Friday, November 09, 2007

bad news comes in double, or might be triple~

yeah yeah..sighing is not a good thing to do..uhuk uhuk..but today + yesterday..bad news keep on coming..

1st, not so bad news la, my dear husband would coming to town..yeah~! but, a bad husband he can free tix for me to see him..:( that's an OK, as we're (me+bff) will try to get discounted price or better, free tix just to see him and them...ahaks..ah, me and my fantastic imagination~! oh, forgot to tell, the tix is ridiculously expensive..(hehe, i quote ppl in internet..heyho~) but because i love him, i shall do the above..ihiks..or i'd be devastated not to go!

2nd, i told my dear sis, ila, about it..and she said, "mahalllnyaa, camne nk pegi..ila student lg.." uhuhuhuhu..well my dear, paying RM106 for a concert tix does sounds, that's not the bad's the news."is gerard way's married?" yes, he is. yesterday doesnt sounds so bad as today...uhuks..i've been surfing and reading on the news..and it was like, 2 months ago..can you imagine..where have i've been? why i dont know a bit at all about this? hell, this sucks~! but ok, i'll accept the defeat with the confirmation, he is and still is my husband..until i found one decent guy, ahahahaha..well, i just love being me, impulsive smart stupid girl in love~! ahaks..oh, okok, the other wife is beautiful without the punk outfit. you go girl~!

3rd..humm..our team, didnt make it to our company race..:(( news that is not acceptable. the other team who got it even got our name. totally unacceptable~! dear sis, ina, even postponed the engagement date for this. sure as hell i feel guilty about! bluwek.

okok, enough about bad news..uhuks..i got work to do..might have to work on weekends..and i know i "hutang" post with la, lama tau tk update..uhuks..psst, byk ni senanya citer..but i feel so lazy and brain freeze with words recently.

ok, taking care all~! cya husband!

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