Tuesday, February 17, 2009


hari ini dapat tahu, perkara cuci mata di kafetaria budak2 ni. huhu..membuatkan aku lagi sedar, siapalah aku ni, dah la umur berbeza..memang perlu dilupakan saja niat di hati. i just should stick to husband only..:D

anyway, on other notes..just chatted with bff. about her updates..and how i should update mine.
so, here i am..updating.

about nothing, that is. well, i did told her how jealous i am for her LV. bila sy nk jumpa seseorang yang sgt memahami nie..ihiks.

so, that's all! gonna update more for surprises, if any..haha

have a splendid day! xoxo

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phatgurl said...

the time will come and you'll meet THAT someone. i believed he's waiting for u... someone, somewhere out there. mcm yang aku ckp "aku kan extended family ko gak"...hehehe. and i owe u one BIG hug ok. just chill... ;)