Thursday, December 11, 2008

lalala. Alhamdulillah~

lots been happening these past few weeks, being:

1. bought one mean of transport.err~
2. wsb182, i love to have..but only in dreams.
3. settle respective process regarding the above whole-heartedly. tiring!
4. admission letter to mba arrived. yeay~!
5. scholarship interview. huhu.
6. sister's wedding. happy for her! and tired!
7. adi's at sis wedding..thank you!
8. green bag from abg kiki..thank you!
9. a little sad, friends cant make it to sis wedding.
10.still cant drive.:p
11.meeting+work+no mood for work but still hv to.
12.sis wedding at melaka.
13.pd family vacation.
14.nilai-bought kain~ lg?
15.oh, stress tkleh dpt kete utk bawak g melaka. jahat!
16.trip to klcc with yatoque. tempting coach leather bag 1.5k..:(
17.thinking of aab
18.workshop non-stop and still thinking of doing other things.
19.oh, bought coach tag via internet. lalala. parcel from US. still havent received it to-date :( terkandas di kastam malaysia. hopefully takdela kene tax kan. if so, double :((
20.finally, arrival of wsa7035~ after lots of calling. tq. now, for after-delivery makeover..hope x kene tipu! still in waiting~
21.trip to ipoh from kl with lots of pit-stop (kuala selangor-hutan melintang-semesti-teluk intan-cameron highlands) gile test drive..ahaha.(oh, me not driving for the whole trip)
22.raya haji. a good kutbah. about quality over quantity..but seems now more of quantity over quality. semoga kita berada di bawah RAHMAN NYA.
23.trip back to KL.lots of sisters stuff. be a good wife ye, dearest~!
24.after two days, in parkingspot (tepat jangkaan adik ipar, or might i say abg ipar..hehe) i have the guts to drive..with help of dear friend, hani + asnani. thank you dears~! only for about 12km i drove. haha.
25.oh, jai invades home with prison break! dem yuh~ i fell in love again with michael. :x today(11.12.08) on break for undisclosed reason. ehehehe. tk sabanyaaa nk sambung, nk main boling pulak.huhuhu..
26.thanks to you for the ipod delivery..muwahs ;x (sumpah, x sengaja~)
27.yeay, successfully drive to and back from office..ihiks..with slight help in the morning for side parking. oh, also parking free at D4 after lunch.. sorryla, a bit lembab, kata test drive kan?..ihiks..thank you, hero for the day~! thanks too, heroins~! yes, i can do it!
28.what else..oh, yes..hv to update the almost dusty blog.
29.oops..i forgot, trip to terengganu~ which is supposed to be no 1 on the list. it's one of my best friend's wedding~! tahniah buchik..hope to see you tomorrow~!
30.if it kills me, is me. :|

that's all, thanks!


Sunday, November 02, 2008


hari bersejarah rumetku, pn anis..:D

and present from bff, thanks a lot~

sibuk je brad nk tido kat bedsheet baru..ahaha
dan lain-lain perkara yang akan diceritakan tak tahu bila..sekian, terima kasih~!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

foot long~

hehe..happy raya to me~! with no posa ganti this yr, (Alhamdulillah~) sgtlah aku berusaha nk habiskan posa 6...yeay~ terus posa sabtu, ahad, isnin + selasa, mmg tersgt seksa gakla..with me being me...thanks a lot kpd famili dn kawan2 dok support i supaya jgn bukak pose dan harus gigih..ihiks..

well, i definitely know how to fat me up..ahahaha..anyhow, let's pray that's the last time i eat many too much..:D tuh je kot~

trima kasih!

Friday, October 24, 2008

kisah gadis.

this was supposed to be updated yesterday~ right after the event..but, i dont know why blogger cannot upload the pix. hehe

anyhoo....thanks to hani very much~! having sponsored my tix. muwah muwah..i guess, that was my birthday pressie? hehe..thanks beb..very appreciate it~ oh..what am i talking about? see the tix, and the postcard~? we went all the way to klpac just to watch the premier..ahaks..walaupun tk dpt tiket free, takpelaa...kene usaha lebih lagi nie untk dpt tiket2 free...lalala...sememangnya dasar cheapskate~ well, i believe whatever free, is the best! :)) maybe not all lah kan...but some things does..hehe

oh, about kisah gadis..double bill performance of two story, one being "mangli"- in short about 2 guy one woman? it's start with what seems like a re-union, then turn into conflict, first with the guy, then the woman..then both? interesting story, i say..:D this is the first time ever i watch this as it was actually has been staged before..i dont know when..haha..but it was OK..the actor, tapai who happened to be my senior back in mmu...was awesome. he's the saiko'est ever org gila i ever seen..well, i nvr tot he can digg that..well done~! the woman, tk mmg awesome~!

the second one, "gadis jalan burmah", written by rodek..i seen it first last 2 yrs (rasanya) dgn lakonan mengancam gadis was breathtaking, funny and not suitable for young minds..hehehe..oh, this time the actress was good too..different performance, quite the i must say, it was awesome too~!

how do i came to watch this? first round, hani ask...then, the director himself, en megat, insist me to, what the heck kan? pegi jek, doktor "ala tk igt nama dlm sindarela~"tahniah utk arahan kau~! perspektif yg cool pada pendapat aku! ;)

okla..i ought to update more..especially on my last weekend..but it's friday already~ and another long weekend is going back home ipoh...VERY determine to finish up my puasa 6..cant wait to see and lepak with besties tonite~ and very excited to come to office in the morning..(tolong lah bangun awal~!)

oh oh~ update! i'm accepted~! offer letter hasnt arrived yet, but i'm in...excited? takut lg adalah~! wish me luck kenkawan...muwahs!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

another year older~

yet i still feel young..ahaks..happy birthday to me! thank you! there's plenty of plans going on..but none with besties..what to do~? jz deal with it..and let's go for a fun ride!

i just watched nanny diaries, a nice presentation of mary-poppin style with edges. make me ask myself, who is hazera, really? humm..none comes from me head now! haha..maybe being 27 would somehow give me answer or answers, who knows?..:D still searching though..

so, gonna start today with day-out with 2 of my sistas..after that, dwell in my room trying to ignore the 2 boys, do some thinking..or sleep..might need to study a bit, oh..i still got words to think about, and maybe a bit of thinking again~

on sunday, i might or might not go to open houses (depends on situations)..if not, i shall continue snuggle in my bed doing nothing and try to ignore those 2 boys. oh by this time, i'll be alone..which is not so cool, really~ or i can continue to read paulo coelho..or maybe, love shall knock on my door..ahaha..i dont know..or maybe i can get busy vacuuming house, that would keep the 2 boys lost for a while..that's gotta be good..or maybe i can hang them boys in the locker heh..ahahaha...or get them play dress..ahahaha..i dont wanna cook this week..would be only me who gonna eat it..and i tend to cook for more..that's one reason why i keep gaining weight, which i hv to control..wish me luck in that department..:)) or, i can go out..but that would be i dont know where i would end up! haha, now..instead of thinking what i would do tomorrow, i want to go to sleep..and enjoy it! maybe love would come knocking in then..who knows, kan?

thank you besties for the know i luv ya~

Thursday, October 16, 2008


i supposed to write about something...likeee...last sat..but malas..ahaha...

but todayyyy...i'm happy, it's out~ please be normal me self~ please please please.., i might sambung later...if i rajin, hopefully!

Friday, October 03, 2008

selamat hari raya~

Masih tidak terlewat kan untuk mengucapkan Selamat Hari Raya dan Maaf Zahir Batin? Selamat Hari Raya OK~!

tahun ini sambutan raya biasa saja..bukan sesuatu yang dinantikan..mungkn sebab kerja..sibuk sedikit..hingga boleh je membeli belah telekung untuk keluarga, buat biskut raya setiap minggu..layan conan, gto, movie tiap malam, keluar ngan kawan2. ahahaha..sgt sibuk saya nie..ahaks~

humm, agak tidak ada ide utk berkata2..ahaha..jd, sampai sini sahaja~ jaga diri semua~!

oh, adam@im not single agak menarik hati~ harapnya jumpa satu hari nnt. :x

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

aiii...waz born, to love youuu~

the catchy song from which i heard while "layan"ed pride or pe-rai-do~ as per the japanese says. ehehe..i love the song, definitely~! from there, goes my search for who are the singers. turn out it was the late mr freddie mercury himself from QUEEN. the group whose ever popular with "we will rock you"'s the final countdown~ does that rings a bell?

not from two days ago, i didnt know mr freddie..well, now i dont either..i just know he was one of the other half who sang "under pressure" with mr err..(boleh ke lupa?) one of the rock icon too..but, the limelite is to mr freddie. hehe..i know the song pon, of course la from my dear husband who sang it with mr bert. hehe..

okok..enough about mr freddie..all i can say is..his voice is wonder he's one of the great artist..about that song? i'm totally in it..haha..but pity me, got the wrong album..even ask abang for it..but he only got the greatest's ok, it's ok..plenty of sources..i can always stream..hehe.

"I was born to love you..with every single beat of my heart,
Yes, I was born to take care of you..every single day of my life"

well, now listening to QUEEN's album. and me sgt skeptikal thinking that their album is like rock rock..but this, i can listen's a mix of humm...having a good time songs..ehehe..but anyway...i think i can like this~

ok, now..updates on me..should one to know la kan..seems that bff was so busy she didnt update for quite a while..hehe.. me currently is one selfish bitch at office, i dont know how to control me at all..i dont talk to them, her, him unless about work. sick, i know..but how? do i have to be like sensitive over things..but what i dont like is being left behind..oh, please please..that's sign of insecurities..and what...i wrote that? no way..arghh...okla..loosen up a bit..and see what's tomorrow gonna kerja berlambak + nk dipelajari pon byk..time mgmt, please honey~

okla..last wk, eh..actually these few days..i bersosial with sisters (yana+ila)..and ina slept over before going back to ipoh. got a request to cook "apa-apa" and that "apa-apa" turned out to be a dish of nasi ayam...yeay, i love~! oh, dipaksa juga masak nasi goreng kampung untuk sahur..sabar jekla adik2 aku nie..oh, thanks ina for the tomyam from her tunang's brother hs. lovely~

what else eh? having graduated from "PRIDE" (as hommie quoted), currently felt like i cant get enough of takuya kimura..ahaha..but then, i dont think i can watch any series, have lots to benkyo about. anyhoo, this should be the end of this entry..the only one who read it would be me..ihiks.

so, minna~ oyasumi!

