Wednesday, May 16, 2007

ceritera~'s been a while. :D byk ni senanya citer..:D cumanya skang what i can summarize in a flash:

1. today's my first day in my new place. haha..did i like it? kenalah suka~ it's for my own good! ;) terima kasih kepd semua yg memberi semangat dan iltizam. :x love y'all!
2. gonna see my pregnant best friend...hopefully she'll make it to Universiti..yes babe! kite naik teksi je lah ye ke midveli..:x
3. byk lg nie.. tp sbb dh maghrib dan aku pon tk blk lg..dan nk mandi + solat di later i shall flash more.

taking care all~

ps: it's been life-turning experience, quite~ i just dont know know what to expect next. better dont.

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