Wednesday, January 09, 2008


ahahahahaha..i cant stop laughing! ok, i mayyy be a little late, but i totally agree with TIME naming YOU as the people of the year last yr i think..haha..pardon me, if i was wrong. ahaks..but i did remember that..because YOU is everyone who made the intener or was it YOUTUBE popular~! YOU who made video as funny as hell can be or, talking about YOUTUBE, i was videohopping . still do..and i found this..hilarious~
bob,"mikey ways's phone number is.."

hahahaha..funny funny! the other one that prominently stucks at my head is..mikey falling down in one concert in which the culprit is mr gerard way himself, the ever meanest brother of mikey (my dearest adik ipar,wakakaka) but i still heart them..both..yela semua..crazy kan? wakaka..aku gila..gilakan kamu..oh the song performed was cemetery drive.

and my life currently does sounds like cemetery drive...way down way down way down way down way down way downnn~ i miss you, i miss you so farrrr...and the collision of your kiss that made it so hard~

huhu..damn i miss him~

ok, happy new year~! today is awal muharam..and i hope everything is GREAT this year..:)

psst..i've checked the above..about YOU. check this out~! rupanya tahun 2006. hehe

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