Tuesday, July 29, 2008

what a finale~

bila saat diperlukan...ahaha..am i drama queening? weks..

sin,dar&ela berakhir dengan bukan yang aku mau. mana tidaknya, aku yang pro-hussin..tentulah mahukan akhiran yang pro-hussin kan? ahaha. tp tidak mengapa tengku hussin, aku ada ni..silalah ke rumah..ahahaha. oklah, salut kepada pengarah dan pembikin cerita..walaupun bukan akhiran yang tipikal..penuh dengan simpulan yang terungkai ataupun akhiran cerita yang menjurus kepada cerita baru, mungkin? biarlah waktu memberitahu.

oh, hari minggu ku berlalu dengan agak lancar. sabtu bersiap untuk kenduri, dengan aku bermain anak saudara nabil dan akhirnya berjaya membuat roti jala tanpa sengaja. rancangan ku untuk menonton tertunda, kerana semuanya mau bantu mak, kononnya.

ahad, menonton "x-files: i want to believe". dan berjaya tonton "the dark knight" sebelah malamnya. dan membeli belah agak hebatnya. kasut untuk raya satu, kasut untuk majlis adik satu dan satu kasut kerja berwarna hitam (lagi!). oh, baju juga.

isnin, pergi beli tiket bas..sambil singgah ke tabung haji dan pejabat pos. tersesat ke kedai kain semasa tunggu bapak habiskan urusan di pejabat bos, dan membeli baju kurung. lalala..baik hentikan penceritaan pembelian nie..haha. petangnya, kembali ke kuala lumpur dengan barang yang agak banyak. lelah setibanya sampai rumah dan seperti penceritaan teman serumah..kucing2 ku yg 2 ekor tu memecahkan cawan berisi perkakas dapur. marah sungguh saya sebentar dan sememangnya mereka akan, telah dan sedang didenda. :D

selasa pula, pergi kerja dengan perasaan malas sedikit, tapi hidup mesti terus. hati kena tabah juga.. dan kene bersungguh lagi. nampaknya, masih banyak kelemahan perlu diperbaiki.

pedulikan mereka yang tidak sepatutnya. aku penentu nasib sendiri.

cinta tak semestinya bersatu, betul kan teman serumah? huhu

Friday, July 25, 2008

tell me what to do.

lalala..im still unwell..deep inside..lalala again! but this must stop..so i hope with my 3days at ipoh..would cure me..lalala again and again!

did i tell u, i've asked him to watch "the dark knight" which i know beforehand what would be his action..can you tell? nada la of course..hahaha..but that's not gonna break me down, even i know..i would feel broken inside..lalala. i just shove it away, and tada..i am definitely OK~

this week is definitely is combination of events which i could say sucks and of course not so sucks la kan. but i do feel kinda down at office. i shouldnt take things personally or rather granted..i am, sometimes! so, shove them awayy, againn..and of course, I AM OK~ lalala

hey..this is not what i want to story about..it's me now @starbucks pudu waiting for my bus at 1030pm..and sister, ila with her friend.we're going back together to kg..i want to tell about songs that been lingering like..now..i've been repeating this song..i dont know how many times..but tell me what to do..is definitely the song that not that cool..but more to techno thingy..or rock techno..i dunno..it's just too catchy..i likeeee the chorus...lalalala..maybe this week not so bad..i've found two bands that totally cool. firstly, thanks to roomie for the intro..LUDO, i've their latest album.."you're awful, i love you"..i just like their kinda gila2 lyrics with kinky behavior..sometimes la..but no worries husband..your band is always in my top 5..lalala..the other one is Metro Station..i found them through radio (note: i've been akhirnya dgr radio..lalala..thanks to the new extension..i like~) got their album...and all songs is sooooo listenable..which is quite strange for me..but maybe becos of the catchiness..lalala...uhuks..

cannot tell much la..the barista has been mopping at my side of table..gile menghalau kan..so..maybe someday..tell you more~!

right now, im going to pudu...and wait for my bus with my caramel frap and my ipod!

syukur Alhamdulillah for all the blessing in my life.

hope i would be thoroughly OK.muwahs all my friends~

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

and that's the reason why when you're young, you fall in love...

yea, damn right! i did fall in love, but does love fall in me? no, no, no..they say, you wait la..so i said, wait your arse la~ wait wait wait..how long? then, if you dont find..they say, tuh la..when you're young, dont wanna find someone...yolah tuh..who said i didnt find..all was failures without even begin what? me choosy? is it? no lah..who said i was..but seems that no one would see me as me am..so what to do? rot in holes, b*tch! i say..

haha..well, it's empty..maybe when i'm dead, someone'll love me~ it'll be GREAT! dont you think?


