Monday, December 17, 2007

it was wet, it was tad awesome~!'s been like a week~ and only now i'm going to update on the how i finally met my hubby? damn, it was a very damn busy week, i say. ahaks..anyway, finally i met him~! about 30 metres away, that was. ahaks..well,that's how close we are..ehem kisah la..because mixed feelings is what i felt during the whole one and half hour in the drizzling wet awesome parade. it was wet, and totally awesome + amazing in one breath. and me and my bff + sistas were dancing, screaming, singing like there's no tomorrow you know..ahaks. to date, the most awesome concert i've ever rock, husband~! as proud as it may sound, you totally rock my world :* and now, i cant stop thinking about you...and it's no secret who you are to me, no matter where i am..ahaks you to death~!

they received such a good reviews on every newspapers i read and i've kept. it's like in every papers, daily, weekly, free or paid..such a good's a missed though that the whole gang was not there..get well soon, bob~! wish you well ;) but gerard was rad, mikey too, frankie (good things your family thingy is OK) and of course cool ray~! goreng gitar gile cool~!

they performed almost every song i know by heart, helena, cemetery drive, im not okay~, welcome to the black parade (of course~) list was like listing all the songs of my chem~! to the end, it's like alovehate relationship for me..i almost cried during "the desert song" was like deep in my heart i's going to end..gerard's going to end this..:( the whole crowd was eventually feels the emotion captured by him and all was silent and really into it. was emotionally swaying hands with bff the whole song and i cant help but feel sad. huhu..desert song's really cool, but at the same time sad~! and yeah, they end it with "famous last word"..which was a very good song to end such a theatrical act~! yeah babe~! you are the most effing band in the whole world that nite!~

well, pix is such total failure that attempt in borrowing my bro's cam failed miserably. huhu..only our pix was cool as hell~! but i love pix of the stage backdrop..sgt cantikkk~! house of wolves..:D what else, enjoy some pix..:D

bak kata bff, "bukti~!"
me + bff

saujana mata memandang~

my chem's backdrop~

as a whole, the stage, sound system, the props, gerard, the whole gang was totally ROCK~! love you guys..cant wait for more! crossed hands, hopefully they are allowed again to come..hehehe..u effin' punk rock band~! cant wait to hear ur new song, even that means i hv to wait another 2 years..i rela, dearest! ;) ahaha..okla..

updates of the week:
1.keje bagai nk gila..almost 7 days a week, err definitely 7 days. i need rest this raya haji~!
2.berjaya dp
tkan diari starbucks, thanks ita..muahs muahs..cant wait to scribble on it~!
3.dia mmg sukar difahami. please, jz forget about it.
4.financially broke.must do something about it.
5.creative mind is absolutely in need of some exercise.
6.lunch, dinner is fully taken care of.
7.definitely have to exercise regularly,pronto.
8.balik kg esok malam..hoye~! hopefully, shafiqah natasya is still home.
9.lama gila x jumpe hommie, and e'eh..sapa tu?

..lastly, we'll carry make this life most fulfilling..thanx my chemical romance for being such a good support for me in facing the workloads..yes, my chem saved my life~! ye ye, no worries..i know DIA YANG MAHA BERKUASA~! AllahuAkbar~!


phatgurl said...

sorry lambat sket memberi komen. anyway anyhow, the concert was a blast! siap sakit pala 1-2 hari sebab asyik head banging jerk. ko lupa plak part yang sumorang balik dengan b.o. yang kuat... muehehe. it was totally awesome dude... and really enjoyed the nite with u dear :) ps: bilala j.t plak nak dtg mesia nih pss: glad that u finally met ur handsome 'husband' in real :D

tuan punya said...

ehehehe..yeah.thought so..but anyhoo, dont carela jugak..sbb walaupun ngan b.o. itu...i finally met my husband...ahaks..muwahs..bertambah2 kechentaan ku kepadanya. :x