Thursday, July 16, 2009

the Crown Prince gets him to talk.

whoa~! thanks a's been a long time since he talk. life is a circle, i guess.

what happen to me? I've managed to finish my second semester..and now in my third. Wish me luck as I am definitely sure, this gonna be a toughie..ihiks. the project i'm working in still not gone live. well, sucks actually. but just try to live it up.

bff get married, friends come and go, oh friends get married theatres a lot! series..the cats FATTER, exclusive of alvin who got problem catching up with brad. but he will, like hommie said.

miss my ipod a lot~ havent heard it the way suppose to listen. currently, it become my external hard disk. haha

walk for 7km in one and a half hour..not bad~! :D

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mieouw said...

you WALK?!?!?!?!?! suppose to run leeeyhhhhhhhhhhh *geleng2 pale. i am so dissapointed tsk tsk tsk