Monday, April 28, 2008

recklessly impulsive~

help~! i have affluenza~ not chronic..but almost :(

and i havent post anything on my favorite idol :((

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

morning, everyone!

the post of my favourite idol is not done...huhuhuhu

and i dont know why friends cannot post comment. huhu..why blogger, why? :(

Monday, April 21, 2008

why do fools fall in love?

because they are..FOOLS..ahahahaha.

im pissed and im sorry..

Sunday, April 20, 2008


this is what you get...when you are impulsive, emotionally distressed + just plain gila!, ode to my idol~!

Sunday, April 13, 2008


wuhuu. got 2 days extra weekends..with thursday being sick. i got diarrhea..uhuks..too many acid in my tummy, i cant handle..and still sick now~ :( friday&saturday spent in peninsular residence, business suite hotel. OKla~ i think i might make sis feeling crap, but do not want to think or write more on it.

well, lots been going on! and i hate to mention it here..because that would have reminded me that lot of things were taken for granted. haha. like for instance, safety & security. how we fail to take care of ourselves, friends, belongings.. but i dont want to start on that.

i want to tell one funny but strange thing. i dreamt of him, twice..two days in a row. huhu. it was flattering, yes. we didnt do bad things, obviously, it just strange..but i dont know what to think, or what to feel..with my tummy and my body problems..huhuhu..i hate la this weekend~ no..this week! it's tire me, mentally and physically..:(

will i dreamt of him later tonight? that i dont know..have to sleep first and find out~! haha

i dont know about him, but im surely missing him. goodnight~!

ps: having watched gossip girl the whole day..i need someone like dan humphrey, pronto! :* alaa..but i like rufus too~ dan's father. ahaha. oh, the OSTs great! listening to oneRepublic, they're cool!

pss:lupe plak, thanks bff for the dedication~! :p

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

happy birthday, husband!

as a tribute to him, i've updated my description. yelah, kantoi tk smpat nk buat something..hehe..but anyway, my dear gerard arthur way, happy 31st birthday, eventho u didnt look like one..hehe. you know, i've almost hv to separate with you, damn environment! makes me do it..luckily, the system went "weng" a lil bit, and you're safe! and my fantasy la. anyway, dear..i hope ur happy with your real wife (i didnt bought any of her albums yet)..and please be sober, baby! i need you..i hope as long as i ever lived. ;) and on this day, for the rest of my life, i remember you.

haha..just read what i wrote last year for him..

"11 April 2007 - another one! nk wish jugak lagi, sbb i'm so loving this man~ (walaupun org lain akan admit they do too; well, at least not my friends la kan. org2 lain kat the whole wide world) dear gerard arthur way~ happy birthday! dunno how you celebrate it this yr. no coke and drinks for you ok, my dear! not good for your health. starbucks should be OK~ eventho not too healthy also. ahaha. neway, you shall be my forever obsession (for now!) until i find me a very decent man. kalau smpt, saya mimpikan awak,ok~"

tee hee, that was last year..still are my my forever about next yr eh? well, well well, love makes you do lotsa things! my dear husband, taking care always! oh, thanks for missing me yesterday..:* (kalau rajin, klik di sini untuk tahu bagaimana dan kenapa)

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

our little "re-union".

hahaha..yeay, right~!

our so-called re-union, happened when my sis, yanti, asked whether i was out for err..a re-union..and me, with such a straight face said, yes~! funny la me, as me and the girlfriends...was like seeing, if not talking, like, to be called re-union, was like..ahaha..funny funny funny~!

but anyways, we go and eat at chillies..with all of us, gladly or might i say, unconsciously, have our days before the actual Chillies days~! me, went with my dearest colleagues, like last last thursday at klcc (with fila got to eat on "walaupun baki, masih byk lagi :D) ..and yatoque last wk (tk igt kat mane)..

well, to actually set the date was quite not troublesome (sketla)..but really hard to find suitable times..with our ms student who got class every tue, wed+thurs..and ms fii always got work and hv to make appointmnt like early..and me..well, me..i dont hv any probs to fit any, finally after much consideration..ahaha..exegerate~! we set the date to yesterday! yeay, best!

and the output is here and the pix above~! maybe we're all over-excited over our little "re-union," there are no pix of our way delicious food taken. we have triple play (bit masin, but still yummy), monterey chicken (bff pick), mushroom jack fajitas (yummy~!) and lastly, nyum nyummmm, our desserts, molten chocolate cake.

all in all, it was a FUN nite out~! and now, i have to think what to write to my dear husband. till 9 Apr post..muwahs..nitenite~!

Thursday, April 03, 2008

i remember you.

Just watched October Road..such a good episode. i remember you. sometimes, we did take life for granted. im not sorry though, i didnt update much, maybe i shall update more later. but now, i just want to indulge "i remember you" by skid row..a song that first came 18 yrs ago..i was like 9yrs old then. i didnt even know this song..haha. but i find it appealing. the intro guitar, the sounds, the voice..oh sebastian bach..handsome! in a ****ing rocker way..and he's cool! like gerard way i like! ok, need sleep! tomorrow gonna be a long day~ aktiviti makan dan kerja! i remember you, hero!
Woke up to the sound of pouring rain
The wind would whisper and I'd think of you
And all the tears you cried, that called my name
And when you needed me I came through

I paint a picture of the days gone by
When love went blind and you would make me see
I'd stare a lifetime into your eyes
So that I knew you were there for me
Time after time you were there for me

Remember yesterday - walking hand in hand
Love letters in the sand - I remember you
Through the sleepless nights and every endless day
I'd wanna hear you say - I remember you

We spend the summer with the top rolled down
Wished ever after would be like this
You said I love you babe, without a sound
I said I'd give my life for just one kiss
I'd live for your smile and die for your kiss

Remember yesterday - walking hand in hand
Love letters in the sand - I remember you
Through the sleepless nights and every endless day
Id wanna hear you say - I remember you

We've had our share of hard times
But thats the price we paid
And through it all we kept the promise that we made
I swear you''ll never be lonely

Woke up to the sound of pouring rain
Washed away a dream of you
But nothing else could ever take you away
cause you'll always be my dream come true
Oh my darling, I love you