Tuesday, December 14, 2010


I find an interesting read on "Always be thinking about these things". Makes me wander.

I've just got a call from Penang, suddenly. About the damned event that had happened during Raya eve. Well, suffice to say..I am damned, pissed and tensed and feel like I have no one I can confide to. It's highly likely I have to pay for the damage done and pricey too. I don't have it, seriously. Now, I really hate my day. I cannot say life, as I would've lied.

So, let's go through what to think:

Dreams. Yes, with that un-interesting event..I might have to postpone my dreams. Heck, I have lots of it. It would be suck. :( But I have make a list about it. Hip hip hooray for that.

Living. Hmm..I'm living life but I feel a bit like loser now.

Influences. Many, I'll think later.

Relationships (near and far). Because relationships are central to everything else. Is there a phone call you need to make? What can you do to help someone, or at least show them you care? <-- What can I do to help me? I'm super annoying.

Passion. Because life is short, you might as well spend it doing things you’re excited about. It’s only an overused word because most people don’t know what it is. <-- I cannot chose one, pathetic.

Destinations. Because you need to know where are you going, whether it’s a real destination or a representative one. (If you don’t know where you’re going, you’ll probably end up somewhere else.) <-- I dont know where I'll end up, really.

Deliverables. Because producing something worthwhile leads to a meaningful life. Every day you can wake up and think, what’s next? It’s often easier to focus on deliverables than a time schedule that may vary depending on what else is going on. <-- I have a list now.

Growth. Because it’s not about growth for the sake of itself, but if you have something good and you can build it further without losing anything, why not grow? <-- maybe, I just dont want to grow up :(

Metrics. Because you need a way to measure your journey. <-- hmm, later maybe?

Legacy. Because this is the most important thing! What are you building? What is the story of your life, and what will be its ultimate impact on the world? <-- I still working on it. :(

I hate this feelings.