Friday, September 05, 2008


crawling all alone, looking at the skies above..
searching for a bless, for what they called a love.

beaten by the rain, i still the same..
tickle by the wind, i feel the pain..
memories meant to be a misery.

so dont hesitate, if you got nothing to say..
take your promises instead..
tomorrow so far away..
for me and you.

dont you be cruel to me..
dont you be mean to me..
i'm nothing to you..
dont take my breath away.

tomorrow so far away..
for me and you.

--in memories of those "kasih tk smpai"..ahaha..thanks subculture-time knock circa 1998.

psst..cant wait for our yearly event..hiks..muwahs.

Saturday, August 30, 2008

i love my once-owned-ibook~

i did blogged something about my ibook. the first time i used it..humm, i wonder where was it..since my modblog's gone, and i dont know where i put the back-up file..hahaha..

so, to let the bygone be bygones..huhu..byebye dear's been almost 5months now since i've last touched've been good..real good. i just hope all the info+pix+memories been deleted by your taker..whoever that is..semoga berbahagia lah dgn harta i..:p

anyhoo..guess who's typing her blog with a new lappy? me is. please to introduce to you all...a proud owner of compaq (murah jek..but it suits me) and a new user of vista (i hope it suits me well too)... dn sgt tk get my hands on imac (kite tgk jekla bila boleh dpt yg tu..:P) well..with amd and 2gb of memory and 160gb of hard sure of me to be very intimate with my new gadget..ahaks..oh, so many to update in here..on my lappy of course..mental note, hv to copy my 20gb mp3s from precious~! (ala2..damn tk igt nama...oh, smeagol!) ekeke..

byk juga nk kene diupdate ni..personal+works...huhu..gotta do a list about it..:D oh..updates~!

firstly...lupa plakkk...dear hommie~! selamat hari lahir! semoga panjang umo + murah rezekiii~!! luvya~!

then..i've lepakked at starbucks ita myself a pack of coffee..tah bila nk stat minummm...and pau dia tgk "babylon a.d." yeayyy~ i like~! vin diesel was sooooo machoooo laa...huhuhu..thanks for making my day, vin! ihiks..boleh ke?'s gonna be a longgg night now..have to kemas rumah segala..tomorrow hv to go out early for a catch-up session with nani..ihiks..apa nk belanja die ni ye? hum humm..oklaa...taking care all~ selamat hari merdeka?!


Tuesday, August 26, 2008

i am doing this...

beginning of a new beginning~
wish me lucks~!

the hills are alive...

with the sounds of music~ hahaha..i can sing that song forever..ahaks..well, now it's my time to reminicse those childhood time when i would love to watch the movie, but not being an english-minded movie buff my father was (skang pon), i always cant watch "the sounds of music" on tv..even if i got to watch it, i always slept this movie is always at see my bedtime is about 10pm when i was a, say if the movie has to stop at 12midnite for news...of course la my eyes cannot tahan~ so, sleep i was..hahaha..but this movie always be in my favorite..oh, semuanya la feveret..ahaha..but this one, is. :D

dvds is what i bought down south..."rambang mata" has gotten me 2 movies in 1 price (the sound of music+west side story) musicals that was great! i only watch wss for the first time and i find it deserved the oscars for its outstanding was unexplainable..(sbb malas nk celoteh lebih2)..lalala..and i managed to got my reason to go sg, the black parade is dead! and comes together with not-meant-to-buy 2disc radiohead, the best of..awesome albums! (berbaloi tau!) cant wait to go back sg rokam and layan mcr with sistas~! td dah jeleskan sorang...hahahaha..and check out my fb status..i am married...ahahaha..of course i am g.a.w, who else..ahaks~!

what else..oh, i bought too ck one perfume~! yeay! 200ml, jgn main2! ari2 nk mandi ngan die..ahaks. itu jekla kot..:D

oh, the trip was a short one..actually, i want to go back at mon..but friend got hal keluarga, so..short it was..and believe me, it was hectic~! penat..and i dont know how i gonna work today~! now being 127am and me not sleep yet~! ini semua sbb extreme mocha la nie..hopefully me OK..hv to do some works n thinking...hopefully tabah la saya, tk tido untuk hari ini. :D

yes, the trip got me to new places, i never been..namely bugis street (is it?) lupe plak..+ other side of little india and sim lim (sg's lowyat)..but it was fun and good. and thanks kazen, bawak kitorg jalan2. :D jasamu dikenang sampai bila2. the trip also saw me being nagged, kene marah by bibik. hehehe. and also the "kenapa makin gemok?", "bila nk kawin", etc baru jumpe bibiks ni..kalau jumpe obeks, sure lagi, the next trip to sg? end of the yr, maybe? i vowed to bring mak over to visits her siblings. ;) insyaAllah, Mother~ i bawak k..:D:D semoga dimurahkan rezeki..;)

today, was my lazy day~! woke up at 10..ker 11? silap besar trus dok dpan PC, i was stuck until 12..chatz+works~! so mcm ingatkan nk gi tk dpt la kan...masak nasi goreng patty burger daging..pastu tgk the west side story..sekerat2..pastu terlekat lg dpan PC, chatz+works..huhu
at 6 brlah boleh gerak ke mv, hv to buy cats dearest foods. geram sungguh dgn alvin dok nk mkn smpah he merajuk dgn i..asik kene marah je kan..eee..geram2! dn sy beli kasut sukan..:D yelah nk bersukan nie...hehe..btul~! serius nie..nmpak tk org serius ni? :p

pastuuu...mlm, setelah berhempas pulas bawak 3 plastik brg kucing yg berat (nasib baik lif berfungsi), satu beg plastik roti cheese harga rm8, 1 beg berisi extreme mocha dan satu paper bag kasut sukan....sambung tgk west side...tgkla..2.5 hrs movie cum setengah hari screening nie..apa kes? konon bz lah kan..ahahaha..mmg pon...i was so stress..but i still keep cool about this..:D oh, asnani kata nk anta tk jadiii..huhuhu..lmbt lagi la i pakai baju kurung baru nie..:

takpe takpe..nk pakai baju biru complement my blue mcm nk pakai seluar..rasa gemok..nk pakai baju kurung biru..mcm tkde yg sesuai..hummm~! *thinking* hum humm..tidakkk....tatau nk pakai baju apa? hahaha..

so, might as well i just stop thinking and start working..okla ye~! the hillllllssssss areeee aalllliiiveeeeee....~~~ withhh the sounddd of musiiicccc~!! cheers~!

oh, happy birthday david, budak SI busuk..(hopefully he didnt read my blog~! well he didnt i guess~!) ahahahaha.

oh, cheers to hecticc week~! ;) i LOVE my JOB~!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

bon anniversaire~

hehe..b4 the day end! i would like to announce that it is the 3rd month anniversary me+roomie taking care of not so little, and me thinking it's been years~! ahahaha

saiko kan? no ribbons, no cake, no what-so-ever. me dok belai2 dear alvin+brad aje..ahaks..dh gatal2 i nie..:))

itu aja..nothing much! we talked, but virtually and slow responsively..

please lemme out of this misery..tolong bgn awal esok, plis plis many errands to do! wake up wake up!

oh, b4 blah..baru jek lpas nonton "forgetting sarah marshall". oklah..:D:D not recommended for the little ones!

ok, take care! semoga hari esok lebih ceria dari hari ini. wish me lucks~!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008


dear you..miss you.

just another day passed by not so greatly. but boss said, i look "berseri" today. "make-up ke?" haha..i was like, humm..almost everyday i wear make-up what. ahaha. yalah...a bit of blusher, gloss, eye-liner + maskara..that's always be my basic. hehe

omg, im listening to, flirty@1030. tolonglah..kenapa kene kacau boipren org, boipren ni..kene ke berscandal pula? oh gosh! sungguh tk bagus. but are who you date. ahaha.

so, on this mostly "mcm sedap" date..hehe..i bid my blog er myself, adieu! i just cant seem to express/story myself clearly. and cant wait to go sg. tabahkan hati ok! everything would go smoothly~!

oh oh oh! lupa~! dh anta my app. to further study. hopefully got it..and pleaseee...tolonglah jgn freeze scholarship! huhuhu! wish me luck, dearest!

and now, i hv to think how to fork up the first sem's bill. *think*think*think*

nk pegi laos lagi~! :-/ *wink@bff* :p kononnya la kan..:D

okla..i would to enjoy the rest of the day by...dok diam2 atas katil! haha

muwahs~! psst..nk tgk vin diesel dlm babylon ad.huhu

Tuesday, August 12, 2008


I give my hopes and fears to you.

Kindly please listen and hopefully understand, what i'm trying to tell you.

I love to see us in somewhere only we know, for this is the last time albeit only the first time and also the last i give up my ego. To finally have the courage to tell you what i really feel.

I bend and sometimes break for all the things you've said and done, for what i've said and even done.

Sometimes, I really feel that we might as well be strangers, despite things we share and do.

Everybody's changing. it's constant, undeniable.

Your eyes open for something i didnt see or know. But, someday I hope to see, to know.

She has no time, neither do i and seriously, i dont think i cant stop now or maybe i wont see any sunshine, for all that i've seen and will see means nothing to me without you.

what we have can be untitled but i really want it to be something worth keeping. bedshaped, as strong as i may seem, i still feel somewhat low for who i am. what i become.

dont want to be snowed under, dont wanna waste my time again.

we might as well be strangers, but tell me that we might not.

tell me that we are not. thank you.

Monday, August 11, 2008

such as it ends.

dot dot dot..i hope i make it through.


