Thursday, October 29, 2009

I've been tagged~! here goes..

1. MOST WORN Lipstick/ Lipgloss
for lipstick Benefit my treat or Estee Lauder Pure Color Crystal Lipstick, whichever reachable first, Avon Lips Defense for moisture, Anna Sui Lip Gloss (x igt no) but I love the rose smell of the gloss

2. MOST WORN Earrings/ Necklace
I dont do earrings, haha..for necklace I love my used to be once a year wear, during it was kept by Mak and I claim it mine..which is mine, heart shaped gold pendant with unique gold chain. I want to replace the chain to another one, since I tend to snap it..but till now, did not find the right one.

3. MOST WORN Shirt/ Top
my KLue subscription give-away t-shirt. it's time to find a new one. haha

4. MOST WORN Nail Polish (changing this to my wrist watch)
same as my bffs, i change it to my wrist watch..but, wait a minute~!! i dont wear one~! haha i stop wearing it quite a while now, for unknown reason.

5. MOST WORN Shoes
currently, Crocs Olivia. eventhough its an imitation, but its comfy.

6. MOST WORN Hair Products
since i'm lazy mood dependently, i used shampoo+plus conditioner all the time. haha

7. MOST WORN Perfume
I love DKNY Be Delicious, but I tend to wear whatever easy to grab. Depends on my mood, it would be DKNY Be Delicious, CK One, CH Chic, Tommy Girl and new addition, thanks to bff aka roomie, CK Eternity.oh, I'm wearing it now..:D

8. MOST WORN Handbag
hmm, this is hard. I hardly wore one this few weeks. beg TM, boleh? I keep bringing laptop, and the bag keep all my stuff together. hehe. again, mood dependently, I go with my red bag, my black bag, Estee bag, oh..I love my purple Cleef bag too. today, I go big with my free Estee black bag. hehe. and I hope in future, my most worn handbag would be one's from miu miu. cant wait to get my hands on one, even if that would be in 4 years time..ahahaha

there, my MOST WORN~! thanks hommie


phatgurl said...

beg demerger... beg trademark TM yang cantik dan useful.

mieouw said...

ade 1 lip gloss ko yg aku suke tp aku ngan yatoque pakai cam x nmpk pape, kat lips ko elok jer pink ... aku x ingat aa yg mane huhu

hazera said...

DIOR kot..:D aku mcm terlupa plak~!