Wednesday, July 25, 2012

I feel good!

Last night, I went to Tokyo Street..first stop, Clickshop!! If it weren't of my budget cut (hehe), I would have bought me a Golden Half..:) To strengthen the heart, I have bought like 2 instax this year (and I think 1 toycamera that er..I haven't load any film), kot! How many camera you want to put into that museum of yours~? haha..

Then, off I run into my favourite store Daiso!! I can't resist 100yen store..ihiks. Thinking I have all the time in the world..I just browse around like nobody's business..and lastly, I managed to snap myself a pack of piping bags! Hooray~ just what I've wanted, since my cupcakes deco still was still so-so..:> So, here's to a good day and better times! Well, now I'm crossing hands and hope my fate with mixer is sealed and safely delivered. My head's are doing its own list on what to bake and eat now! 
moi piping bags~
OK, let's get works done!

PS: Actually, the reason of going to Pavilion was to watch a preview of "Salmon Fishing in the Yemen" at GSC. The actor is Ewan, and if you already know..Ewan McGregor is one of my crush. Of course when I've read the opportunity for a free flix at TimeOut KL, I took it..ihiks. Lucky me, I got the tickets and it was on the front seat. My o my, beggars don't get to choose..and I'm still grateful! :) Oh, the film is great! It combines the element of faith, love and relationship in something that even I can't think of. The cast was wonderful, and in my personal opinion, they fit their characters. I can say that I can watch this again. Oh, maybe because it's Ewan! He has aged gracefully, I might add. 

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Anonymous said...

eh eh di manakah dapat saya membeli moi piping bags ittew~~ =)