Friday, August 08, 2008

08 Aug 08

didnt realize i have updated on the 08.08.08. well, i didnt get married aint i ,on the date of the yr? ahaks..anyhoo, i have the most tiring day today. actually slept on 3am and hv to wake up early (to teman my youngest sister for her operation @hkl). guess, guess! siapa yg bgn lmbt? me lah, of course. but managed to reach destinantion before 9am. and silly me, brought laptop but without power cord+sis's book+jemputan kawin@ipoh. uhuks. so silly me and i was very ngada2 have to tell was like, my body's here when my mind was on works. uhuks. but really, tired! with no internet connection (unlucky me!) i was quite blur. and my eyes didnt help either..but i want bed to sleep on..huhuk..bukan kerusi keras kt hospital.

and help, the waiting is unbearable..huhu. i've watched southpark@ipod. funny kenny~! well, sleepy gile tp takleh tido. i endure it..for half day! and then went for lunch at klcc. konon nk ke kino, tp terkandas, sbb boleh ke masa tu la plak, mgmt klcc nk buat renovation kt surau~! dh la jauh nk gi surau besar what we did plan jz-operated sis want to go to kl sentral the pudu.cos nk anta die naik bas. nk jugak blk ipoh akhirnya bernti kt pudu and solat there..and carik tiket..dpt kol 6 and it's only 4.30? haha. me ajak her to starbucks..and we managed to get 20%off for 3 separated bought frap. malu tau i ngan adik barista tu..sure die pon mcm..apahal org2 kampung pnah minum ke apa? akaka..anywayyy~ lepak'd until kol 530..and me+with other sis...kakak2 yg tk syg adik die nie...insistance tknak anta semula younger sis to pudu..hehe..jahat sgt ni.sorry dear! i mmg sgt tk larat..huhuk (tp pastu boleh plak rambang mata beli kasut ngan dvds/cds kt kotaraya!) huhu..mmg confirm kene buang kasut2 ni..uhuks..or else i would hv like garbage of shoes at my racks..itu blom lg yg kt opis. gila kasut ke apa aku ni? hahaha.

anywayyyyy~ i love my buyings + pau'd..ahaha..thanks yana! i bought anime "Ah, my goddess~" which i watched during my younger years. i that old? i dont think so~ oh, ngan 2 other anime+1 korean movie+1 japanese movie..but home dgn rasa serba salah nk gi opis ke tk semula..since there are actually more works to be done..with working weekends, again~! i jz dont know whether can go to jemputans ni..satu dh mintak parents wakilkan dah..and this one..i would love to go! how? huhu..pastu me+yana+her bf went pasar mlm and mkn tgk anime..hooray~ uhuks..08.08.08 went by quite fast..and i kinda miss you.

hoho. miss you too bff. and i dont know when to fit us in weekends. huhu..we shall talk about this~! now, please let me sleep, my dear self. goodnite! (same as you!haha)

psst..i might want to run away to sg for a bit..ahaha.

lelah dan menanti harap.

penat mmg penat. mental dan fizikal. harus aku bersedia untuk menghadapi lelah hidup ini. ikhlas, hati kene ikhlas. untuk meneruskan hidup ini. jujur, kene jujur. apa yang patut dilakukan?

"pertemuan di tangan tuhan, jodoh kita yang fight sendiri", kata dia.

yatoque, aku sokong kau beb~ i know i've said it before..but now, i certainly believe it! dia mmg untuk kamu. MEMANG~!


Thursday, August 07, 2008

ever hv a crush on a co-worker?

you bet..haha..but that's not the case~

kalau x cakap, x semestinya suka melihat situasi. almost lost brad for a sec..humm more like minutes. make me exercise "turun tangga 13 tingkat tau". then took a bath and found out s'thing..other than,

my life sucks and i cant helped to feel it. now, i have choices. one, to sulk with (which what i do best!) or turn that crush into something else (haha..let see!

arghs..stressing myself, now i'm going to get sick! be sick!

me wish i'm somebody's "mawar khayalan".

tanda soal?

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

what a finale~

bila saat i drama queening? weks..

sin,dar&ela berakhir dengan bukan yang aku mau. mana tidaknya, aku yang pro-hussin..tentulah mahukan akhiran yang pro-hussin kan? ahaha. tp tidak mengapa tengku hussin, aku ada ni..silalah ke rumah..ahahaha. oklah, salut kepada pengarah dan pembikin cerita..walaupun bukan akhiran yang tipikal..penuh dengan simpulan yang terungkai ataupun akhiran cerita yang menjurus kepada cerita baru, mungkin? biarlah waktu memberitahu.

oh, hari minggu ku berlalu dengan agak lancar. sabtu bersiap untuk kenduri, dengan aku bermain anak saudara nabil dan akhirnya berjaya membuat roti jala tanpa sengaja. rancangan ku untuk menonton tertunda, kerana semuanya mau bantu mak, kononnya.

ahad, menonton "x-files: i want to believe". dan berjaya tonton "the dark knight" sebelah malamnya. dan membeli belah agak hebatnya. kasut untuk raya satu, kasut untuk majlis adik satu dan satu kasut kerja berwarna hitam (lagi!). oh, baju juga.

isnin, pergi beli tiket bas..sambil singgah ke tabung haji dan pejabat pos. tersesat ke kedai kain semasa tunggu bapak habiskan urusan di pejabat bos, dan membeli baju kurung. lalala..baik hentikan penceritaan pembelian nie..haha. petangnya, kembali ke kuala lumpur dengan barang yang agak banyak. lelah setibanya sampai rumah dan seperti penceritaan teman serumah..kucing2 ku yg 2 ekor tu memecahkan cawan berisi perkakas dapur. marah sungguh saya sebentar dan sememangnya mereka akan, telah dan sedang didenda. :D

selasa pula, pergi kerja dengan perasaan malas sedikit, tapi hidup mesti terus. hati kena tabah juga.. dan kene bersungguh lagi. nampaknya, masih banyak kelemahan perlu diperbaiki.

pedulikan mereka yang tidak sepatutnya. aku penentu nasib sendiri.

cinta tak semestinya bersatu, betul kan teman serumah? huhu

Friday, July 25, 2008

tell me what to do. still unwell..deep inside..lalala again! but this must i hope with my 3days at ipoh..would cure me..lalala again and again!

did i tell u, i've asked him to watch "the dark knight" which i know beforehand what would be his action..can you tell? nada la of course..hahaha..but that's not gonna break me down, even i know..i would feel broken inside..lalala. i just shove it away, and tada..i am definitely OK~

this week is definitely is combination of events which i could say sucks and of course not so sucks la kan. but i do feel kinda down at office. i shouldnt take things personally or rather granted..i am, sometimes! so, shove them awayy, againn..and of course, I AM OK~ lalala

hey..this is not what i want to story's me now @starbucks pudu waiting for my bus at 1030pm..and sister, ila with her friend.we're going back together to kg..i want to tell about songs that been lingering've been repeating this song..i dont know how many times..but tell me what to definitely the song that not that cool..but more to techno thingy..or rock techno..i's just too catchy..i likeeee the chorus...lalalala..maybe this week not so bad..i've found two bands that totally cool. firstly, thanks to roomie for the intro..LUDO, i've their latest album.."you're awful, i love you"..i just like their kinda gila2 lyrics with kinky behavior..sometimes la..but no worries husband..your band is always in my top 5..lalala..the other one is Metro Station..i found them through radio (note: i've been akhirnya dgr radio..lalala..thanks to the new extension..i like~) got their album...and all songs is sooooo listenable..which is quite strange for me..but maybe becos of the catchiness..lalala...uhuks..

cannot tell much la..the barista has been mopping at my side of table..gile menghalau someday..tell you more~!

right now, im going to pudu...and wait for my bus with my caramel frap and my ipod!

syukur Alhamdulillah for all the blessing in my life.

hope i would be thoroughly OK.muwahs all my friends~

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

and that's the reason why when you're young, you fall in love...

yea, damn right! i did fall in love, but does love fall in me? no, no, no..they say, you wait i said, wait your arse la~ wait wait long? then, if you dont find..they say, tuh la..when you're young, dont wanna find someone...yolah tuh..who said i didnt find..all was failures without even begin what? me choosy? is it? no lah..who said i was..but seems that no one would see me as me what to do? rot in holes, b*tch! i say..

haha..well, it's empty..maybe when i'm dead, someone'll love me~ it'll be GREAT! dont you think?


Si vous venez de réaliser ce que je viens de réaliser,
Ensuite, nous nous ferons un parfait les uns pour les autres
Et vous ne trouverez jamais un autre
Viens de réaliser ce que je viens de réaliser
Nous n'avions jamais se demander si
Nous avons manqué à l'une de l'autre.

Monday, July 21, 2008

love me dead~!

thanks to roomie, i so like this song..okla..the funny..kinda follow what's the lyric says..:D:D as roomie said, part mcr, part simple like, INDIE~ haha..but kinda rock band that i would like. hehe

so, enjoice~ (but sorry bff, our network wont allow it! huhu)

Love me cancerously
Like a salt-sore soaked in the sea.
'High-maintenance' means
You're a gluttonous queen
Narcissistic and mean.
Kill me romantically
Fill my soul with vomit
Then ask me for a piece of gum.
Bitter and dumb
You're my sugarplum.
You're awful, I love you!

She moves through moonbeams slowly
She knows just how to hold me
And when her edges soften
Her body is my coffin
I know she drains me slowly
She wears me down to bones in bed

Must be the sign on my head
That says, oh...
Love me dead! Love me dead!

You're a faith-healer on T.V.
You're an office park without any trees
Corporate and cold
Gushing for gold
Leave me alone.
You suck so passionately
You're a parasitic, psycho, filthy creature
finger-bangin' my heart
You call me up drunk
Does the fun ever start?
You're hideous and sexy!

Must be the sign on my head
That says, oh...
Love me dead! Love me dead!

Love me cancerously
How's your new boy?
Does he know about me?
You've got the mark of the beast.
You're born of a jackal! You're beautiful!

