Friday, January 25, 2008

built to last.

so, not to make this long long long..i've just got to tell you truth..nothing but the truth. i am in love..ahahaha..i just hope the other person knows it too..which i highly doubt it. haha

this, is my hope towards the ever-to-be-if-it's-ever-gonna-be anything..:x

oh, i'm pretty much high in my selfless mind..ahaks..(tolonglah sedar, minah oi!) i'm so full of myself i cant properly think of the consequences..what i do know is i'm crazy..ahahaha..this must be because of me <-- caffeinated. it does me, sometimes..caffeinated, sugar high..i really did well in that division..ahaha..i can climb this very building of block 3 and sang my heart out..just to let him know what i really you think he'll hear me~?! *batting eyelashes*

or, it must be the song that i've heard first last yr @MTV, and it has successfully haunt me back this year. and without fail, i'm still loving it~ oh, it must be my sensual mind working it's way. damn~! i bet if i were destined to be dead, right autopsy result would anxiety overwhelmed~! ahahaha..whatever i was rattling, like now~! oh, it MUST be the coffee, definitely. fyi, i've got 4 sacks of coffee bean from do u think i'm gonna finish that huh? coffee freak, that's me..

you are my sun in my universe~!

i'm pretty much adore mike, from melee. he seems err, shy. :)

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