Thursday, October 18, 2007

it's my birthday~! is. well, nothing special on this day..just a day, that i might got a little attention a bit..ahaks. :D

thank you for all the sms wishes, phone calls, and everything, my dearest friends + families. ahaks.. more love~

will be back to SgRokam soon..and believe me..i'm on leave today, eventhough i have came and still here at the office..:D what to do eh? dont hv anything special la in mind to do..huk huk..with me being sick (flu+fever a bit+cold+cough)..hukhuk..


taking care~ happy raya!

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Eid mubaraks, everyone~!

uhuks, since the last was like in the mid of fasting..and now, just another 2 days to celebrate raya or "eid"..ihiks. finally, i made the e-card to circulate to friends, and i will gladly post it here. :D with some notes, notes of love, if you may..ahaks..

to everyone, Selamat Hari Raya + Maaf Zahir Batin.. makan lebih2 sket ok~! hehehe..:D

utk hommie, maafkan aku selama ada tersalah pape ke..ok? kot2 ada yg tk terpuas hati ke kan? yelah..keadaan rumah tuh mcm horror jek kosong-kosong k, muwahs..cya next week..pastu jgn lupa buat cornflakes choc tau~! this time, i will be doing what you've done..muahaha..oh, td ptt boleh jek buat sessi bermaafan..ahaks..takpe takpe..after balik cuti~!

untuk bff, selamat hari raya beb~! maafkan aku ok, walaupun tadik kita dah buat session tu kan..tuh dpt nk peluk2..ahahaha..takpelah, virtual jelah ye..ahaks. akan ku datang ke rumah ko raya nnt..wait for me~!

utk kekure, maafkan aku kalo ko byk terasa ye, sejak 2 menjak ni. :D:D kosong-kosong..datang lah umah raya ni..kalo ko dtg..aku buat la something special..ahaks.

yang lain tuh..mcm takde la kot..jz a big hug to everyone~! and please, have a FUN and SAFE raya, kay~! muwahs.

ok, done on the wish. :D now, i would like to tell about our little event 2 nights ago~! bermain bunga api di tgh2 malam-27..:D which we conclude was the night! :D bff and i both were having so much fun playing the not so good fireworks, as it was kinda "masuk angin" and after lit it up for a few secs, it went dead. huhu. not so best..but we did hv fun experimenting with the fireworks like hanging it on the liner and lit it up with us sing along raya much fun..and we didnt realise that we've been playing, like for's that for being such a kiddo~!? ahaks..but then, we were those with heart that as young as children..ahaks. what else eh? oh, we did wake roomie, but she was so tired..she didnt even wake up..uhuks..sorry mate~! but we did hv fun the other day, right? ihiks..ok~! since we didnt have any high-tech camera that night, it's quite limited on what kind of experiment we can do..but heck, it was reaallly fun~! and you know, what's more funny is when we've gone to sleep..bff kinda confused which way is the door.. :D ihiks..ini semua gara2 main bunga api sampai kol 2 dan pastu dok lepak2 baca cleo..ahaks..wohoo, what a night~! insyaAllah, akan ingat sampai bebilaa~! ok, cheerio! hv to do some work before depart to 2 hours journey to bro's place.

taking care all~! selamat hari raya + maaf zahir batin~!
hv fun and safe raya!