Wha' 'bout that sign on my head
That says, oh...
Love me dead!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

for alvin, who is to be neutered..

thanks to art, i've successfully read "the witch of portobello". the title itself has made me wander about portobello, but the story wasnt..but i like it~! a different approach in describing the witch. haha..well, i feel good!

and now..i've been tagged!! like last week..maaplah bff baru nk buat nie..jgn marah k! :P

5 things in my bag:
i. my 3G k610i handphone (ntah btul ke tk..but it does serve my craze for video calling..haha<--malangnya takde sapa dah nk bervideo call dgn)
ii. my esprit walllet
iii. keys + my little black book
iv. CD lip gloss (sometimes i dont hv cosmetics in my bag, tatau nape tetibe ada satu..haha)
v. my almost FULL ipod classic! (serves me well during my "breeze" walk to office

5 things in my wallet:
i. notes and cents
ii. essentials: ic, driving license yg tk gune langsung (must drive car this weekend!), medical card, ATM cards
iii. no photo watsoever (new wallet, still single, dont hv time to find pix to put..but i do have 1 big compartment for pix in it..need to update, definitely!)
iv. cards: isetan, bonuslink, real, kotamas, borders RM30, aussino, jcard
v. others: i have voucher to sunway theme park. other than that..naada!

5 favourite things in my bedroom:
i. my "penjara nort" bedframe
ii. the ikea spring mattress that quite the reason i always oversleep
iii. all my bedsheets, cozy pillows, comfy comforter and alls that's on my bed (that might include alvin+brad<--when they kacau me lah)
iv. i like the built-in wardrobe too..happily fit all my clothes
v. the cermin also i like..with its drawers and space to put all my make-up and, i like all my books too..:D my reading area. haha

5 things i wish to do:
i. of course to finish this fast so i can sleep..oh, but i cant..have work to do.huhuhu
ii. kalau boleh, nk jumpe tengku hussein pastu ckp kat die..saya kan ada..*wink wink dgn gediknya*
iii.kalau boleh gak, nk jumpe budak sebelah rumah pastu ckp kat die, "cant you see and get it, already?"
iv. kalau boleh jugak..kalau boleh laa kn..nk jumpe gerard way face to face and heart to heart..ecewahh~!
v. honeymoon ngan husband.

5 things i'm doing now:
i. menjawab mende alah ni la kan..:P
ii. berangan pasal tengku hussein, pastu ngan gerard gak..pastu ngan budak sebelah rumah la..huhuhu..takleh concentrate ni..huhuhu
iii. pastu pk2 plak..camne la nk menghadapi the rest of the week.
iv. chat ngan sesapa tah..boleh tk kalau tk layan je?
v. alvin ni dh mengacau dah..tgh duduk atas my lap..:P

5 people i would like to tag: (make sure u have this game on your blog)
i. i dont hv 5 ppl the one that tagged me of course already did rite..the one she tagged which me + roomie..done who else?
ii. sapa2 nk buat la kot
iii. cos..
iv. im ending it..
v. here..lalala

oklaa..nitenite everyone! i miss you.

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

the alchemist-paulo coelho

i finished the alchemist in almost 3 hours. the interesting story of a shepherd, santiago. how he traverse the world for treasure. his Personal Legends, one's goal in life..his adventures, how he met the world, how he become the world. and how he found his love.

the story makes me wonder and wander..what's my own personal legends? well, right now..i'm Lost and hope to find one shoulder perfectly fit me to lean on for the rest of my life.

"when you are in love, things make even more sense, he thought."

Monday, July 07, 2008

where have my "love life" gone?

i dunno where it is..huhu..i'm sad..because i like the's lose someone, when you and him/her are meant to be forever..but to sulk over it is a, a plead to my dear friends..if you gals have it, please return it..huhu

thanks a lot~!

oh, good news everyone~! found back my AIRCON tix.. yeay~!

bad is indeed monday blues! i got tons of work..and i cant find where the hell to apply for MBA in UM site! is it me, being so stupid today? huhuhu

Thursday, July 03, 2008


i've watched a theatre, as title, last night. meant to update it asap, but my eyes and body defeated me. :D oh, it was a full house preview..and i hope, the play will get a very good review!

i lost the ticket, though..feel a lil sad about jz hv to bear with the the poem's read in the play, "One Art" by Elizabeth Bishop.

"The art of losing isn't hard to master;
so many things seem filled with the intent
to be lost that their loss is no disaster.
Lose something every day. Accept the fluster
of lost door keys, the hour badly spent.
The art of losing isn't hard to master.
Then practice losing farther, losing faster:
places, and names, and where it was you meant
to travel. None of these will bring disaster.
I lost my mother's watch. And look! my last, or
next-to-last, of three loved houses went.
The art of losing isn't hard to master.
I lost two cities, lovely ones. And, vaster,
some realms I owned, two rivers, a continent.
I miss them, but it wasn't a disaster.
---Even losing you (the joking voice, a gesture
I love) I shan't have lied. It's evident
the art of losing's not too hard to master
though it may look like (Write it!) like disaster."

so, the play...hum.what i can say, im so like the actors..all of them did a very good job in conveying the mesg..ok2 maybe some of them, talk a bit faster, or sounds mumbling..but it is good~! i like projection of Bob/Burn on his recital of ayat Qursi, azan, and even performing the shalat..I can say it did bring goosebump a lil..hehe..Chep is great actor too..he did outlive his character...and the foursome awesome? tk igt lak..they're cool..conveying their lembut.lembik style with character, i might say~ aishwarya! superb..just marvelous..the teacher's , cikgu hensem and ustaz..just the kind of character's needed in the play..haaa..dont forget ah kok~ the aircond repairman, yg suka menyibuk~! ahaha

so, overall..i can see shahnon has success in potraying the scandal between the young hearts, the character is given a fair share of scene. hehe..and the directors are great~! i say... a play well done~!

therefore, my dear friends...(kalau burn tk ckp pun, nk promote gak~! haha)..tengokla AIRCON @pentas 2, KLPAC. now until this sunday~ more details can be found here <--event in facebook. :D

some details on the play is here -->
3-6 July 2008
830pm (Thurs-Sun)
3pm (Sat-Sun)
RM 42, RM 27 (students, seniors)

updates on me--> i feel so not motivated on tuesday night..ahahaha..resulting me to sleep my head in on wed morn till OK now, i guess..thank you~!

Monday, June 30, 2008


i didnt woke up at 230 or even at the sound of phone call..and i missed the final. huhuhu..and me, being the deutschland's kaki..feel a little sokongan tk smpai sana..tuh sbb kalah. hahaha..

it's okay then..that marks the end of my ball updates..for the next wc should be my next one..hopefully lah..hehe!

enjoy everyone, and i hope i have a great monday~! *cross-hands*

oh, spain for the second euro win ;) better luck next time, deutsch~

err, lupe lagi..rasanya mcm ada mimpi dia lah malam td..*sigh*

Sunday, June 29, 2008

nani's engagement + urbanscapes~

huhu..saturday was quite hectic! yes, it was! pg2 bgn..(if u consider 830 is pg la kan..haha) but i was quite degil malas nk terkenangkn, it's gonna be a longgg day...paksa diri bangun..basuh makan kucng..siap2 pegi umah nani..hooray~!

1. at nani's, it was great..gonna updates pix later..or maybe at my picasa. her theme was good, white.silver. :D the food was delicious..nyum2..rasa nk tmbah jek lagi..ehehehe..the offerings was nice..cantik jek..and goodie bag is cupcake! hopefully it was good. oh and chocolate..:D i like!

2.the journey towards urbanscape quite was like..2 trip to hani's house, again..and dari pukul 2 nk smpai klpac..turn-out almost 4 we arrived..sorry belot, for the lateness..:D hehe..but we did hv fun..watching movie, then eventually bought tix for theatre~ hahaha..nk kene carik duit lebih lagi nie..uhuks..but seriously, i like urbanscape..after 4 yrs waiting..and i vote for klpac again..the venue is like so sesuaii~ theatre for movie and gallery..and the atmosphere there is soooo peaceful..if u minus all the gig la kan..and and..the koi centre~! so la sesuaiii nk buat tmpt bercinta...ahahahaha...overalll, i give 4 out of 5 stars..for the urbanscape this yr..yeay~! cant wait for another one! :x

oh..didnt i tell you, yet! im so head over heels with, he's no spain footballer..he's 18 tho..but he's so handsome la for me..babyface one..and like i madly falling for him..lalala...oh, he's a model..thanks bff for pursuing me to buy female~ turn out this issue sgt best~! hahaha..i got the whole pages of gustavo..and lotsa other articles too..:D

okla..oh, thanks bff for the buy 1 free 1 at starbucks..cpat2 upload gamba..jgn lupa anta k~! ihiks..

muwahs all..thanks for making my weekend a blast~! few weeks..or can i say months, im gonna be...a slave..huhu..gudlaks to me~! semoga bertahan hingga ke akhirnya~! *crosshands, hard*~

oh oh...lupa lagi~!!! malam ni final euro..huhu..tgk sorang2 lg..mmg confirm jadi jambatan main lompat2 si kucing2 ku ini..huhu..malam ini, aku seorang penyokong jerman~! go, go, deutcsh~!