Si vous venez de réaliser ce que je viens de réaliser,
Ensuite, nous nous ferons un parfait les uns pour les autres
Et vous ne trouverez jamais un autre
Viens de réaliser ce que je viens de réaliser
Nous n'avions jamais se demander si
Nous avons manqué à l'une de l'autre.

Monday, July 21, 2008

love me dead~!

thanks to roomie, i so like this song..okla..the video..ahaha..so funny..kinda follow what's the lyric says..:D:D as roomie said, part mcr, part simple plan..lalala..so like, INDIE~ haha..but kinda rock band that i would like. hehe

so, enjoice~ (but sorry bff, our network wont allow it! huhu)

Love me cancerously
Like a salt-sore soaked in the sea.
'High-maintenance' means
You're a gluttonous queen
Narcissistic and mean.
Kill me romantically
Fill my soul with vomit
Then ask me for a piece of gum.
Bitter and dumb
You're my sugarplum.
You're awful, I love you!

She moves through moonbeams slowly
She knows just how to hold me
And when her edges soften
Her body is my coffin
I know she drains me slowly
She wears me down to bones in bed

Must be the sign on my head
That says, oh...
Love me dead! Love me dead!

You're a faith-healer on T.V.
You're an office park without any trees
Corporate and cold
Gushing for gold
Leave me alone.
You suck so passionately
You're a parasitic, psycho, filthy creature
finger-bangin' my heart
You call me up drunk
Does the fun ever start?
You're hideous and sexy!

Must be the sign on my head
That says, oh...
Love me dead! Love me dead!

Love me cancerously
How's your new boy?
Does he know about me?
You've got the mark of the beast.
You're born of a jackal! You're beautiful!

Wha' 'bout that sign on my head
That says, oh...
Love me dead!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

for alvin, who is to be neutered..

thanks to art, i've successfully read "the witch of portobello". the title itself has made me wander about portobello, but the story wasnt..but i like it~! a different approach in describing the witch. haha..well, i feel good!

and now..i've been tagged!! like last week..maaplah bff baru nk buat nie..jgn marah k! :P

5 things in my bag:
i. my 3G k610i handphone (ntah btul ke tk..but it does serve my craze for video calling..haha<--malangnya takde sapa dah nk bervideo call dgn)
ii. my esprit walllet
iii. keys + my little black book
iv. CD lip gloss (sometimes i dont hv cosmetics in my bag, tatau nape tetibe ada satu..haha)
v. my almost FULL ipod classic! (serves me well during my "breeze" walk to office

5 things in my wallet:
i. notes and cents
ii. essentials: ic, driving license yg tk gune langsung (must drive car this weekend!), medical card, ATM cards
iii. no photo watsoever (new wallet, still single, dont hv time to find pix to put..but i do have 1 big compartment for pix in it..need to update, definitely!)
iv. cards: isetan, bonuslink, real, kotamas, borders RM30, aussino, jcard
v. others: i have voucher to sunway theme park. other than that..naada!

5 favourite things in my bedroom:
i. my "penjara nort" bedframe
ii. the ikea spring mattress that quite the reason i always oversleep
iii. all my bedsheets, cozy pillows, comfy comforter and alls that's on my bed (that might include alvin+brad<--when they kacau me lah)
iv. i like the built-in wardrobe too..happily fit all my clothes
v. the cermin also i like..with its drawers and space to put all my make-up and stuff..eh, i like all my books too..:D my reading area. haha

5 things i wish to do:
i. of course to finish this fast so i can sleep..oh, but i cant..have work to do.huhuhu
ii. kalau boleh, nk jumpe tengku hussein pastu ckp kat die..saya kan ada..*wink wink dgn gediknya*
iii.kalau boleh gak, nk jumpe budak sebelah rumah pastu ckp kat die, "cant you see and get it, already?"
iv. kalau boleh jugak..kalau boleh laa kn..nk jumpe gerard way face to face and heart to heart..ecewahh~!
v. honeymoon ngan husband.

