Thursday, December 10, 2009

RM102.93 and re-sit Econ paper. huhu

this few days was hectic with personal issues caused by yours truly and also work..and news in the study department. huhu. but Alhamdulillah that personal issues has been a success after calls after calls to machines and bebelan tk sudah..haha. and thank you for the rebate, and i will surely come again. <3

works quite sucks, no doubt about it..but of course after not much toughts, just bear with it. hehe

in that study department..before lunch yesterday, it was great news..and right after lunch~ I have to re-sit! goodlucks to me!

i'm quite happy with myself anyway, as my 2009 journal's quite filled with stuff. turn out, I dont have such a boring life! haha.

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