Wednesday, March 18, 2009


i cant still accept the fact that i'm gonna interview the Mem. huhu. what should i ask? what should i do. already star-stricken upon asking her for an interview session. hahaha. i went all hot and red..can you believe that. maybe that's what would happen should i finally see my husband face to face. haha. oh, btw..she herself update her calendar "discussion with hazera" <-- that's me..omg! this is like next to another other big things gonna happen to me. kan dah ckp, i'm star-struck! gila kan? ahahaha.

huhu.wish me luck, i really need that! in work, studies and life!

oh, i'm planning for something red to be added in my precious, real soon. ahaks.

and beginning to miss hero back. ini semua gara2 mak mertua tegur nie. terpana..


phatgurl said...

eceyceyceyceyhhh... "hero" sudah kembali :D pewwittt

tuan punya said...

hahaha..tuh la..but still a bit stressed die tak response..jahat sgt ni.