Thursday, June 26, 2008


woohoo~! 40% watching..haha..but on the last minutes of the game, the live got technical problem + even the host have to check the mighty Internet for updates..haha..

germany, as expected win 3-2 with last minute goal from lehm. good for them..hehe and me, as usual..mmg menjadi jambatan lompat2 brad+alvin..

tu jek..i dont think i watch la tonite..tomorrow morning, will jz update myself thru the official site.

jaa, minna~

germany v turkey

gonna watch the game tonite..that's the plan. having cooked nasi goreng beriani..which is tasty~ despice the sayor cmpor keras sket..haip..but i dont care..still sedap..haha..that settled for bfast this morning..

so, before i go and fix myself to be "jambatan utk brad+alvin main lompat" later...i just want to remind me..if not myself, everyone got their own problem..not just me, depressing about how sucks my life is..

ok, gonna update (def.) later on the game..which is only, would be the score..if i want to write a review..dah lama i ada kat basel tau, tgk bola tu live-in-action~ haha.

oh ye, i'm being lobbied actually, to root for how how?

am i game for this? :>

till later..bff, muwahs..i miss ya~

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

cant get enough of futurama~

yes, i am..huhu~

haha..right now waiting for the new movie to come out and watch it lalala. i've just cant get enough of the first movie..(watched it twice..cant wait for more~haha) and i am way beyond like la..the love-hate relationship of fry and leela~! uhuks..wish i can found the "one" similar to fry in sense of liking~! hiks..

guess, i never will..huks huks. oh, right now..i've just settled with what i got~ which is nothing~!

and the cats~ uhuks..they are the biggest jaga kucing..bukan anak lg.. i wonder? uhuks.. this might be the sign..i'm not ready yet to take care of anak org..ahaks

so, i am is..cant get enough of futurama, thank you~!

Saturday, June 21, 2008

thank you bff for your kind words :)

I want to be forgotten,and I don't want to be reminded.You say "please don't make this harder."No, I won't yet.I wanna be beside her.She wanna be admired.You say "please don't make this harder."No, I won't yet.Oh dear, is it really all true?Did they offend us and they want it to sound new?Top ten ideas for countdown shows...Whose culture is this and does anybody know?I wait and tell myself "life ain't chess,"But no one comes in and yes, you're alone...You don't miss me, I know.Oh Tennessee, what did you write?I come together in the middle of the night.Oh that's an ending that I can't write, 'cause I've got you to let me down. I want to be forgotten,and I don't want to be reminded.You say "please don't make this harder."No, I won't yet.I want to be beside her.She wanna be admired.You say "please don't make this harder." No, I won't yet...

-what ever happened? by the strokes.


tonite..i surrender, in trying to know man.

maybe tomorrow.. i start, again.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

France 0 - 2 Italy

huhu..almost 2 yrs since i watch football match. haha. and with this, i hv watched match of the "wc moment" france v. italy with 80% of the match im doing sleep..haha..and i deserve to grief for france for the least i got another an hour and a half to do so.

oh, thank you to kittens for managed to woke me up in shock with bunyi pecahan set comel cawan roomie at 230am. notti sgt korang ni..pdn muke, fila's wont talk to u 2 notti kittens for what...2 weeks. hahaha. on your face!

so, back to my grief..uhuks uhuks..maybe it's just not their luck with ribery injured only in 7 minutes playing..huhu..and then, the game was just quite a blur for me..and the reception signal of our house didnt help either..when i woke up..i dont know when, it's like i see 1-1..which makes me quite jumpy..but then..0-1..damn~! did they hv a chance? uhuks..well, wake up for subuh..and then surf to find the answers..huhu..mark the starts of my griefing day~ sleep again till 8 (kes malas juge nk pegi keje)..arrived at cekodok keras (kelig said, jgn beli lg dah), eat medicine, go training..and pissed. haha..and also, announce my griefness @gmail..ahaks..well, it's such an effort tau for me, with being sick, eat medicine which supposed to make me sleep..and also managed to catch 20% of the match..:D:D haa..tatau nk merapek apa dah nie..

okla, the conclusion is...even how much you like the team, if you are sick..please just be sick. dont push it..padan, now i want to sleep..

and yes, i make a very good meal for my dear me..bubur nasi+ikan bilis+hotdog <--food for sick people. night night~ :*

Monday, June 16, 2008


it's not a promise until you break it..haha..

i promised bff to update last thursday..but i didnt..sorry babe.

nothing much happen, really..apart from me, "buat2 merajuk, sendiri kena", "kes rindu mcm x caya je", "tk jd blk umah", "tido mcm x igt dunia", "tgk movie like there's no tomorrow"+"menjadi katak bawah tempurung yg plg hebat hari ahad", oh dan melayan kucing2 yg rupanya masih tk smpai sebulan pon dok rasanya mcm dh bertahun kitorg jaga.

oh, ye..dan saya lupa saya cuti's affirmative that this week gonna be hectic. lotsa things to be done and decide. i have assessment which i dont think is really make sense to me, but like i care la kan.. training for 2 days (only observer..(bengong)), workshop on fri, a couple of paperworks. a note from our big boss. a long with a deep meaning. ahaks. penat i baca..dn cuba faham. whatever it is, boss..kalau i kawin, i nk cuti sebulan ye..terima kasih..and i'll make sure every work or task that is under my provision will be done with me or without me in the office..i'm mobile, baby~!

ngantok, and i make tasty nasi goreng paprik~! hehe.

nite nite all..

Monday, June 09, 2008

siapa nort?

sepi sendiri aku benci..

isnin mula lewat.. gara2 sendiri..
isnin dibilang blues.. gara2 sendiri..
isnin bikin bingung.. gara2 sendiri..
harus ditewas rasa ini.. bagaimana?

kata umpama tiada erti, sekelumit pun tidak mampu menyuarakan apa yang tersirat..apatah lagi jika tuan badan pun tidak mengerti..apa kata hati?

jadi, apakah mungkin aku lewat saja..dan biarkan ianya menjadi..sepi~

Thursday, June 05, 2008

mimpi yang terbunuh.

sudah..berakhir sudah..
harapanku.. 'tuk memiliki hatimu..
hancur.. semua anganku..
semua hayalanku..
dirimu diriku.. menjadi satu..

taukah kamu..bahwa diriku..
terlanjur jatuh..dalam cintamu..
hingga dirimu..bunuh mimpiku..

sudah..kuberi semua..
segala yang kau minta..
untuk memuaskan maumu..
tapi..kau membalasnya..
begitu kejam..
hingga hancurkan diriku..mimpiku..

apa yang kau cari..
tak cukupkah diriku berarti..

Thursday, May 29, 2008

yayaya~ lepas pindah ke tgkt 9..i'm single now. kami sudah berpisah..uhuks.

on other notes, some things were just not meant to be. :

enough on that, im gonna miss bff. it's her travelling month. (sgt jeles di sini) but i hope she have fun!

and then, i dont feel very good. huhu. mcm satu bdn gatal..muke pon..uhuks..makan tk btul ke? ke i have allergic with cats? huhuhu...rashes pon dh naik2 ni..uhuks..i dont feel good about this.

oh, i hope our little outing a success~!

okla..nk melayan gatal nie. oh, my current place is very the near pintu belakang..not so cool~! but i get to see people in, ppl please more cute/handsome ppl lah yg lalu lalang..:))

Thursday, May 22, 2008

we've made it..

finally~! after all these -->

cant quite make the right time to fetch'em, always got bz hehe;

out of sudden..the damn lift failed us (after that we found out, that the lift would fail us for as long as 22 that's like 2 months away..:(( makcik kurus la gini..13 tingkat maa);

prior to that, i was like climbing up and down 2 sets of each yesterday..carrying about 5++ kg of goodies..(kalo makcik tk kurus ni, mmg makcik bakar jek blok 3 tu~);

and maybe more or less everything..

it was a long week or rather speedy one..ahaks..but here are the outcomes -->

we have adopted 2 cats..brad (the one slightly bigger, he's about 5mnths;birthdate 04.12.2007) + alvin (kucing angkat, dok buat teman si brad sampai la sekor lagi bard switch, about 3 months; birthdate prolly 2 mnths after brad)

ini adalah brad yg konon shy2 cat..up till today, he's still adjusting..muwahs~!

so, my mission's are:

taking care of the not so little cats;

learn to scoop the poops (huhu);

try not to be too attached with alvin, bcos i think i already love him (uhuks);

think of a.k.a. names of our cats (haha);

err..lotsa going on on my this is updates on how our nite's adopting cats..thank you's tender loving care with the cats, affirmative~! thanx too roomie for your efforts. really appreciated it ;)

so, now that i have 2 more responsiblities under my care...i hope, i'll achieve whatever i want..what do i want, really?

hero makes me mad and me thinks me made him mad back; bfast tomorrow wif abe (i dont know what to do, eventho it's me who've asked); aab's so tensed i dont know how to make better (no~)

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

what i want is..

ok, before i proceed...hooray~! bff, komapsumnida~ berjaya jugak akhirnya kamu meninggalkan komen...shukran, danke, thank you..all the thank you's ever spoken in the whole wide world for you..muwahs.

this is supposed to be a crappy slash sad slash emotional post..but i dont feel so crappy slash sad slash emotional anymore (for the time being la..ahaha) camno? tapi...nk jugak citer how how?

ok jek begin with friday, the day before that was quite forgotten, really..i didnt write anything on my lil black book. huhu..anyway, on makan2 at office, i've been paid to make my delicious biskut batik..hahaha..iye sedap~ but i was late to punch in (ehem2), only sempat to ask help regarding my dishes..and hurriedly grab my chair and sit through the whole knowledge transfer thingy. eh, but that's not what i want to tell about..haip..okla..before that, hv breakfast with bff. she slept over and finally, get to eat my biskut batik..yeay~!

ye la ye la...bermula malam itulah selepas pulang ke, sebenarnya semenjak di pejabat terngiang-ngiang melodi ini, sehingga merasakan sangat perlu untuk menonton semula filem itu...

