Wednesday, December 05, 2007

i'm a maple.

my key quality is independence.

i quote k from the star, today~!

"You are quite an extraordinary person, full of imagination and originality. You're very clever and have a good memory.

Ambitious, proud and hungry for new experiences, you are still somewhat shy and reserved, and often nervous.

You have many hung-ups and tend to have a complicated love life, often because you're proud and wont be pushed around."

haha..thanx yatoque. most of it true. hukhuk. he's particular..damn, i never beat that :p

anyway, im just crazier and overanxious by minutes. cant wait to see the whole gang of my chem~! hope the complete set's would be playing. gerard,mikey,frank,bob+ray.muwahs to all of them~!

huhu..i miss gerard, already~

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