Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Welcome to the Black Parade~

My Chemical Romance shall bring out their alter ego out in Black Parade some times soon, 24th OCT 2006 to be exact. Just cant wait! I just heard their EP, Welcome to the Black Parade. Awesome! Still didnt lost their MCRs sounds, more dark, i presume! more japanese i think! haha. Even Gerard's with his sick face, i still love him! ahaha. all of them! and bob getting thin, (tk puas hati!), Mikey has lost his speck, frank is more crazier than ever and ray, stick to his afro with a twist. haha. either, they all look great! and dark, of course! huhu just cant wait, really! cant stop talking about it. just called up my dear sis to share with her. hehe. and just watch their performance via youtube at the recent MTV VMAs. wow, magnificent! i missed it! argh~

ok, all in all. that CD is in my wishlist. for my birthday, if i may. so, please..anyone! that's all i wanted for my birthday! i dont ask for MCR personally, not even gerard. I just want that CD. hehe. TQ!

oops..gtg! will talk more (i hope!) about it. xoxo


juliana said...

hey gurl :) when's your birthday?

nottikos said...

:D it's next month, on the 18th. been 3 yrs now, celebrate it in the fasting month..haha~