Friday, October 24, 2008

kisah gadis.

this was supposed to be updated yesterday~ right after the event..but, i dont know why blogger cannot upload the pix. hehe

anyhoo....thanks to hani very much~! having sponsored my tix. muwah muwah..i guess, that was my birthday pressie? hehe..thanks beb..very appreciate it~ oh..what am i talking about? see the tix, and the postcard~? we went all the way to klpac just to watch the premier..ahaks..walaupun tk dpt tiket free, takpelaa...kene usaha lebih lagi nie untk dpt tiket2 free...lalala...sememangnya dasar cheapskate~ well, i believe whatever free, is the best! :)) maybe not all lah kan...but some things does..hehe

oh, about kisah gadis..double bill performance of two story, one being "mangli"- in short about 2 guy one woman? it's start with what seems like a re-union, then turn into conflict, first with the guy, then the woman..then both? interesting story, i say..:D this is the first time ever i watch this as it was actually has been staged before..i dont know when..haha..but it was OK..the actor, tapai who happened to be my senior back in mmu...was awesome. he's the saiko'est ever org gila i ever seen..well, i nvr tot he can digg that..well done~! the woman, tk mmg awesome~!

the second one, "gadis jalan burmah", written by rodek..i seen it first last 2 yrs (rasanya) dgn lakonan mengancam gadis was breathtaking, funny and not suitable for young minds..hehehe..oh, this time the actress was good too..different performance, quite the i must say, it was awesome too~!

how do i came to watch this? first round, hani ask...then, the director himself, en megat, insist me to, what the heck kan? pegi jek, doktor "ala tk igt nama dlm sindarela~"tahniah utk arahan kau~! perspektif yg cool pada pendapat aku! ;)

okla..i ought to update more..especially on my last weekend..but it's friday already~ and another long weekend is going back home ipoh...VERY determine to finish up my puasa 6..cant wait to see and lepak with besties tonite~ and very excited to come to office in the morning..(tolong lah bangun awal~!)

oh oh~ update! i'm accepted~! offer letter hasnt arrived yet, but i'm in...excited? takut lg adalah~! wish me luck kenkawan...muwahs!


phatgurl said...

all the best untuk budak baru nak masuk sekolah balik... muehehehe. i know u can do it gurl... oh yeah~!!!

tuan punya said...

hehe..thank you~! muwahs