Friday, March 13, 2009

sungai lenggang.

sangat sayu. dan kuat, penyebab aku tidak akan pernah putus asa InsyaAllah. dan juga akan terus berusaha. teringat pendamping pemberian bff. terima kasih atas ingatan. :)

jadi, bagaimana mau tingkat motivasi diri? sabar, fikir, laku, ingat mak+bapak..andai terlupa, ingat sungai lenggang. ;)

well, this few last weeks..personal life, work and studies have definitely makes me not a person you want to mess with. haha. anyway, i did have fun falling for abang stephen, wish for someone just like abang jason, almost in tears during the last performance in klpac, having the yes and no feelings of stupid thinkings, stress out with work (or maybe the bosses), wish i was far away from here with somebody who love me, my first exam for mba (gila susah, ok! have to read and think more..maybe have to stimulate brain more), oh, assignmentssssss~! :( please learn to say no and meant it, oh..kene marah sbb makin berat..haha. oh, quite sensitive these few weeks (not proud of it, really), unintentionally went out with bff, attend wedding with nani, geng the movie with kekura+habri, pekan sehari@shah alam, among other things.i spent like..more than i can spend..that's horrible. and friend did not pay debt which was under my name.and hv no courtesy to response any of my messages (which is totally uncool!)..i have enough financial problems to think about. i want to buy a house. rumah atas tanah. period.

well, to think about all the above makes my tummy hurts. i believe someday all these probs would be settled. InsyaAllah. ok, nk sambung membaca, semoga dapat sesuatu. terima kasih andrea hirata.

oh ya. it's friday the 13! jatuh bgn sendiri ok! ;)

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