"come what may...come what may..i will love youuuu...until my dyinggg day~"

jadi, aku tonton..aku rasa..dan aku terharu..well, i am sappy for love songs..oh, crappy slash sad slash emotional feeling has emerged. damn~! argh..takpe la..ewan looks so damn wantable in the movie..dan kak nicole sangat anggun..and confirmed! moulin rouge is my most favourite musicals ever. that's it.

tepat tgh malam, dia balas sms aku yg dh berjam2 lamanya tu semasa aku dah bersiap tidur. main futsal, katanya. (mestikah lelaki2 ini main futsal jumaat malam sabtu ye?) aku balas dan akhirnya tewas. instead of sms-ed bff, i told aab i'm depressed+just need someone to tell, but not to my bff. what's happening to me?

satu saja..ada yang hilang dalam diri..tapi tidak tahu apakah dia? serabutlah ei~

Monday, May 12, 2008


i went for the most unexpected event i would go....alone~! mmg sgt tk dipercayai..uhuks..but all in all, it was worth it~ i got to meet the infamous hishamudin rais..he's cool~ and he have signed my reason-to-come-to-the-event-in-the-first-place's book. ahaha..thanks, z."Keganasan, Penipuan & Internet-hegemoni media daulah pecah", mr isham's compilation of words in various prints. :D cant wait to read it, yeah~

i find there's more title to be purchased..but my pocket is not so deep : uhuks..maybe next time..but it was tempting..mental note: to read more articles. haha

oh, the unexpected event is...

the gig was awesome, set in MCPA near monorail Maharajalela..the space is cool, the bands playing was great..the sounds OK, but im not sure why i dont get to hear the lead vocals clearly..but all the bands was freaking awesomw~! i only managed to catch a few band that i quite like (hujan, couple, muck + free love), but hv to ditch butterfingers with such heavy's 10pm beb..eventho did not hv curfew..but still hv to come home what..esoknya damn malas~! okok, sambung~! im honored that 3 of 4 bands that i mentioned is based in my hometown..ahahaha..ipoh mali talak somong lo~! ahaks. oh, what makes the gig more special is, their performance is accompanied by set of orchestra~! cant u believe cliche it might sounds, they sounds perfect~! and special..:)

oh, blk umah mkn ngan hommie..and also get to eat my "biskut batik yg lain sket rasanya tp still sedap".wakaka.

okla, done on that! which is "what happened on sunday!"..on sat, went to klcc and finally got my birthday present..thanks again~! watched "ps, i love you" heart the book versions better! oh, b4 that..late dinner with f,e,j+b. ahaha. thanks, f~! banje mkn..semoga murah rezeki~! oh, by end of this room is more teratur~! :D

ok, sleep sleep. tomorrow's gonna be a longg day~! x

ps: i dont think i would write something on my fav idol. i lost some faith in him..:D

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

the one korean person that i shall love always...

with jang nara of course..haha

that one person is jang hyuk..i so adore him la..having first saw him in "successful story of bright girl" (did i get it right? pape lah..haha) it was like love at first sight..since then, i've tried to watch/find movie series with him..well, i did have some mishap, i missed the event that he has to go some military service that seems like a MUST in i did lost him for quite some time...that was after the movie "windstruck"..mmg depress and sedih habis~! first time tgk..tersedu2..lpas tu, tgk lg..sedu citer tu mmg gerekkkk habis~!

then, come a time like last few months, i have seen some clips in TV, i think..about this one series, "thank you" which is like a comeback for him...i was like, "oh, this is a must watch~!" asked my colleague to buy it..which actually she did owned it..terlupa! and finally, last week...i managed to catch it~! it was a blast! sad, and happy and comedy, and comforting, at the same time, depressing~! lah kn, typical first you fight2..then mcm tk ngaku plak perasaan tu...wakaka..sapa jugak yg tgk kan..sendiriii jugakk~! ahaks..but i like hyuk in handsome~! wakaka...mcm die cakp.."suave"..ahahak..ikut translation la takpela..mmg minat dia, nk wat camno? :D

err, i managed to buy the OST it melampau kah? tonite, im gonna make it my lullaby~! below is one of the many videos in youtube~! mmg kerren di buat teman tidur, enggak? :x

well, since the unfortunate event..i'm becoming less me and more emo! crap crap crap~! i dont like it, but i cant help it~! but "komapsumnida"..thank you, thank you, thank you for those who always be there and humor me...;)
still, i havent write anything about my idol..damn~!

Monday, April 28, 2008

recklessly impulsive~

help~! i have affluenza~ not chronic..but almost :(

and i havent post anything on my favorite idol :((

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

morning, everyone!

the post of my favourite idol is not done...huhuhuhu

and i dont know why friends cannot post comment. huhu..why blogger, why? :(

Monday, April 21, 2008

why do fools fall in love?

because they are..FOOLS..ahahahaha.

im pissed and im sorry..

Sunday, April 20, 2008


this is what you get...when you are impulsive, emotionally distressed + just plain gila!, ode to my idol~!

Sunday, April 13, 2008


wuhuu. got 2 days extra weekends..with thursday being sick. i got diarrhea..uhuks..too many acid in my tummy, i cant handle..and still sick now~ :( friday&saturday spent in peninsular residence, business suite hotel. OKla~ i think i might make sis feeling crap, but do not want to think or write more on it.

well, lots been going on! and i hate to mention it here..because that would have reminded me that lot of things were taken for granted. haha. like for instance, safety & security. how we fail to take care of ourselves, friends, belongings.. but i dont want to start on that.

i want to tell one funny but strange thing. i dreamt of him, twice..two days in a row. huhu. it was flattering, yes. we didnt do bad things, obviously, it just strange..but i dont know what to think, or what to feel..with my tummy and my body problems..huhuhu..i hate la this weekend~ no..this week! it's tire me, mentally and physically..:(

will i dreamt of him later tonight? that i dont know..have to sleep first and find out~! haha

i dont know about him, but im surely missing him. goodnight~!

ps: having watched gossip girl the whole day..i need someone like dan humphrey, pronto! :* alaa..but i like rufus too~ dan's father. ahaha. oh, the OSTs great! listening to oneRepublic, they're cool!

pss:lupe plak, thanks bff for the dedication~! :p

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

happy birthday, husband!

as a tribute to him, i've updated my description. yelah, kantoi tk smpat nk buat something..hehe..but anyway, my dear gerard arthur way, happy 31st birthday, eventho u didnt look like one..hehe. you know, i've almost hv to separate with you, damn environment! makes me do it..luckily, the system went "weng" a lil bit, and you're safe! and my fantasy la. anyway, dear..i hope ur happy with your real wife (i didnt bought any of her albums yet)..and please be sober, baby! i need you..i hope as long as i ever lived. ;) and on this day, for the rest of my life, i remember you.

haha..just read what i wrote last year for him..

"11 April 2007 - another one! nk wish jugak lagi, sbb i'm so loving this man~ (walaupun org lain akan admit they do too; well, at least not my friends la kan. org2 lain kat the whole wide world) dear gerard arthur way~ happy birthday! dunno how you celebrate it this yr. no coke and drinks for you ok, my dear! not good for your health. starbucks should be OK~ eventho not too healthy also. ahaha. neway, you shall be my forever obsession (for now!) until i find me a very decent man. kalau smpt, saya mimpikan awak,ok~"

tee hee, that was last year..still are my my forever about next yr eh? well, well well, love makes you do lotsa things! my dear husband, taking care always! oh, thanks for missing me yesterday..:* (kalau rajin, klik di sini untuk tahu bagaimana dan kenapa)

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

our little "re-union".

hahaha..yeay, right~!

our so-called re-union, happened when my sis, yanti, asked whether i was out for err..a re-union..and me, with such a straight face said, yes~! funny la me, as me and the girlfriends...was like seeing, if not talking, like, to be called re-union, was like..ahaha..funny funny funny~!

but anyways, we go and eat at chillies..with all of us, gladly or might i say, unconsciously, have our days before the actual Chillies days~! me, went with my dearest colleagues, like last last thursday at klcc (with fila got to eat on "walaupun baki, masih byk lagi :D) ..and yatoque last wk (tk igt kat mane)..

well, to actually set the date was quite not troublesome (sketla)..but really hard to find suitable times..with our ms student who got class every tue, wed+thurs..and ms fii always got work and hv to make appointmnt like early..and me..well, me..i dont hv any probs to fit any, finally after much consideration..ahaha..exegerate~! we set the date to yesterday! yeay, best!

and the output is here and the pix above~! maybe we're all over-excited over our little "re-union," there are no pix of our way delicious food taken. we have triple play (bit masin, but still yummy), monterey chicken (bff pick), mushroom jack fajitas (yummy~!) and lastly, nyum nyummmm, our desserts, molten chocolate cake.

all in all, it was a FUN nite out~! and now, i have to think what to write to my dear husband. till 9 Apr post..muwahs..nitenite~!

Thursday, April 03, 2008

i remember you.

Just watched October Road..such a good episode. i remember you. sometimes, we did take life for granted. im not sorry though, i didnt update much, maybe i shall update more later. but now, i just want to indulge "i remember you" by skid row..a song that first came 18 yrs ago..i was like 9yrs old then. i didnt even know this song..haha. but i find it appealing. the intro guitar, the sounds, the voice..oh sebastian bach..handsome! in a ****ing rocker way..and he's cool! like gerard way i like! ok, need sleep! tomorrow gonna be a long day~ aktiviti makan dan kerja! i remember you, hero!
Woke up to the sound of pouring rain
The wind would whisper and I'd think of you
And all the tears you cried, that called my name
And when you needed me I came through

I paint a picture of the days gone by
When love went blind and you would make me see
I'd stare a lifetime into your eyes
So that I knew you were there for me
Time after time you were there for me

Remember yesterday - walking hand in hand
Love letters in the sand - I remember you
Through the sleepless nights and every endless day
I'd wanna hear you say - I remember you

We spend the summer with the top rolled down
Wished ever after would be like this
You said I love you babe, without a sound
I said I'd give my life for just one kiss
I'd live for your smile and die for your kiss

Remember yesterday - walking hand in hand
Love letters in the sand - I remember you
Through the sleepless nights and every endless day
Id wanna hear you say - I remember you

We've had our share of hard times
But thats the price we paid
And through it all we kept the promise that we made
I swear you''ll never be lonely

Woke up to the sound of pouring rain
Washed away a dream of you
But nothing else could ever take you away
cause you'll always be my dream come true
Oh my darling, I love you

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

yeay, we're adopting~!

hehe..sari berita panas je dulu..<3

btw, baru jek lepas tgk sindarela....sooo sweett.."ayang, org ckp ja..."oops..hahaha..that was one of the scene in the so called soap drama in malaysia..haha..who said, i tk layan citer melayu..weks..ok, maybe it because of amani, but i did lovee bront too...he was way cute la..ahaks..hope my dot dot dot kite pon mcm tu..comel sgt tk boleh belah..hahaha..

