Thursday, January 14, 2010

lovely weekends with bffs.

Last weekend was the best weekend ever to spend with bffs in two separate occasions. ;) i like! first being "Digi Internet Pimp My Day" with Yatoque on Saturday and second, AJL24 with Fila on Sunday.

So, my Saturday can be considered quite a slow one, have problems waking up but have to wake up due to 9.30am appointment with bugsman to check our house. After that only, I got ready for the event of the day!!! High with hopes and full of p
ositivity that I could make myself proud..i dragged myself at the wee 1.45pm to meet up with "Barbie Army", my team. We're Team 1.. (memang sesuatu betul! haha) and sorry girls I was late, but we sure make an impression..ihiks.

Anyway, this is us, "Barbie Army"
Emy, me, Yatoque, and Fiza

First thing first, tangkap gambar group..haha..and then, we got goodie which is a broadband modem powered by Digi as our companion. (of courselah kan, the tagline is "Broadband done right") After about 45mins wait, we go in and got brief. err, didnt i tell you that the location is at Mardi Gras, and we are about to go round and round OU. i didnt eh!? but anyway..that's where we're at. hehe..anyway, the game is like we have to complete sets of challenges whereby challenging!! tak tipu! and how glad we all were, we managed to complete all but one challenges due to time limitation..:D

and now, the challenges! first, we opted for swatch challenge, where we are to create one 30 sec ad creatively with swatch and digi of course (you can check it out at i'm gonna link it here, malu seh!). the second one quite easy, pose at your best with Quiksilver clothing! check us out! i got this sweater which was sooo warm!!

then, the hardest challenge...we have to run 800m which is equivalent to 2 rounds of stadium ok! definitely have to get fit pronto~! but i managed to finish it up in less than 10mins. a record for me, but behold the consequences..ahaha.

then, we were quite loss in finding the digi store. not so cool, but anyway, we manage to find 2 separate challenges in one place, Rainforest; first being Bulls Eye (where we have to sumpit menyumpit, sorry i sucks at this) and second, dictionary @ur hand..hehe ..oklah we survive that!! than we go back to Mardi Gras, to have the most embrassing moment in life where we have to pole-dance creatively with theme, athletic. (well, my idea of athletic changed completely when seeing with my own eyes how the pro did it, marvellous ok! tak sangka lak boleh terlekat haa kt pole tu! guys mmg enjoying it without a blink..akaka)

done with that, and we were still gigih to find that digi store (psal lah susah sgt nk carikkan?!), but when that's not happening..we're off to Home Run, but we have to wait till 6pm!!! that cannot, masih cube untuk gigih lagi...akhirnya, we found the digi store!! FINALLY~!! heheehe. then after create playlist of Akon+Lady Gaga..we were contemplating whether to go baseball or to finish it all to check point without completing all challenges? The latter won discussion. So, back we were to Mardi Gras @6.13pm and try to complete our last challenge, blogpost of what we've did before 7.30pm. well, we managed to do it. Thanks Yatoque!!! gigih sungguh kamu! well, the night ended at about 9.30pm with new experiences! Who would have thought this was tiring but at the same time fun!!! we're all home with Digi Limited Prepaid Internet (which was what I'm using now. the 5 days limit nk dkat habis pon..TQ digi)

I would like to thanks all my team for the efforts and fun!! Digi and Nuffnang for the chances and exprience~!! boleh buat lagi..ekeke

oh, i planned to go to frinjan after that but en habri mcm hesitant to let me go there as it was raining heavily!! siot betul..but okla as i think i have enough challenge for the day too. and my present takde lagi..menambahkan rasa malas nk pegi. :P

and off to second ocassions!! firstly, thanks to kekure for the tix. pandai ye ko tknak jumpe org tu..:p anyway, i have great fun with missfila (who-no-longer-has-a-blog). Sunday started off quite mundane too as I woke up nearly err..hehehe..and we layan-ed dvd first (which i forgot which title) and then siap tido nap segala before gerak! and worse come to worst from the we-got-ticket-or-not-hiatus to jam-packed people towards entrance, then no bottle inside stadium damn rules which make us drink 3/4 bottle. ahaks. seb baik tak terasa nk terkucil hehe..anyway thanks fila! sbb ala2 dah penat dan broadband prepaid pon mcm nk habis masa kan, aku upload gamba jek la! ;) tapi mcm gigih jek lagi broadband ku ini...jadilah marilah sambung sementara tgh upload gamba! ehehe.

masih comel ha masing2. ramaikan?

mmg ramai gile nk mampus ok org2 kat stadium tu..macam semut pon ada dah semuanya...dari yg tua ke muda, kurus dan gemok, pelbagai rupalah dan sikap kat sana..pape pon it all turns out ok! persembahan yang mantap2 dari semua contestant. saya dan fila mewakili aliyah berbesar hati untuk menyatakan sokongan kami yg hebat untuk anda. you go, girl!!

di tempat duduksaujana ha mata memandang!

i dont know why i always forgetting the first band, what's their name again? oh, estranged! if wasnt for andy, the drummer..confirm mmg tk igt! hiks..then, aliyah! hooray!!! pastu, hafiz kot!! :D:D oh, tertinggal misha omar.

then, bunkface (i like!!!!) i see my own gerard in sam. sorry, husband! didnt meant to cheat. ur still in my heart bebeh!! and bunkface can really rock stadium, man!! then, stacey, pastu aizat "kau pergi". well, i spend the whole song crying like mad. really miss you, kak min.

next round, hujan..the flash mob cool! tomok, you can do better lah! en black with aku rindu sayang kamu!!! memang tersangat aku rindu sayang kamu sungguh!!!! then, akim.

another round, yuna dan sebenarnya..aizat kau dan aku and last, abg faizal dgn bencinta! applause applause! semua best!!

everyone seems to beat their own beast in AJL24. overall mmg best..

eh, intro pon sgt cool tau!!! dato' siti (artis feveret jasmin ni) nyanyi "tak tahan, tak tahan tak tahannn~!" EHEHE. masa balada rasa mcm nk lari jek bile tang ngan en lan ex-MUH now azlan n typewriter..mmg cool habis!!! i love!!!!

dan biasalah selingan2 muzik antara zaman ni...70s groove with jeffrydin..disco with jay jay..rock kapak with search (mmg hebat) and x paham konsep apa wth MUH. but overall..OK!!

tgk live mmg best tp lepas ni, kene pastikan dpt tix VVIP baru boleh pegi..haha..kalo tk berebut la masuk entrance level 4 tu.. :D

itulah kisah hari minggu saya bersama kawan baik selamanya. sekian, terima kasih!

nota kaki: masih terkenang semasa lagu juara berkumandang dan tk puas hati bunkface tk menang jugak! :( but everything must be politically involved, how?


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weyh korang duduk kat area beh kurang sama dgn mamat yg tangkap pic hantu tu jer... tapi nape korg tak nampak?? hehehe

hazera said...

ahahaa...terlampau obses tgk stage dr tgk atas...ekeke