Monday, July 27, 2009

with her, you wont need photo imaging! :*

Blessed with the chance to know the one person with great mind and kindest heart, who connect me to inspiring individuals that later become friends; I thank you K.Min.

You shall never be forgotten and always be missed.


Monday, July 20, 2009

predictably irrational~

well, there's times when i would become irrational. this is one of the time. i'm broke with RM20++ (kot) in my purse...and i'm about to make payment of not-my-car-first-time-service @sucks service center. (got wi-fi and i cannot connect..heh! and turn up using my own broadband (whch btw surprisingly smooth!)) and the charge would be about RM172.++ huhuhu...hopefully enoughla money in my sis account..lalala.

okla..leave that to that! yea! my other cat at kampung..nanang has gotten herself pregnant..and yesterday nite was the birth of my cucu! got 3 of them...i hope they make it..nanang jaga baby leklok k! hopefully i come back home and gave them names! they are so fragile...and i'm excited but  at the same time scared for them..huhu..hopefully they all survive! rasa mcm tknak blk ok, pagi td! huhu...sanggup tuh..yelah...tatau sapa nk nurse my fragile little kittens..huhu...scaryyyyy! siap call k.mas lagi bgtau...risau plak..boleh ke si nanang yg kecik tu jaga baby..dah la kecikkk jek..tak sampai setahun pon umo..dah tak dara dah..siot tol jantan yg merosakkan sweet little nanang..huhuhu...bila la plak aku nk mengkasikan dia tu..kucing jantan  2 ekor yg debab tu pon tak dikasi2 lagi..huhuhu...ok, brad je xtra alvin tu harap muke je tembam!

on other notes..tahniah kepada skuad malaysia yg berjaya x memalukan negara sampai MU tk puas hati nk main lagi..hahaha.all the best skuad malaysia malam ni~! aku tgk result jek la esok..:D

apa lagi nie? perjalanan blk pg td alhamdulillah, selamat...smpai tol jln duta dlm kol 6.18am, hantar ila semua, dan smpai vista kol 6.34am..boleh tahan clear la jalan..bagus masa nk ke bkt kiara plak..mcm jem jalan nk ke TM..aku suspek mmg UM lah tu..tidak syak lagi..ahahaha.seb baik la..aku cilok federal ke bangsar..alhamdulillah smpat hantar yanti..and now i'm stuck here waiting for the car service.

and i talk rubbish! ahaks..oh, news alert...Frank McCourt, author of "Angela's Ashes", dies at 78. Rest in peace, Mr McCourt.

i better finish up my contemporary economic book! andd.. i havent start my book review yet...wish me luck! even this one is a toughie..i would lurve to score! ihiks..have a good week, everyone..i know mine would be a blast...a so-so most likely...buttttt i want to make it a blast! =)

Thursday, July 16, 2009

the Crown Prince gets him to talk.

whoa~! thanks a's been a long time since he talk. life is a circle, i guess.

what happen to me? I've managed to finish my second semester..and now in my third. Wish me luck as I am definitely sure, this gonna be a toughie..ihiks. the project i'm working in still not gone live. well, sucks actually. but just try to live it up.

bff get married, friends come and go, oh friends get married theatres a lot! series..the cats FATTER, exclusive of alvin who got problem catching up with brad. but he will, like hommie said.

miss my ipod a lot~ havent heard it the way suppose to listen. currently, it become my external hard disk. haha

walk for 7km in one and a half hour..not bad~! :D