Tuesday, September 16, 2008

aiii...waz born, to love youuu~

the catchy song from which i heard while "layan"ed pride or pe-rai-do~ as per the japanese says. ehehe..i love the song, definitely~! from there, goes my search for who are the singers. turn out it was the late mr freddie mercury himself from QUEEN. the group whose ever popular with "we will rock you"..it's the final countdown~ does that rings a bell?

not from two days ago, i didnt know mr freddie..well, now i dont either..i just know he was one of the other half who sang "under pressure" with mr err..(boleh ke lupa?) one of the rock icon too..but takpela..now, the limelite is to mr freddie. hehe..i know the song pon, of course la from my dear husband who sang it with mr bert. hehe..

okok..enough about mr freddie..all i can say is..his voice is great..no wonder he's one of the great artist..about that song? i'm totally in it..haha..but pity me, got the wrong album..even ask abang for it..but he only got the greatest hit..it's ok, it's ok..plenty of sources..i can always stream..hehe.

"I was born to love you..with every single beat of my heart,
Yes, I was born to take care of you..every single day of my life"

well, now listening to QUEEN's album. and me sgt skeptikal thinking that their album is like rock rock..but this, i can listen too..it's a mix of humm...having a good time songs..ehehe..but anyway...i think i can like this~

ok, now..updates on me..should one to know la kan..seems that bff was so busy she didnt update for quite a while..hehe.. me currently is one selfish bitch at office, i dont know how to control me at all..i dont talk to them, her, him unless about work. sick, i know..but how? do i have to be like sensitive over things..but what i dont like is being left behind..oh, please please..that's sign of insecurities..and what...i wrote that? no way..arghh...okla..loosen up a bit..and see what's tomorrow gonna be..plus kerja berlambak + nk dipelajari pon byk..time mgmt, please honey~

okla..last wk, eh..actually these few days..i bersosial with sisters (yana+ila)..and ina slept over before going back to ipoh. got a request to cook "apa-apa" and that "apa-apa" turned out to be a dish of nasi ayam...yeay, i love~! oh, dipaksa juga masak nasi goreng kampung untuk sahur..sabar jekla adik2 aku nie..oh, thanks ina for the tomyam from her tunang's brother hs. lovely~

what else eh? having graduated from "PRIDE" (as hommie quoted), currently felt like i cant get enough of takuya kimura..ahaha..but then, i dont think i can watch any series, have lots to benkyo about. anyhoo, this should be the end of this entry..the only one who read it would be me..ihiks.

so, minna~ oyasumi!

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