Tuesday, October 20, 2009

a blast week-ends for a 28.

yea yea yea. 28 years and 2 days old I am. hehe. not much to brag about.. families who loves unconditionally, BFF, lovely friends, not too much to love colleagues (boring office), oh yea..my two cats (ye fila, derang bila aku ada mula lah melompat2 mintak attention gitu..blah la..no more love for both of you), stupid obsession with that guy, and bla bla bla...

overall, life can be draggy and damn and whatever..but we must not give up. it's too short to be filled by nonsense, ahaha. and i have a blast last weekend. a very long weekend~!

friday: i have allergy and take injection. :( sleep all day, and back hometown at about 8 something, or was it 9 something.. CSI was attentive! sampai rumah terus tido! walaupun lapar sebenarnya, yelah satu hari makan bubur nasi, ikan bilis pedas + lobak masin je..thanks yatoque!!

saturday: woke up early..terus tk tido blk..everyone's busy with kenduri..and me end up helping out with the lamb (huhu) and "kacau"ing gulai kawah..huhuhu. penat jugak la..selamba jek org tu tk datang..eee, geram jugaklah kan. the kenduri was great! met up with makcik2 and pakcik2 and min~ thanks dear!!

sunday: yeayy~!! i turn 28 and i feel 18..ahaha went to teluk batik..well, it was a long drive.. I have a blast tho~! mandi laut tk ingat dunia..lalala

monday: it's time to go back :( if not for the last day of economics class, you can expect me to be home tuesday morn..ahaks..but anyway, my sister and husband and baby afiq go back melaka after months in ipoh (sis and baby, of course), oh my bro off to penang, the kelantanese also went back (my older sister la..ahaha)..and lastly it was me. the other sis hv to stay because of her conditions. she have something in her throat? (i dont know, pity her) the other one want to wait for her boyfriend..mengada! the other one got 1 week off. jealous~! it's all quiet back at home.

and we come to today..where I'll be swamped with office, assignments!~ oh, help me please.. outta here~!

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