-13-1 clan. woo hoo~! ini adalah kes terlupa anniversary, which explains the extra 4 days..hehe.

anyhoo, the cats are fat, phat and alv lost his hair whilst brad grown more..ihiks. and both soooo cuddle-able. (more to brad, actually~!)

ok, keja keja! smpai botak kepala!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

hey~ have you heard?

Blink182 re-unite! huhuhu...i'm definitely head over heels...mcm dah agak cair pon ada nie....I so lurve them very much...

You can read it here, here, here, here, here and actually the lists go on!'s a MISS i only know it like now..:( but it's ok (ayat sedapkan hati) i still love mark..and he's 37!

teringat plak my post about list of men that i like/love/whatever!

hahaha..mmg sgt pencinta lelakilah saya ni..::x:*

apa yang kita kejar?!

love? fame? money?

Monday, May 18, 2009

yeay! the song that i like..

local rupanya..yeay yeay! no more hunting for the song. lalala ..supports local products! yippie!

Excuse Me
Lyrics by Jipie Music by Pesawat

I don't know what you want...
But I would never give up for you...
Do you know what I want?
That I would never wanna give you an excuse...

It seems so easy..
Yet pleasing...
You heard what I've said...
Maybe its never too late...

But it's not over....till its over!

Shed some shine
When you feeling fine..
With somebody (with somebody)
I don't know if I could take this...
To be somebody (be somebody)

You knew ...what I've said
We tend to make a mistake
Believe me all instead...
Maybe it's time for us to bend and break

But it's not over ...till its over!

Shed some shine
When you feeling fine...
With somebody (with somebody)
I don't know if I could take this...
To be somebody (be somebody)

Shed some shine when you feeling fine
With Somebody (with somebody)
I don't know if I could change this...
To be somebody somebody

Do I love you?

It's not over....till its over...

note: Pix & lyrics "pinjam"ed from Pesawat myspace's blog. TQ.

psst..later la i update on my BKK experience..:x

Friday, May 15, 2009

guess where I'm at!?

hehehe..maybe it's not a very good time top visit bangkok now...i'm stuck here in the guesthouse lobby! it's been raining the whole morning..and believe me, it's good to snuggle up in bed...butttt, i'm in land of smiles now! i want to visit the grand palace..the wats and i want to go to the night market that we did not manage to go to last nite!

oh, you know what? we have fine dining at indian's cuisine last nite. it stated halal, so we went in..with 25% off ala carte, we spent a bit after hundred there..:( seb baik sedap kecuali silap order kuah lain plak..tuh yg terlebih mahal plak...sooooo, no fine dining after this..hehe..i've been running low in baht deparment..and i have not shop yet at chatuchak! no no no! so, have to jalan2 today..finish up all the sight seeings..before shop til you drop at chatuchak..hehe

ok! cant wait to see you gals at home! and the boys too...huhu..muwahs!

Saturday, May 09, 2009

ebony & ivory cheesecake!

yang dah takde la nak cari kan...butttt, i've been looking for it for
a while now..huhu. the cake was so nice i really love it! and i always
try to search for it whenever i go to starbucks.but always to no
avail...pity me..

humm..well right now, im in starbucks in the hope of
ebony& dpt..barulah tau dah tak produce lg. but it's
so yummy!!!!! i really love it! now, i crave for it..huhu..maybe i
should bake it someday...haha...i wonder when would be my someday!
lalala is one of best friend's wedding. lucky, i sms-ed her in
the morning..i really thought her nikah is on the nite! teruk
betul..ahaks..pape pon, Alhamdulillah her ceremony went well...good
good. :x i'm happy for her..harapnya she'll lead happy and good

on other notes, this one shopaholic got one confessionnn! i spent way
too much how? how can i curb my sickness of seeing everything
essential and important? ahahahaha..oops oops..serious issue here
please! dont laugh..lalala. uhuks.. got to curb this like...PANTASS!

i vow to myself, the bangkok trip would be end of my lavish
spending..after that only necessary item. kabush! ihiks.

oh, okla..maybe i should be back home i and kemas rumah..or cuddle up
with Alv. hehe..lagipon..this starbucks is too noisy la..if you want
noisy,.outside la, kat dalam ni nk chill2 jek..terganggu internet
i..walaupon senanya tk berjaya gune strbucks wifi :( terpaksalah gune
my already-exceed-5gb-broadband-usage! sgt tk best...oh..terganggu nya
gelak beso minah ni..uhuhu..baik aku belah before more sins is

so, till next time..oh, you know what? terganggu dgn lagu yg taktau
sapa nyanyi ni..dok cari tk, if anyone..knows who sang song
that goes something like this.."but it's not over till it's
over..bla3.." gimme a buzz! muwahs..thanks! well i heard it 2x already

oh! i'll start my special sem next week..wish me luck! :) TQ.

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

what a FINE day~

yes, it was.. I guess. I miss/wonder what ever happened to hero. :/ but nvm..did make over today and i was glittery all the way..haha. talk about me being glam..:D

and I bought myself 3 color eyeliner for bff wedding (well, actually I bought 2..then what about the guy's side? she asked. :p so in the end, it's 3..hehe) oklah tu..i'm going to use it anyway~

I cant wait for my high-risk trip..but it's hopeful that everything's gonna be find. *cross hands* but InsyaAllah, we'll have the safe go and return and fun and souvenirs <-- ni yang penting nie..I've to do lists of all things to buy one to be missed! that'll include hero (walaupn cam x pnah nk pass brg lagi..haha) so hopefully, everything's OK!

and now, countdown to the trip! bff wedding! life!

so, take care all..

Monday, May 04, 2009