Friday, September 18, 2009

in search of Joseph Gordon-Levitt, i found this~!

which is better, actually..hehe

Hopefully this going to be my new obsession~! dan bukan hangat2 tahi ayam..lalala.

and I'm going to start by "This Is Who I Am". You wait Carrie, gonna reply soon enough! ;)

ok, on other notes..I'm going home tonight to Ipoh..cant wait, really~ if given the chance, I like to flee now..haha..but still at work..lalala.

and please, please, please...let me have what i want~! :D:D

notes, what happened this week~
1.monday class, OK
2.tuesday class, saiko
3.wednesday class, cancelled. 45minutes on the road for a less than 1km distance!!!!
4. in the mood for raya...actually, in the mood for not doing work's work done..ahahaha

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