Saturday, October 18, 2008

another year older~

yet i still feel young..ahaks..happy birthday to me! thank you! there's plenty of plans going on..but none with besties..what to do~? jz deal with it..and let's go for a fun ride!

i just watched nanny diaries, a nice presentation of mary-poppin style with edges. make me ask myself, who is hazera, really? humm..none comes from me head now! haha..maybe being 27 would somehow give me answer or answers, who knows?..:D still searching though..

so, gonna start today with day-out with 2 of my sistas..after that, dwell in my room trying to ignore the 2 boys, do some thinking..or sleep..might need to study a bit, oh..i still got words to think about, and maybe a bit of thinking again~

on sunday, i might or might not go to open houses (depends on situations)..if not, i shall continue snuggle in my bed doing nothing and try to ignore those 2 boys. oh by this time, i'll be alone..which is not so cool, really~ or i can continue to read paulo coelho..or maybe, love shall knock on my door..ahaha..i dont know..or maybe i can get busy vacuuming house, that would keep the 2 boys lost for a while..that's gotta be good..or maybe i can hang them boys in the locker heh..ahahaha...or get them play dress..ahahaha..i dont wanna cook this week..would be only me who gonna eat it..and i tend to cook for more..that's one reason why i keep gaining weight, which i hv to control..wish me luck in that department..:)) or, i can go out..but that would be i dont know where i would end up! haha, now..instead of thinking what i would do tomorrow, i want to go to sleep..and enjoy it! maybe love would come knocking in then..who knows, kan?

thank you besties for the know i luv ya~


phatgurl said...

happy happy happy besday dear :) "knock! knock!" (adakah itu chenta?)

tuan punya said...

hehe..thanks~! what's knocked was only the cats. haha~