Tuesday, May 01, 2007


hehe. for now, that's my story~ i've been nagging my dear lil sis to bring me to town.. to experience wi-fi.. haha. the other way round, huh~ yelah, still scared to drive a car, let alone riding motorcycle to roads. ehehe. in a way, my weakness and also my win. hehe..whateva you might think.

however, here we are. two of us, under the very hot hot sun. hehe. surfing around. well, actually..my dear sis have given up and currently waiting for me to fin. tunggu tunggu ok~

ok, i've got news to tell, stories and other lotsa thing. but, wait till i got my life sorted out. ;)

alrite, have to go now..want to buy groceries..want to bake cake~ the bestest choc cake ever, actually. hehe..taking care everyone~

and dont miss me! i know you wont..:)

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