Thursday, October 18, 2007

it's my birthday~! is. well, nothing special on this day..just a day, that i might got a little attention a bit..ahaks. :D

thank you for all the sms wishes, phone calls, and everything, my dearest friends + families. ahaks.. more love~

will be back to SgRokam soon..and believe me..i'm on leave today, eventhough i have came and still here at the office..:D what to do eh? dont hv anything special la in mind to do..huk huk..with me being sick (flu+fever a bit+cold+cough)..hukhuk..


taking care~ happy raya!


mieouw said...

bess tak dinner mlm td? heeheehee sorry tade cake, bengong laaa derang x serve cake plak las nite, but it was fun ... i think, hahaha

tuan punya said...

yeah was fun, really ;) thanx a lot~! will totally update abt it :p after gi got back from Ipoh. ;) and i'm enjoying my free calls/smses to yatoque..haha..well, malangnya utk 8pax jek..huhuhu..well got to enjoy it while it last.haha