ok, cukuplah mengenai perasaan ini..beat this one~! so, mcm cengkam jiwa like deep jiwa la kan..yeah, i know..lovey dovey month dh nk wat jiwa is some what gila~! haha..kalo boleh hari2 nk berjiwa2...wakakaka

yovie & nuno - menjaga hati

masih tertinggal bayanganmu
yang telah membekas di relung hatiku
hujan tanpa henti seolah pertanda
cinta tak di sini lagi
kau telah berpaling 

biarkan aku menjaga perasaan ini
menjaga segenap cinta yang telah kau beri
engkau pergi, aku takkan pergi
kau menjauh, aku takkan jauh
sebenarnya diriku masih mengharapkanmu

masih adakah cahaya rindumu
yang dulu selalu cerminkan hatimu
aku takkan bisa menghapuskan dirimu
mesti ku lihat kini
kau di seberang sana

andai akhirnya 
kau tak juga kembali
aku tetap sendiri
menjaga hati

biarkan aku menjaga perasaan ini
menjaga segenap cinta yang telah kau beri
engkau pergi, aku takkan pergi
kau menjauh, aku takkan jauh
sebenarnya diriku masih mengharapkanmu

sejujurnya diriku masih mengharapkamu.

oh, crap~! having typed it...this one is so like, wayyy jiwang~! oh, tidak..apa kau telah buat kat nort nie..tidak tidak tidakkkk~! pulangkan dia kembali!, sekian berita untuk minggu ni...dengan rasa sedih dan hiba, diumumkan blog ini akan sepi untuk sementara waktu..tuan punya harus punya waktu utk belai diri, famili, rakan2 dn kerja. oh ya..nk jaga hati, i think it's the coffee talk la..but who cares..i love my  coffee, and always will. eh..i love my chocolate too..haip! too many things to love la..okla..better go + menyepi before i got wayy crappy with words. taking care all~! muwahs..luvya~!

Monday, March 24, 2008

sehari bersama kukos.

oh, tidak..adakah aku hanya akan update setelah habis minggu? ahaha..well another weekend of burnt money and on loan..(again!) haha..thank you sekali lagi bff..ahaks

ok, to make it it is..:D:x mestilah satu kepentingan kan my own mychem..hahaha..

and before that~! we've met puan such a great meet-up gurls!
cant wait to see ya again beb~! insyaAllah, nnt aku dtg umah ko..:D

and you know what...before that i met up the not so new Haziq! Tengku Rayyan Haziq..son of proud parents, Cak+Huda...congrats dear~ ;)maaflah gamba gelap..aku pon tatau kenapa aku tknak gune flash..haha..pastu tk smpat aka malas nk edit..:D

..and this all is happened in one fine day of 23rd march 2008..

along with man u vs. liverpool..which apparently marked the legend of ronaldo..haha..which i bet bff is and always head over heels about..:D and others..

well, i must say, this week was a mixed feelings and event of issues and also whatever raised..oh, sistas and me went to sunway..last was fun~! we must do it again! this time, into the sunway lagoon we come! haha currently, humm..boring, sucks, relax? la..everything's OK!

0klah, mau tidur..and cant wait to be home this weekend~! taking care all..later~!

Sunday, March 16, 2008

ok, almost there~! weekend was filled with burnt money and on loan..ahaks..and almost bought the really wanted ipod..ahahaha.

tributes to bff for all the attention showered..heh~! hope you're fat already with the special homemade roti boyan and kopok lekor (tq fila) and starbucks coffee yg aku buat sedap tu..ahahaha. sorry ye dear, if yesterday turns to be one of your ugliest ko dpt plasma tv yg diidamkan? hehehe..that crossed one of your wishes already ;) i think the other 2 is within reach this year..*crossfingers*

oh, sorry for the temptation..but was worth rite..siap tergedik2 lg dgn bdak starbucks...but it was way weird heh, since i really dont think we were late that nite...kan kan? but your sushi's always great..walaupun bukan ko lah yg buat..ehehehe

huhu, i've jz wrote in random..but what i've done last week quite great...screening with the TSCers..i jz way beyond like la with kak min. hahaha..having watched muallaf makes me wonder and evaluate back whether i am a good muslim. well, not even close to good yet, but not bad either..but i will be better. as death is definite..everyone gonna face, i want to be a good one. :) the other not-planned screening, which happened on the same nite is a special docu on poverty in rural area in pahang..having watched that too enlightens me to become more aware of what surrounds me and at least have the empathy to know what's going on in the world apart from my of course hectic work life..oh, please let there's be balance in me life. :D

of course, girls nite out with yatoque..with fila, cant make it, as she's quite bz with family matters..her sister safely delivered baby boy..yeay~! less attention to idris..ehehhee..takdela..:D:D oh, talking about of my good friend, huda's too safely delivered a baby boy..nama tatau tanya tk terjawab pule..haha..thanks min for the mms smpat lak nk upload..tahniah encik azrul + puan huda untuk baby boy anda..ckp kat baby, nnt auntie kukos dtg k...:D

apa lagi, apa lagi..oh, im on break~! from one part of life..i would like to concentrate more on works without jeopardising my life called balanced life, konon...ini semua thanks to the course im taking, which i will graduate next tuesday...long story short..i've to write my goals and dreams in paper...hehe..gudlaks to me~!

minggu lepas terasa lambat..harap2 minggu depan akan berlalu dengan cepat...dan bolehlah selesaikan apa2 yg patut...seperti beli ipod? lah...lotsa other things..

okla..taking care all! nk balik rumah dulu..kt opis ni..psst, tq bff tolong anta..tunggu k, our girls nite out~! chillies and maybe movie? ehehe..muwahs

Thursday, March 13, 2008


haha..mcm terkena plak dgn lagu nie..uhuk uhuk!

"I can't waste time so give it a moment
I realize, nothing's broken
No need to worry 'bout everything I've done
Live every second like it was my last one

Don't look back got a new direction
I loved you once, needed protection
You're still a part of everything I do
You're on my heart just like a tattoo
I'll always have you"

tattooed, figuratively i was..but the best thing is, i will always have it..haha..

based on, my pick today is "mudita" which is explained by wiki ->"mudita is a Buddhist (Pali and Sanskrit) word meaning rejoicing in others' good fortune." so, expect me to be a very very sweet little girl who shall rejoice in others' good fortune! hehehe.

the other one is Schadenfreude, a German word meaning 'pleasure from misfortune'..but, between you and me lah kan, i like this word better...ahaks..uhuhuhu...where are the sweet little girl, huh? hehehe...but takpela..apa2 pun, im still that notti notti one..ahaks...

yes, for today..i go for mudita~! want to share happy news with me? i'll make you happier~! muwahs..

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

my supposed 99th, it's the 100th!

"haha. countdown to the hundreth. ahaks. well, im not one to post daily, my life forbid me to. ahaha..well, here it is..after almost 1 year and 5 months, the number finally almost reach 100. ahaha. nothing much actually to ramble going to work, maybe alone.

house is installed with pest control this morning. hopefully all is ok.

craving for kopok lekor."

there you go, that was supposed to be my 99th post..ahaks..but with God blessing, turns out to be my 100th post in today, 5th March 2008. it's obviously not 1yr5months now..ahaks..

oops..kene kluar kjap..brb.

ok dah..meh sambung..almost 1yr 7months now, my dear blog.nothing mature about it, though. i just wrote what i want, what i like, whenever i feel like it~!

but since, this is my 100th wont hurt eh, to write what happened today..(arinije tk dpt nk pk whatevr happen to my life in chronology)
-no work..go seminar only..haha..another excuse to be very very RELAX..(if u know what i mean)
-got news the list of appraisals results were uploaded..huhu..a very shocking + good news indeed.Alhamdulillah! hmm..dan terasa mcm tk percaya je..ada org tu..makin gempak appraisals..betul ke?
-gossiping on works related item, as if going to do TM for real..saiko btul..gonna leave ESS for real..sad sad sad.
-poor k.mas~!jahat sgt jiran die soh pindahkan kucing2 die..jahat sgtttt..she was so devastated that she shall move too with her precious cats.cats.cats. oh, she offer us to adopt one of her tempting..but the decision is up to hommie. *cross hands* hopefully she'll agree.but if she is, no more fantasy of cik/encik kapas + si comot yang comel..hehehe. kitten actually, the name is joni. hehehe..tah btul ke tk tu..hehehe.
-oh, br kembali dr menemani asnani (kelig keje) utk jalan dgn kete baru..punyalah dgn percayanya igt die dh terer..rupanya hentam kromo juge..siap kluar vista td tk pasang lampu OK? betapa saikonya muke aku..ahahhaa..but all went well..selamat smpai ke rumah nie ha.Alhamdulillah
-oh, oh ye...hommie hasut makan mcD..:p tp mkn jugak sandwich buat sendiri telur goreng+hotdog! hehe..sama jek..but at least sendiri masak..oh, oh..she would like to heat our almost lemau kukis..the first one ok..but the second batch! uhuks..semerbak satu rumah..i did not notice the harum la satu rumah..ahaks..trus mcm, kitorg..ah, tidak~! yatoque.....!~! trus sorok kukis dlm kabinet..ekekeke..tgk tu yatoque, betapa sayangnya kitorg kt ko..tahan kemahuan ni.supaya ko dpt merasa kukis~! ehehehe

oklah..nk samung baca some light reading -> "the manny" :x

taking care all~! muwahs.

