Friday, February 18, 2011

Hola 2011~!

18 February 2011, today is! haha..I've been away too long. Miss it, but do not feel like writing in cyberspace or in my physical journal, either. I missed quite number of pages and also months but I do try to jot things down (mostly in my secret place..haha) Nah, just kidding~

Anyway, this year started off (well) slow~ and fast at the same time. It's been almost Wk 8 in my final semester (I hope!) and I still have not finalized the dissertation title! huhu. I hope today's meeting with the Supervisor bear some fruits. :D I really want to graduate this year, before the turning of BIG 3-0. Argh, just the thoughts of it makes inner me wish for a time machine for a different path of life..ok ok, that just wishful thinking..

Works seems so-so. Nothing much to say.. and it's appraisal time~! So, let's see where I go from here.. *cricket cricket*

I'm still stuck here..and I don't like it. Seems like nothing I could do, but I don't know what else to do. I don't see any light in this never-ending tunnel, I feel like I want to give up..but the question is, why?? Haha..I have now in my plate, a full study-career-wants-needs-envy-self inflicted injury, i might have to forget it just yet. :D I've waited almost my adolescence life..I can wait couple of years more. haha. Even on the 8th, I have totally forgotten about it!

So, today is my supposed lucky day~ oh, I feel it! and I'm gonna start off my 2011's entry with..


  • Tidy up that lil' back room aka Alvin's toilet
  • Stop by at SS2 for Alv's litter
  • Diana+Faezal's Wedding
  • Finance Proforma Class
  • new bedsheets (heart)
  • Watch Bones
  • Thesis activities
  • Zumba's beginner (maybe!)
  • Watch new Glee
  • Strategic's assignment
  • Finance's reading and understanding
  • Zumba..again, maybe? haha (if Zumba's on Saturday didn't happen..just ignore the "again"..haha)
p/s: I hope I manage to do all this. *cross fingers*