Thursday, June 28, 2007


You're every line, you're every word, you're everything.

am i vain? vain as in " excessively proud of one's appearance or accomplishments"? hm..dont think so. haha..all my sis, well i think, families been talking behind my back, (of course!) i did have resemblence of some Zizie Ezzete's character. can you believe that? am i that bubbly and as animatic as that? huhuhu..heck, if i was..maybe i should hv that pride thingy rite? haha..whatever la..i'm just that ordinary crazy overgrown woman as i am right now..ahaks..

it's all because of you..yeah, you~! if you're vain, i should back up now..yeah, since all the guys i like would likely out of league..yes, married..enganged/gay (whichever true)..and again..married~! i just lost hope on men. haha..wishful thinking

but really, if you are or maybe you hv someone else..i would throw in the white flag. yes, i wouldn't take what's not mine. :) much for writing this. i should be a writer huh? or maybe i should open a bookstore? little time for so many to focus when you think you are capable of doing things simultaneously? but i do think i make a good wife..(haha..kes malas nk keje! *grin*) a solid 5 years to decide! think think think~! act act act~!

ok, currently in love with michael buble's husky voice in everything. so, like i love~! oh, but, i still love my dear boyfriend (despite the rumor) but deep inside..i dont mind if he's gay..muahaha. yelah, he's like something lovable but yet, not this small world of planet Earth. :D

ok..that's about bla bla something about work..hectic! but i always managed to get a few (lotss, maybe!) laugh along the way. june and july and afterwards, my life would be as hectic and quite not rich..ehehe..but i shall maintain that richness in heart, kindness and of course, love! there's lots to hopefully all can be done!

why cant i be 10 and start over? (haha..another wishful thinking)

gossiping with roomie just now about my childhood. the one that i dont understand and something i tend to forget..that's when we..well i mostly, found out how vain the guy is..but my empathy and good will to him for recovering. ok, enough.. but i still have this little fear of what's might come.

i hope you are not vain. you are what you seems to be..but most important. you are what you are.

ok. to work is something i failed to ignore. so come one come all, to my tragic affair. now, today..tomorrow..

Sunday, June 17, 2007

16 June 2007; 1:50pm

Lahirnya Nur Faris Danial Nur Azam. At least I got the time's right. zohor..haha. He was born two days early from expected dates. ahaks..but all in all, he's well..his mom too, and that's great. Such a big boy he is. ha? dear..tahniah~ semoga baby Faris membesar dengan baik. muwahs.

ps: ikut hidung siapa tu? :>

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

what a start~

well, i'm off to work early. before 7..all eager to eat breakfast at mcD, hot cakes, in fact..but alas, not so lucky hot cakes, but it's OK..i still have that shrek mania! toys..donkey and pino~ ehehe...that SIs sure jealous..muahaha...then, it really pissed me off..well, i have already planned to wear these three baju..and today, is my black kebaya and seluar..i'm all black today..and you know what? i dont deserve any kind of humiliation today..atau umpatan2 menyampah ni..i can wear anything i want whenever i's not up to you or you or comment on what i would wear, ok? unless, of course, i should ask for your opinion...well, you makciks can all rot..for all i care..ahahaha. selamba kutuk aku~ ok, enough said about that..cause that wont bring me down today~ :D i'm still all black and still be bear it..suka atau tidak. hahaha.

then, i bought myself business news..good, i read something good 'bout my dear company. let's all the bolehness spirits rise high today~ and even my 2nd ceo looks good today..ahaks. ok, it's 8:32am..let's all of you and me of course, "membanting tulang, mencari rezeki yang halal~"

good day~!

Monday, June 11, 2007

Posto posto~

nothing's new~ still the same old me..who like that same old guy..with the unknown reason. if he can read mind, i would like mine to be him, of course~ my mind. ahaha..

having listen to kaiser chiefs, travis and danny elfman's choc factory OST, recently..i've got so much obsession to date. oh..not to forget, my boyfriend. i heard him yesterday. whoa, it's still amaze me. how i always liked him. :x that' forever obsession.

1. my ringtone: willy wonka, willy wonka..the amazing chocolatier..ahahaha
2. sms ringtone: i dont love you. obses.
3.current playlist: travis - closer & my eyes.
kaiser chiefs - everything is average nowadays (so true!) & boxing champs
4. food: happy meal mcD: damn you shrek mania! ahaha
5. kain fiesta: ahaha..having bought myself china silk..and soon--> "songket tabur". my cash flow like air sungai you know? huhuhu
6. business news: wah..tumbuh bak cendawan selepas hujan. good reading tho.
7. magazines: berani nk kira berapa byk saya beli..:D
8. my bed: i love my current setting of like, i love~!
9. him: oh..semakin obses. why?