Monday, February 19, 2007


yesterday was my lucky day. according to star. tp kalau aku tk baca pun aku tahu. haha. 18 feb. 182, get it? but nothing happened actually. apart from me cannot tahan txtg him with my lucky statement, mng closed on cny, there's no cheetah @jusco (cant u believe it), which lead me to cannot buy that shirt i like from the store seremban, watched csi:NY then miami, along with newspaper cut-out session for interesting pix and articles and ronaldo's pix for birthday gift project, oh, i cannt blk kampung since the home is empty, my parents and abng's family and sisters all went to kelantan, laundry and i didnt get married~ not so lucky i presumed. haha. but i still feel lucky. :)

got the house all to myself. i can do whatever i want. :D eh, i have watched the last kiss. i still love him. :x the story got me into deep emotional doubt about life. damn, i'm 25 and counting. and i haven't really thought about it really well. oh, where art thou my mate~

dan tak saba nk pegi bali. :D


mieouw said...

if u were to get married on 182 bebeh, i ll be busy with RED bunga telur 2 months earlier, somehow RED color sgt relevant ngan ko. heeheehee muax~

phatgurl said...

aku setuju dengan ko. nor si merah mak ngah. sweater merah, baju kurung tah bape helai merah, shawl merah... dah malas aku nak list mende2 merah dia. ko bebaik nor... kang lembu jatuh centa kat ko kang.

p/s: bali tak lama gik nih weyyyy!! tunggu pe gik. let's start packing up

Anonymous said...

eh, i have red shawl eh? tk igt pon..:P yelah, aku akan kembali ke warna gelap blk. some said, i look slimmer. ahaks ahaks.