Tuesday, August 28, 2007

that's the way..

my love is, my dear. hehehe. i always love a poet i guess. but me, i'm no poet..eventhough how much i wanted to be..i could never express it well..more likely to spoilet..ahaha..

been listening to smashing pumpkins's zeitgest..not all..but this particular song. this song..okla..billy corgan..abang botakku~ (slain pakcik din..hehe) his unique voice is so haunting and dreamy..isn't he? ahaha..well, he is. one of those person that i'll look up to..yeah, i got many personality to look forward to, for different occasion. well, a girl got to have lotsa option open but only one to remain as numero UNO :D well, been working on that one. tough luck~!

having heard the new album, i always would remember their other works..said sadly (sad and beautifully written), stand inside your love (just breathtaking and romantically epic..just love it when billy kiss the girlfriend's feet..ah, the affection~), thirty three (jz discover this one, pure acoustic and honest), try try try (melodically lyrical) and many many more..to list down all, would take up entire days of mine. where oh where art thou, my poetic heart?

That's the way my love is
That's the way I care
You should call on me baby
I'm always there for you
Yeah, I'm always there for you

yeah, baby..if you let me, i'm always there for you. ALWAYS~


phatgurl said...

beb... have u sent the love letter? the deadline has passed ain't it? ke tak jadi nak hantar? banyaknya soalan gwe. anyway all the best dear!

tuan punya said...

yeah babe, it does. uhuks. takpe takpe..you know the answer..and tq bff~! ;)

tech said...

try dgr Smashing Pumpkins album "siamese dream"... amat amat amat best...

tuan punya said...

hehe..heard that too, mmg best~..i've got their album dude~ but i really go by songs not album..:D