5 things i'm doing now:
i. menjawab mende alah ni la kan..:P
ii. berangan pasal tengku hussein, pastu ngan gerard gak..pastu ngan budak sebelah rumah la..huhuhu..takleh concentrate ni..huhuhu
iii. pastu pk2 plak..camne la nk menghadapi the rest of the week.
iv. chat ngan sesapa tah..boleh tk kalau tk layan je?
v. haa..si alvin ni dh mengacau dah..tgh duduk atas my lap..:P

5 people i would like to tag: (make sure u have this game on your blog)
i. i dont hv 5 ppl la..how? the one that tagged me of course already did rite..the one she tagged which me + roomie..done already..so who else?
ii. sapa2 nk buat la kot
iii. cos..
iv. im ending it..
v. here..lalala

oklaa..nitenite everyone! i miss you.

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

the alchemist-paulo coelho

i finished the alchemist in almost 3 hours. the interesting story of a shepherd, santiago. how he traverse the world for treasure. his Personal Legends, one's goal in life..his adventures, how he met the world, how he become the world. and how he found his love.

the story makes me wonder and wander..what's my own personal legends? well, right now..i'm Lost and hope to find one shoulder perfectly fit me to lean on for the rest of my life.

"when you are in love, things make even more sense, he thought."

Monday, July 07, 2008

where have my "love life" gone?

i dunno where it is..huhu..i'm sad..because i like the story..it's sad..to lose someone, when you and him/her are meant to be forever..but to sulk over it is a no-no..so, a plead to my dear friends..if you gals have it, please return it..huhu

thanks a lot~!

oh, good news everyone~! found back my AIRCON tix.. yeay~!

bad news..it is indeed monday blues! i got tons of work..and i cant find where the hell to apply for MBA in UM site! is it me, being so stupid today? huhuhu

Thursday, July 03, 2008


i've watched a theatre, as title, last night. meant to update it asap, but my eyes and body defeated me. :D oh, it was a full house preview..and i hope, the play will get a very good review!

i lost the ticket, though..feel a lil sad about it..so jz hv to bear with the lost..like the poem's read in the play, "One Art" by Elizabeth Bishop.

"The art of losing isn't hard to master;
so many things seem filled with the intent
to be lost that their loss is no disaster.
Lose something every day. Accept the fluster
of lost door keys, the hour badly spent.
The art of losing isn't hard to master.
Then practice losing farther, losing faster:
places, and names, and where it was you meant
to travel. None of these will bring disaster.
I lost my mother's watch. And look! my last, or
next-to-last, of three loved houses went.
The art of losing isn't hard to master.
I lost two cities, lovely ones. And, vaster,
some realms I owned, two rivers, a continent.
I miss them, but it wasn't a disaster.
---Even losing you (the joking voice, a gesture
I love) I shan't have lied. It's evident
the art of losing's not too hard to master
though it may look like (Write it!) like disaster."

so, the play...hum.what i can say most...is, im so like the actors..all of them did a very good job in conveying the mesg..ok2 maybe some of them, talk a bit faster, or sounds mumbling..but it is good~! i like projection of Bob/Burn on his recital of ayat Qursi, azan, and even performing the shalat..I can say it did bring goosebump a lil..hehe..Chep is great actor too..he did outlive his character...and the foursome awesome? tk igt lak..they're cool..conveying their lembut.lembik style with character, i might say~ aishwarya! superb..just marvelous..the teacher's , cikgu hensem and ustaz..just the kind of character's needed in the play..haaa..dont forget ah kok~ the aircond repairman, yg suka menyibuk~! ahaha

so, overall..i can see shahnon has success in potraying the scandal between the young hearts, the character is given a fair share of scene. hehe..and the directors are great~! i say... a play well done~!

therefore, my dear friends...(kalau burn tk ckp pun, nk promote gak~! haha)..tengokla AIRCON @pentas 2, KLPAC. now until this sunday~ more details can be found here <--event in facebook. :D

some details on the play is here -->
3-6 July 2008
830pm (Thurs-Sun)
3pm (Sat-Sun)
RM 42, RM 27 (students, seniors)

updates on me--> i feel so not motivated on tuesday night..ahahaha..resulting me to sleep my head in on wed morn till noon..im OK now, i guess..thank you~!