Thursday, August 20, 2009



this has been around for a while now..only myself being the one so lambat to update on this...anyway, only 2 of 15 shorts has been released~! i love both of them!!!!!!!

oh, k.min~! how much i miss you :) Chocolate features the handsome, Kahoe and the ever beautiful, Amani. In less than 3 minutes, the shorts reveal issues in Malaysia..(note that I dont want to discuss it here) and that just the way K.Min sees it~

Potong Saga is by Yu Hang, another familiar name in indie scene.. You should download's funny~! remember Namawee (the guy who makes whole Malaysia angry for the Negaraku song)..he's the main character..being fooled by his friends (kene sunat dulu b4 apply loan with Islamic bank) hahaha

Support Malaysian product!

ps: bitter i must not, when i did not get what i may be for the best! :D

Noor Hazera Sohri says, "Talentime telah membuat dia menangis."

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