Saturday, October 28, 2006

"I don't love you, like I loved you, yesterday"

yeah~! the title doesnt potray my feeling. hehe. i'm just so happy i finally got my hands on my new precious~!!!!! my precious~ ok, ok~! you all can picture me as gollum~! wakaka. just bought myself the special packaging of the black parade~! it was awesome! i have not finish harrassing it yet, well got the whole CSI to be finished off first, then I'll "berchenta" with it~ imaji ini ya, gwe berinternet dulu, sambil dengerin satu rakaman MCR di situs nya~! ahaha! seriously, they sounds awesome!~ ok, try to hear it all @ sorry ya gang~! malas mau link kan~! got lots of work to do~! ahahaha. oh ya, cant wait too for my present~! kekure, mana ni? hep hep~! oops..thanx my dear yatoque for the present~! i really love it~! muwahss

yes, i think i forgot few things. firstly~! Selamat Hari Raya & Maaf Zahir Batin~! Happy Eid to all Muslim all over the globe~ May all our brothers & sisters live happy and safe altogether. peace~!

secondly, i totally forgot to visit my dear old friend~! thanx to the three moist choc cake that my sisters and i bake yesterday! sorry dear. i'll try to make it up to you another 2 weeks. hope you and baby still at kampung~! :D (ps:/ my cake is yummy~! ahahaha..more calory to burn~!)

thirdly, all the CDs and books that I lend/borrow. huhu...have to make a list~! :D

think that's all that i can list down~! wanna continue watching and harrassing~!

taking care everyone~! 3 cheers~!

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