Monday, March 03, 2008

kukis kasih sayang dari hommie~ ;x

tenkiu for hommie, berhempas pulas buat kukis untuk diri sendiri dn juga saya. with sole intention, to bring some to office. hehehe. more like 2/3 of whole adunan..ahaks..

dearest fila, walaupun terdapat rintangan, kukismu masih tolerable.. sedap aja dilidah ku..ekeke..weh, bukanlah~! sedappp sgtt! marilah berusaha lagi..there's lot room for improvement~! buat 4 kali nie..we got a whole life to implore..hmm..kene pkpk ni nk kasik kat calon2 mak mertua nie nnt..ahaha.

kepada cik yati, kami berdua menunggu kedatangan anda..cepat tau~! nnt kukis abih..>;)

hari minggu yang sgt hebat..3 recipes, 3 new bought books, 3kgs gained at least..ekeke..

yeah yeah yeah..masih ku igt "hopes+fears" ku. no worries. nite2~!
updets: gamba2 kucing comel~! :D psst...pardon the quality, my camera phone..biasa2 jek..hehehe

yg ni, nk kasi nama encik atau cik kapas (bergantung pada jantina)

yang ni pulak, si comot yang comel..hehehehe
[kalo dapt amik dedua ekor kan best~! tp semua ni, adalah emotional thinking not rationally...huhu]

Sunday, March 02, 2008

week ends with sistas~

hommie too, of course..ahaks.

started with last minute plan lead to stressful nite..but all was worth it~ dan seperti biasa, telefonku mati tiada batt. it might suggesting something, but i chose to ignore.

oh, the plan --> make it short, enjoy one hella movie with kekure.."there will be blood". memang bertumpahnya darah malam tu..hahaha..lucky enough, amukan puaka kekure, no victim was initially down..:D

that nite, i was so tired, physically and mostly emotinally..i slept like a log. two sis come over too. which make it hectically they dont hv keys..and me watching how? haha..

saturday was fun. morning @jusco midvalley. got myself signature hot choc which burnt my tongue..(sakit lg..mkn x sdap dah) shopping groceries to cook nasi ayam! my conclusion is, come early to supermarket, fresh fresh fresh. i ate salad and baby tomato for breakfast..yummy~! oklah, hv lunch of nasi was great. disbbkan semua lapar..lupa nk tangkap gamba~! sis said, the presentation was good. kipas~! hommie said, can do business ni..@kl sentral..hari2 die makan..weks..oh skali ngan jimmy..and the stall would be called, "nort nasi ayam". haha..funny~! pastu semua tewas dn tido. haha..oh other sis also came..which make us 5 person all. ina, yana, ila, fila and me. yg tewasnya 4 org..sbb ada la sorang tu gi dating. ahaks. oh, lupe..sbb tido yg mcm x bersedia, boleh lupe tuan rumah nk datang melawat anai2..ahahaha..kesian adik2 kene paksa bgn. ;D

ptg merangkap malam, we (me+yana+ila) went to pantai dlm pasar mlm. it was great. the plastic bags we brought back was countless. ahahaha..nafsu nafsu. pastu mkn lg malam tu..ahaks..habiskan nasi satay, ayam tulang, apam petak yg sdap, apatah lg..oh, the real reason we went there in the first place is to get us things to cook nasi lemak..haha

tewas skali lg, semua org pg tadi. yana, who earlier planned to go back yesterday postponed her journey to eat nasi lemak..haha..sanggup. but all went well. the nasi lemak was good it~! bertambah 2kg semua org..ahahaha..aku lebih sket kot..haip..oh, menu for breakfast cum lunch is..nasi lemak+ayam goreng berempah+sambal with udang,ikan bilis, kentang+ikan bilis sedap+sayur kacang goreng udang+starbucks coffee gazebo blend. nyum nyum..our deserts is courtesy from yana, rojak buah pantai dalam.

thank you to all who was a great week ends spent together. looking forward for next week. muwahs..cya @sg rokam.

adakah anda betul2 yakin dengan pangkahan anda? ;-)

Saturday, March 01, 2008



i do not believe it, i guess. but at least, i do not deny it.

NO, is what i get. I'm not going to ask for "nape?". Just let that be.

do not be sad, i said, as there are those sadder than me.

so, is this a closure for me? as far as the ego said is.

oh, i dreamt of someone (rather odd but sweet, t'was) last monday. thank you stranger (kinda) for making my day worth smiling/blushing all day. stress is a four letter word.

Monday, February 25, 2008

gatal tangan.

hey hey~! guess, where i am?

guess la..ihiks. @lobby EDC, UUM. jauh nun ke utara saya pegi. terlupa kn nk bawak passport..kalau tak dah boleh ke selatan thai..ihiks. :D saje jekla menggatalkn..dah nama pon tema gatal..ahahaha.

ckp pasal gatal nie..gatal plak tangan ni..dua belah plak suke pule..maksudnya mcm duit dpt..duit pon keluar jugak..huhu..tak boleh berbelanja nmpaknya..uhuks uhuks.

ptt nk kluar ni keluar2 lg nye..mana tah org yg ditunggu2 ni tak kunjung tiba..oklah, segan lama2 kat sini..nnt org lain nk gune juge~!

nk baca buku, kasut buku rubina by sufian abas. lama2 baca...terhadharilah kita dibuatnya..ahaks..:p


Friday, February 22, 2008

Before It's Too Late~

I wondered through fiction to look for the truth
Buried beneath all the lies
And I stood at a distance
To feel who you are
Hiding myself in your eyes

And hold on before it's too late
Until we leave this behind
Don't fall just be who you are
It's all that we need in our lives

And the risk that might break you
Is the one that would save
A life you dont live is still lost
So stand on the edge with me
Hold back your fear and see
Nothing is real til it's gone

And hold on before its too late
Until we leave this behind
Don't fall just be who you are
It's all that we need in our lives

So live like you mean it
Love til you feel it
It's all that we need in our lives
So stand on the edge with me
Hold back your fear and see
Nothing is real til it's gone

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

booming "hoo-hoo"

"seperti sang pungguk rindukan bulan
terlantar dia di bucu katil
irama lagu-laguan jadi teman
entah kenapa berputik di kala
hatinya akan kekal pemuja rahasia.."

oit~ berangan pulak..syooh syooh..buat kerjalah..ahaha

Monday, February 18, 2008


my supposed lucky day. well, i feel luckier already. haha..

will you dance with me tonite? :x 

good day~!

while, im updating this (again!)..i'm crying..not that there's something bad/sad now..but i cannot help it..this song, jz keep me doing it..crying, i mean *sobsob* me cant sing it properly also..yelah, i cant stop crying what.haha. the lyrics + melody melancholically stabs thru my sensitive heart. :D anyhoo, please read this, who knows me..shall understand. 

"If you could told me everything
You could have found what love is
If you could have told me what was on your mind
I would have shown you the way
Someday I'm gonna be older than you
I've never thought beyond that time
I've never imagined the pictures of that life
For now I will try to live for you and for me
I will try to live with love, with dreams
and forever with tears"

fyi's not mine..googling about "X-Japan-Tears", the song that always kept me crying. huhu..i found this poem..sources said, there would be times that in the end of this song, the poem is recited by the band. 

Friday, February 15, 2008

you are happy when..

you smiles a lot and in the edge of hugging everyone! yes, that would mean every strangers you met along the way..haha~!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

he did it, he did it, he did it~!


on other notes..dok melayan Nidji "Top Up" album. i like it~ but the first one was the best :D

"bukan aku tk cinta, tp aku tk mampu.."

hazera adalah seorang yang malas 2 hari ini. sbb bos xde.:))

mana cik fila ni..kata nk layan movie? :p ok..make a move first..nk masak bubur, sup sayur dan ikan pekasam mak buat..nyum nyum nyum..lapanya terasa..cepat2 gerak gi masakkkk...tata!

Sunday, February 10, 2008

update khas untuk puan rynn~

hello all~! how's your holiday? hehe..mine was OK. I spend my 2 of 3 days leave in the office. haha.. even it was half was worth it..ihiks. :D:D

takde lah aku rajin sangat OK..but i felt it was some responsibility (walaupun macm aku buat mcm opis aku sendiri..hehe)

untuk kesenangan puan rynn, aku akan cuba kasi clear sket cerita aku..ihiks..:D but no worries, puan..mostly crap. x paham pon xpe ;)

updates dari mana2 yang aku igt:
1. blk ipoh, ada la diskasen family sket..yelah, adik aku nk kawin beb..insyaAllah bulan 11 or 2..nnt aku jemput k ;) ada pape idea tak utk brg berkat? i'll be happy to receive some comments dearest friends..:D, terima kasih cik yati kasi clear..aku naik gred. Alhamdulillah..more responsibilities to be held, obviously. :D
3.cuti aku byk lg, sbb tuhla berusaha utk habiskan cuti thn ni..disbbkan ongkos pon tidak membenarkan tahn ini, x dptlah digunakan utk ber"vacation" di luar negara..sehingga terpaksa membiarkan cik yati kita ber"vacation" dgn kawan baru dia..ehehe..jgn marah ek babe~! (psst, thanx call td..walaupun cubaan tk berjaya..maaflah, di waktu kejadian kawan awak yg sgt bijak ni..blk kg tk bawak charger blk..padan muka kt dia..sekarang masih charge)
4.sedang melayan dunia baru..ahaha..dan juga berusaha utk tengok sindarela tetiap minggu..wish me luck!
5.masih berusaha juga mengosongkan harddisk.hehehe..sebb nk isi citer lain lagi..
6.masih setia juga menunggu "writers guild strike" habis, supaya boleh donlod dan layan series dgn gumbiraa~!!

oklah..aku br blk dr ipoh ni..tgh basuh baju sambil layan dunia, taking care ok puan rynn. thanx singgah~! muwahs.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

love life.

it's fuckin' indescribable life can be.'s sucks today, mostly.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

sangat tk cool~

my intention was good..tego2 setelah lama tk bertego sapa, "oit, sombong~!!" dengan nada memain, sounds rude? knowing me, tak ke itu mmg aku..but..tegoran mengatakan aku bukan islam, mmg sgt tk cool..ok, memberi salam mmg wajib ke memberi salam dlm YM? hello, where are you...heaven?~! oh, F U la...uhuks..pastu nk lgi memberi ceramah ttg mmberi salam itu satu kewajipan..oh, please...salah la ko menyakitkan ati aku skang...eee...aku mmg marah bg salam dlm ym boleh isu kepada, you can go to your lil community..and i wont be in your little community, period. sekian, terima kasih~!