Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Should I Check my Email?

Should I Check my Email? A flowchart by  Wendy MacNaughton for a Forbes article on how and why to ignore your inbox.

via swissmiss

Interesting~ Sometimes I just forget to check, especially when I'm at home~!

Happy Birthday, Bapak :>

Selamat Hari Lahir, Bapak! :>
a picture back in 2008 kot~ during my sis wedding!
*tak call/sms lagi nie..hehe

update: Bapak called and I wished him. Guess what he wanted for his birthday?? A new golf club! or was it a new golf club set? huhu..trus ckap, tak mampu!! hehe..at least after we go Makkah la ye my dear Bapak! :p

Monday, April 09, 2012

Happy Birthday, Gerard Arthur Way..

huhu..I have schedule, but I did not managed to follow it~! :( but, anyway...just a very quick one, because it's my husband's birthday~!!!! (in DEV, at least) So, here goes...

Happy Birthday Gerard Arthur Way...I will always remember that you're my husband...hehehe
May you have a great day! and please, new songs~!! I miss you~

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ok, dah..jom buat kerja~! This week I have extra one and half day of leave, one being a public holiday (Pertabalan Agong) and half being my another half day from last Friday!! I'm going home!! yeay! I might try to have a date, but we never know. :)