Thursday, May 31, 2012

Selamat Pagi!!

I just got back from a very long holiday that caused me a very home-sicky ME.. haha. (oh, actually it's been a week) but, I have not yet looked thoroughly at my zillions pictures!!! I really wanted to share it to the world, but I'm so lembabs~ I cannot do anything! Well, it just me..I'm gonna reveal all once ready!!

huhu..this is one picture during museum hopping @JakartaKota.  bump
into Komunitas Sepeda (hope I got that right). err, actually want to post
pix of sunrise@Jogja but I have resources issue :>

*AND better be I have deadlines on the picture printing~ Rugi whoa...dah bayar untuk 100 keping nie!! so, get your butt up, Woman!!

update: the sunrise@Jogja..Subhanallah!

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